1. B

    Calculating Games Back

    Hi, this might require someone with a little knowledge of sports. I know what the Games Behind Formula is. If a team is 20-4 and another is 18-7, then you subtract 18 from 20 and get 2 and you subtract 4 from 7 and get 3. 2 +3 = 5. 5/2 is 2.5. Team B is 2.5 games back of Team A. Simple...
  2. Y

    My Fav Games

    Hello Guyzzz I am Tanya I am feeling excited about playing HayDay my fav game. NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 17 live stream Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 9 live stream The Returned Season 1 Episode 1 live stream American Dad Season 12 Episode 9 live stream The Following Season 3 Episode 2...
  3. A

    Maths Four-Fours

    Four fours is a mathematical puzzle. The goal of four fours is to find the simplest mathematical expression for every whole number from 0 to 9, using mathematical symbols provided to you. Each expression will have exactly four fours with the missing operators in between. You can also see the...
  4. C

    Newbie here, but a big math/calculator fan

    Hello im a math, chemistry, physics and calculator fan. When i have some free time I like explore in max the functions of my graphic calculators! I own some casio calculators like fx9860, classpad and prizm. For vulgar people a calculator is no more than a gadget to make calculations but for...
  5. S

    Game Theory - Repeated Games Problem

    Hey! I have a problem with the following assignment: How can you construct a pair of pure strategies (repeated game) that yields the reward (\sqrt 2, \sqrt 2) for the following game (left value of each entry is the reward for the row player, right value is the reward for the column player)...
  6. M

    Which players played both games?

    Suggestion how to get that answer ?
  7. N

    Expectancy problem - two games

    John and Paul are both playing a game against different opponents. The scoring in the game can range from 0 to 10 in whole numbers. John has a 60% chance of scoring 3 points or more. Paul has a 50% chance of scoring 3 points or more. What are the chances of John outscoring Paul; of...
  8. M

    Expected amount a person wins/looses after m games at a casino

    Hi everyone, Assume that Jack goes to a casino. He plays n games. Every time he wins a game he gets 100$ and every time he looses a game he looses 50$. The probability that he wins i-th game is 1/i. In other words, the probabilities of winning first five games are 1,1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5...
  9. vaironxxrd

    Video games in relation to the real world

    Hello forum vaironxxrd here, I like a good teenager like to play video games, and hope to get a degree being something in the Computer Science field. This is a question I could had easily research but not find specific answers. The question is , are real world physic's formulas entered...
  10. D

    Strategy games

    Here is a game I wish I had the solution to: A cuboid consists of 4x6x9 cubes. Two people play a game where they reduce the cuboid with flat cut. Every time you make a cut you can have one of the two pieces and then the turn passes to the opponent who shares the cuboid in the same way with...
  11. H

    Verify These Games are Convex-Concave

    I have to verify these games are convex-concave: a) f(p,q)=-(pq)^2 f(p,q)=-(pq)^2 b) f(p,q)=-(p^2-2p+1)(q^2+4q+5) f(p,q)= -(p^2-2p+1)(q^2+4q+5) I am a bit confused as i thought i was supposed to take the second derivative with respect to p, show it is positive then take the second...
  12. A

    Game Theory - Constant V Zero Sum Games

    Hi, Just wondering how do you convert a constant sum game to a zero sum game. Sorry about the short post but I can't don't really have an example to hand.
  13. Y

    Stochastic games and Zeta function

    Hi, I'm trying to find a connection between stochastic games and Zeta function. Can anyone help? Is it even possible to connect between them? Thank you very much
  14. J

    odds of spending x time in losing ground in evenmoney games

    first of all I wish to express my gratitude for the existence of the forum and especifically to those people that help us, the ones that have a math problem and have no idea how to solve it, like me. So thank you for your help in a world that has become too selfish for my taste. Thank you. My...
  15. V

    Posible Dominoes Games

    Hi and I would really appreciate if somebody help me on this. I want to find out how many dominoes games are posible to do with a set of 28 tiles and every game including 4 players in which each takes 7 tiles (4x7=28(Evilgrin)) I was thinking the solution would be (Z): C (28,7) x C (21,7) x...
  16. A

    can 17 teams play 14 games each ?

    My neighbor runs a basketball league and asked me (a computer programmer) to generate a list of match ups for him. I readily accepted, but it's turning out harder than I thought. Is it really possible to have 17 teams each play 14 games such that they don't play each other twice? I am...
  17. V

    Zero Sum Games 4

    This question illustrates the following theorem. If one player of a 2-person zero-sum game employs a fixed strategy, then the opponent has an optimal counter strategy that is pure. In other words, if Player I knows that Player II is using a particular mixed strategy y, then Player I can maximize...
  18. V

    Zero Sum Games 3

    Find the expected payoff to each player, if Player I uses mixed strategy 0.2, 0.3, 0.5) and Player II uses mixed strategy (0.1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.2), in the two-person zero-sum game with the following payoff matrix. (It's a 3x4 matrix, I couldn't type it any other way) -1 0 1 1 2 1 -2 -1 1 3 -1 0
  19. V

    Zero Sum Games 2

    For each of the following games, determine if a saddle point exists. If a saddle point does exist, determine the values of x for which the game has a saddle point. ⎡ x , −3 ⎤ ⎣ -1 , 2 ⎦ ⎡ x+6 , x−2 ⎤ ⎣ x-3 , x+1 ⎦
  20. V

    Zero Sum Games

    Victor and David each have two cards, a one (or ace) and a two. They each select one of their cards, with their choices unknown to the opponent, and then they will compare the cards. Before they compare the cards, Victor gets to call “even” or “odd”. Victor wins if the sum of the face values of...