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    sum sequence of a geometric series

    A 'supa-ball' is dropped from a height of 1 metre onto a level table. It always rises to a height equal to 0.9 of the height from which it was dropped. How far does it travel in total until it stops bouncing? The consecutives heights which the ball attains form a geometric series with first...
  2. F

    Geometric Sequences - How to find maximum value

    This question legitimately confuses me. I found that the formula for a geometric sequence is An=1800 x 0.9^(n-1) How does one calculate the maximum value from that, however? I do not understand how there is a maximum value for geometric sequences.
  3. B

    (multivariate?) Hyper Geometric Distribution / excel

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a problem related to Hyper Geometric Distribution; I searched the forum and found a number of posts related to it in this "advanced statistics" forum but wasn't able to find a specific thread that helps.. Let's say I have a standard playing card deck (52 cards) and...
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    terms of a geometric series and arithmetic series, find common ratio

    Different numbers x, y and z are the first three terms of a geometric progression with common ratio r, and also the first, second and fourth terms of an arithmetic progression. a. Find the value of r. b. Find which term of the arithmetic progression will next be equal to a term of the...
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    calculating credit card debt using a geometric series

    A man gets a credit card and buys something that charges exactly 800 dollars to the card. The APR on the card is 18 % compounded monthly, and the minimum payment is 15 dollars a month. What is the expression for A(n), the balance on the card after n months? (This should be a geometric series)...
  6. Z

    Geometric Proofs

    Make a two-column proof showing statements and reasons to prove that triangle ABD is similar to triangle ABC. (10 points) 17. Look at the figure shown below. A student made the table below to show the steps to prove that DC is equal to EC. Statements Justifications 1. Side AC of...
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    Geometric distribution and P( E(X) - 2 < E(X) < E(X) + 2)

    If we have some random variable X, and it's distributed geometrically. X = G(p) and p = \frac{1}{6} To get expected value it's just: E(X) = \frac{1}{\frac{1}{6}} = 6 But how to get this probability: P( E(X)-2 < E(X) < E(X)+2 ) thank you for your help.
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    Geometric chain rule proof and question about area formula for polar coordinate

    ok i remember i took notes for the proof of chain rule and the teacher used triangles and stuff so it was a lot of geometry which i didn't understand at the time.. unfortunately i threw it out and i cannot for the life of me find it ANYWHERE on the internet.. does anyone know what i'm talking...
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    finding the terms of a geometric progression

    Hi,if we are given two equidistant terms of a geometric progression and also the sum of its terms , then how can we find the actual terms of the G.P? e.g if we are given the 3rd and last terms of the G.P as 12 and 48 and the sum of terms is 393 then the number of terms is 7 and they are...
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    I have one question about a geometric series...please help. :)

    What are the first five partial sums of the geometric series (5/8)*3^(n-1)? Any help is appreciated! ~Caylie :)
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    Geometric Sequence Problem

    "The sum of the first 2 terms of a geometric sequence is four times the sum of the next 2 terms, and the sum to infinity is 3. Determine 'r' and write down the sequences." I don't know how to start. Any pointers for what I need to do? Solutions welcome, this is prep for a test I'm writing in...
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    An Interesting Infinite Geometric Series

    Express the infinite series 1 + (1/2)x + (1/3)x^2 + (1/4)x^3 + (1/5)x^4 + ... as an elementary function of x.
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    geometric series

    calculate t6 and S6 11+33+99+...
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    Geometric Sequence

    Please show steps and thanks (Clapping) A student plants a seed. After the seed sprouts, the student monitors the growth of the plant by measuring its height every week. The height after each of the first three weeks was 7mm,20mm,33mm, respectively. If this pattern of growth continues, in what...
  15. G

    Geometric Sequence

    In a geometric sequence, the sum of first four terms is 16 times the sum of the following four term, find the common ratio? Sn =( a(1-r^n)) /1-r anyone can tell me how to start or resolve this ?? Thank you
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    Exponential decay constant of a set of geometric means applied to arithmetic means??

    I have the geometric mean of the population alive after an pandemic over time with the geometric mean taken over various different simulations. I have found that this fits an exponential decay with decay constant 1.9 extremely well. I want to apply this trend to different countries but that...
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    Geometric Series Question

    you are geometrically diluting/mixing 0.1 g of powder A with 100g of powder B, how many times do you have to mix the 2 together to finish the process? *each time you can only mix an equal portion of powder B to what you currently have mixed. Eg. 1:1 2:2 4:4 3. The attempt at a solution...
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    Conditional probability of joint geometric random variables

    Suppose that X and Y are independent random variables with the same parameter p. What is the value of P[X=i|X+Y=n] Want to make sure my solution is correct P[X=i|X+Y=n]=\frac{P[X=i]P[Y=n-i]}{P[X+Y=n]} =\frac{(1-p)^{i-1}p(1-p)^{n-i-1}p}{(1-p)^{n-1}p} =p(1-p) Correct?
  19. O

    Geometric distribution

    Hello everybody! Can you please help me with the following problem: Let ^ be random independent variables with geometric distribution. Find Please help me.(Doh)
  20. F

    Geometric mean - consistency test- AHP

    HI If i have this Priority vector like w = {0.22991, 0.16257, 0.0946, 0.53806} Can i use the consistency test with this geometric mean output? basically, find consistency ratio (CR) Or this test can only be used with Eigenvector Method ? Thanks