1. L

    Diameter of an asteroid

    I cannot figure out this astronomy problem. Suppose the average mass of each of 20000 asteroids in the solar system is 10^17kg. Assuming a spherical shape and a density of 2830 kg/m^3, estimate the diameter of an asteroid having this average mass. I need to find diameter in km. Thank you for...
  2. M

    Transformation notation question

    I taught middle school math and I'm somewhat familiar with transformations, but I have no idea what the notations in this problem mean. I looked in two geometry books with no luck. Google, no luck. Khan Academy, well, you get the idea. I'm tutoring two students who are doing distance...
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    How do you describe the fact that all triangle with base are measure of theta

    How do you describe the fact that all triangles with base one are measure of theta(an angle)? The only reason I can think of is because the base is one. I have three measures of three altitudes $h_0,h_1,h_2$ where sides $a,b,c$ are the constant lengths of all triangles and base $c=1$ and...
  4. G

    is this possible? angles and stuff

    So one of my friends sent me this thing today and I was able to figure out all the questions but 4 and 5. I know she's wrong for the other questions (all 3 I believe) but neither of us could figure out what the correct answers to 4 and 5 were. I don't think it's possible but I figure I'd let a...
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    Sides of a dodecahedron

    Hello, I'm having a little construction problem: Is it possible to trace all edges of a dodecahedron (or alternatively an icosahedron) with one continuing line? So imagine a dodecahedron made up of 12 wooden pentagons. To smoothly cover up the cracks between them, I would now like to attach a...
  6. S

    Rectangle co-ordinates on resize

    Hi, I have 2 rectangles as in the attached image. Blue Rect(Lets say, w by h -> 300 x 80) There's a Red Rect inside Blue rect(Lets say, co-ordinates -> Top Left point(75,15) (w by h -> 48 x 23). Now if the blue rect is resized to (w by h = 128 x 32), what would be the co-ordinates and width x...
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    Congruence and Similarity- Explain?

    Hello! :) I took this test a week or two ago and wanted to go over all my wrong answers in preparation for another test coming up, but this problem seems to have no explanation as to how they got the answer 1600. Now, I realize since this is a congruency problem I have to do some kind of work...
  8. R

    Geometry Homework Help

    Hi, please help me to find the answer. Given paralleogram efgh with perimeter 52, solve for fg, eg, and y. I asked also at do you know how soon will I get the answer?
  9. T

    Complex Numbers problem (show that).

    Been stuck on this problem for quite a while now, i think it a triangle inequality is used to show it but i can't get it to work out. The quesion is this: Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.(Happy)
  10. S

    Guidance in trignometry

    i wanted to ask you when we learn Trignometry Formulas and Inverse Trignometry Formulas how can we apply them for proving LHS=RHS, and integrate a function. please guide me to this problem i have learned all formulas but not able to apply it in problem.
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    Guidance regarding integration

    Before learning Integration in calculus we should know Trignometry and inverse Trignometry forumulas . If a student is through with formulas can he solve Integration Problem fast.
  12. C

    Finding angle of parallelogram with circle passing through 3 vertices

    Given the above construction of parallelogram ABCD, with point E between B and C lying on the circle, the sine of angle A must be greater than √(x)/y where x and y are positive integers. What is the greatest possible value of √(x)/y? Answer: √(5)/3 At first I considered using the law of cosines...
  13. I

    Internally Tangent Circle Problem Help

    Prove: If two circles are tangent internally at point P and the chords PA and (chord) PB of the larger circle intersect the smaller circle at points C and D respectively, then (chord) AB is parallel to (chord) CD.
  14. E

    Indicate the equation of the given line in standard form. The line that is the perpe

    Indicate the equation of the given line in standard form. The line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment whose endpoints are R(-1, 6) and S(5, 5)
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    Indicate the equation of the given line in standard form.

    Indicate the equation of the given line in standard form. The line through (2, -1) and parallel to a line with slope of
  16. W

    Help Finding Perimeter of Rectangle

    Hello, I am studying to take a math placement exam in two days. There's this one geometry problem that I cannot figure out how to solve. I watched a video of someone solving it but I don't understand what they're doing after a certain point. Here's the problem: I don't know if it's just me...
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    Geometry Inscribed Angles and Central Angles Help

    Hello all! I would really appreciate it if you helped me with this problem. It's for my Geometry Honors class and it's quite overwhelming. It is about circles and determining inscribed angles, central angles, and other angles. Here is the problem (diagram and given information)...
  18. B

    Triangle in a cyrcle

    Does anyone know how to solve this? It has no information, just the answer is given, which is 72deg.
  19. C

    Euclidean Geometry

    if AB < CD, prove that 2AB < 2CD
  20. E

    Given: Right triangles CES and RST

    Given: Right triangles CES and RST In two or more complete sentences, explain what additional information is needed to prove triangle CES congruent to triangle RST. im confused on how to write this