1. M

    Pre-reqs for being good at calculus?

    Hi all. I was wondering if you could comment on what you think is the absolutely most important topics that need to be known upside down and inside out in order to excel at a university introductory calculus course. I believe the course focus in on derrivations. The class starts in...
  2. T

    Bad at Algebra good at Calculus, why?

    I'm looking to brush up on my calculus. I have 2 questions. 1. In high school I did poorly in algebra and trigonometry but excelled at geometry and calculus. I'm also a more creative right brained person than a logical one. Do certain types of math like algebra and trig require more linear...
  3. A

    Good at electronics, not so good at the maths!

    Hi everyone, I am a retired electronic test engineer who still does electronic and software stuff for fun. I can do the electronics but from time to time I run into some maths that defeat me. Often, the www can supply answers but when it doesn't I am stumped. I have just encountered such a...
  4. A

    How to be good at Analytic Geometry Subject

    can you help me how to be good at this? My Teacher sucks, he's always be like chatting with the whiteboard he doesnt care on his students like me. from the first day, i still dont know how to compute any questions, i dont even know what mid point is im only 14 yrs old please help
  5. P

    Simple derivative question; not good with rules though, help please!

    Hey guys, have this equation: which is : f(x)=(cot(pi/2*3x-2x^2+ sqrt(x3+pi2) + 1)2 Need to find f'(0) Could someone please walk me through this start to end? Thanks!!
  6. K

    DIFFUSION MODELS - good literature

    Hej, can someone recommend me any books related to the use of diffusion models in finance (bass model in particular) ? I'm begging for some help.
  7. L

    My Math is not good and I want to improve it.

    Hello Users.My Math is not good and I want to improve my math because I like Cryptography. Can anyone show me some good books for improve myself?Thank you.
  8. M

    Need a guy good with numbers.

    Hello I need someone to do some numbers to see what I need to maintain an A in my math class so this is how it is weighted out in my class Running Weighted Average of Test Total(45.0%), Quizzes Total(20.0%), Homework(10.0%), Final Exam(25.0%) so far we have taken 8 quizzes out of 10. I have got...
  9. sakonpure6

    The Difference between a Gradient and the good ol' derivatives?

    What is the difference between a Gradient and the good ol' derivatives? and how does a gradient help us get the derivative in any direction? Edit: I did some reading here and the author says: Why is that true...
  10. P

    Looking for a good Calculus book

    I'm looking for a good calculus textbook, both for self-study and for tutoring others. Three of my main criteria are: 1. Verbosity is a plus. I like it when authors take the time to discuss a topic in plain English and not just mathematical jargon, which can greatly understate particular issues...
  11. J

    What are the best Math classes/teachers? Can a good teacher make a difference?

    I started back to school recently at a community college. Most of my teachers are great, but my Math teachers... well, they haven't been so helpful. They don't look at your homework, and some of them don't even have office hours. The only help available usually involves sitting in a Math lab...
  12. G

    Determining if standard dev. is good relative to the mean?

    Hi guys, I am doing research which consists of determining life expectancys based on salaries of the 50 states. Here's the thing my instructor said there has to be enough variability in the data between each of the 50 states life expectancys For example if most of them are around 76.7 years...
  13. R

    Need 10-20 good business metric formulas using small business data

    Hello all, I am new to the MHF community but I have read this forum many times over the years. Now, I am looking for some strong math formulas that can be applied to a set of business metrics we have gathered. We have standard pricing data for over 1.2 million small businesses. We would...
  14. Vakarian

    Good evening

    Hi, my name is James and I am here to learn more, answer some unanswered questions about math but also to share the knowledge I have. If by a pure accident someone has a problem with a basic stuff I know ;)
  15. B

    Good enough that you have

    Good enough that you have to feel like you're making up for something by exercising and that's really not what exercise outlives and as for at all and ohm being able to build up trust with her body it's allowing yourself to you maybe eat more and chill Kane comfortable that your body knows what...
  16. J

    Good site for Matrices

    I use this site to double check inverses, matrix multiplication and determinants. It also gives the solution if you need it. Online Matrix Calculator
  17. nycmath

    What Makes A Good Math Tutor

    In your opinion, what makes a good math tutor?
  18. P

    Good permutation combination problem

    Sara has just joined Facebook. She has 5 friends. Each of her five friends has twenty five friends. It is found that at least two of Sara’s friends are connected with each other. On her birthday, Sara decides to invite her friends and the friends of her friends. How many people did she invite...
  19. J

    Good reference on multi-variable calculus of variation

    I am looking for a good and easy access reference on multi-variable calculus of variation with many examples and demonstrations. Although I have many books and references on the calculus of variation, most are focused on single-variable. Any advice will be appreciated.
  20. P

    Good Permutation and Combination problem

    Solve the following problem,its a good one. Can it be done by partition method? How many 4 digit numbers exist such that the sum of digits is 10? Cheers.