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    solving recurrences - I keep gettin' alpha = some fraction???

    ok, so I have this recurrence: a(n) = 2(a(n-1)) + 3(a(n-2)) so the degree is k, & k=2, & I used the formula r^2 - 2r - 3, to get the roots r=1 & r= -3. then I used the general solution technique a(n) = alpha1(r1^n) + alpha2(r2^n) & subbed in my "r" values to get: a(n) = alpha1[(1)^n] +...
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    Test tomorrow and I'm not gettin' it

    HELP!! I have a problem: We're doing geometry applications: circles, cylinders and surface area and I'm being given application problems that I am not understanding. Solve application problem use 3.14 as the approximate value of (pi) round answers to nearest tenth when applicable. An...