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    App. Diff. Geom.: Df(u) <=> f'(x_0)??

    On p. 22 of "Applied Differential Geometry" by William Burke he says that Df(u) must be the unique linear operator satisfying \lim_{h\rightarrow0}\frac{||f(u+h) - f(u) - Df(u)||}{||h||} = 0 Why not just say: Df(u) \equiv \lim_{h\rightarrow0}||\frac{f(u+h) - f(u)}{h}|| ...
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    analytic geom

    this time, i'll ask about how to get the angle in degrees in a coordinate system. so here's the question: The vertices of a quadrilateral are located at A(-1,-2), B(3,-4), C(2,3), and D(-2,2). Q: Find the angle in degrees between sides BC and CD.
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    Alg. Geom. Proofs

    I'm not very good at thinking about these things... any help is appreciated, it's due 10/27. This thread has problem 1.2 in it:
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    PURSUIT CURVE (differential geom)

    I have here a problem in my Diff. Geom class. ----> Suppose an enemy plane begins at (0,0) and travels up the y-axis at constant speedv_{p}. A missile is fired at (a,0) with speed v_{m} and the missile has a heat sensor which always directs it toward the plane. 1.] Show that the pusuit...
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    analytic geom and calc 1

    Sorry to be such a pain. the problem is that i have a korean college professor and he is very hard to understand nor does he go by the book. thats fine but when i get home to study i forget the lesson and go back to refer to my book its in another form thats hard to understand. I seem to be...