Fun Question

    This is a fun question which most of my friends missed the first time:- 5\frac{7}{x}\times y\frac{1}{13}=12, find the value of x and y. Will see if you can find the catch. Most of my friends asked a very silly question the first time they solve it and even I made the same mistake of asking the...
  2. D

    Annuity fun...

    Designed by yours truly, for your enjoyment(?): Jim opens a savings account, which generously pays interest of 1% monthly. Jim makes 12 monthly deposits, the first being d; these increase by 10% monthly, i.e. the 2nd deposit being 1.10d, ..., the 12th being (1.10^11)d. During the...
  3. V

    Math Teaching ideas...

    Fun Math Teaching games is a ideal math game for kids. It provides practice on Divison, addition and other math activities. It's offers fun ways to learn Math. Parents can create different levels to suit different learning needs and have fun with their kids. This is game that provides a fun and...
  4. R

    It's all a waste amend the fun is really in climbing

    It's all a waste amend the fun is really in climbing the hill I mean any mountain climber would tell you that climbing is where the action is we need then onto of the peaked in its okay now I'm up here okay let's get back down again and at the same as we did with your career the fun thing is...
  5. W

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! My name is Andrzej Grabowski from Poland. Mathematics is my passion and had been learning it in primary school for about 15 years. I am really interested in a fun way of learning mathematics, e.g. teaching-learning multiplication table in different games. Hope to have here some...
  6. S

    A fun math problem in a show.

    Hey I was reading some comics and in the comics the protagonist tells someone to solve this equation if he wants him to do as he says. I was wondering if it's possible to solve or is it just a joke. I played around a bit by getting the ln integral and putting the result together again as a ln...
  7. W

    Array fun

    A 6 by 6 array is filled with 6 1's and 30 0's, such that each 1 has only 0's as immediate neighbours, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. As example: 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 In how many different ways can the array be filled?
  8. M

    Fun ol' Tangents

    Hi, Could I get some help with solving this. It's probably really simple but I'm not too sure how to approach it ______ 'Find the equation of the tangent to the curve y=x√2x² + 7 at x=3' Any help would be...
  9. A

    Interesting problem

    Please help!
  10. A

    fun circle challenge problem

    found this problem today and I've been struggling to wrap my head around it. I find it really interesting and if someone would like to give their two cents, I invite you to do so. heres the problem: Two circles of radius R are tangent to each other. A line is drawn tangent to both circles...
  11. N

    Learn Calculus the FUN way

    Hi! Observing that most of the audience here tend to have a certain level of understanding of Calculus already, we'd like to share a new concept tool to help emphasise the concepts behind calculus in an engaging and fun way. We're testing this new approach to education and we're looking for...
  12. I

    Hard vectors help - intersection, time etc.

    So there are three ships, which have position vectors, r and velocity vectors v, at 7.00am one morning: FF: (i and j are unit vectors parallel to x and y axis respectively) r = 186i + 44j v = 8i + 12j WS: r = 228i + 58j v = -16i + 4j HW: r = 215i + 101j v = -12i -16j a) Prove that FF and...
  13. J

    Just some prime number fun

    Define a list of 2^k consecutive integers that has the property that every prime number from 2 to 2^(2k) divides into some term in the list, a composite list of order k. ex; The list of integers 143,144,145,146 would be composite list of order 2, since all the prime number up to 2^4 (ie...
  14. sbhatnagar

    Fun Integrals!

    These are some of my favorites. 1. \int_0^1 \frac{1}{1+ _2F_1 \left( \frac{1}{n},x;\frac{1}{n};\frac{1}{n}}\right)}dx where _2F_1 (a,b;c;z) is the Gaussian Hypergeometric Function. 2. \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\frac{\cos(s\arctan (ax))}{(1+x^2)(1+a^2x^2)^{s/2}}\log(1+a^2x^2)dx where a,s \in...
  15. A

    Fun word-based Problem set :D

    Please do as many as possible, i gotta turn this in tomorrow and i dont know where to even start on most of these.
  16. F

    Low level, "fun", logic problem (Could this be moved to discrete math, sorry)

    Here is the problem: "Lest you think logic is only about mathematics here are some sentences from some, at least once, popular songs. B(x) : x is a body O(x): x is out. D(x): x is down L(x,y): x loves y. x = y: x equals y. u = you b = my baby m = me Translate the following using logical...
  17. E

    a fun proof of inf integers, tell me what you think.

    Thought of this today. two years ago someone told me that you cannot know if there exist a biggest integer or not. then i said that there must be a bigger integer, because we can add one to it. But now i thought \infty+1 = \infty, so when we get to \infty big numbers adding one does not...
  18. L

    Dice Probability (FUN QUESTION!)

    Person x rolls a die three times. What is the probability that her second and third rolls are both larger than her first roll? (ex 5:6:6) (not ex:5:5:6) also the result of her second roll is greater than that of her first roll and the result of her third roll is greater than the second? (ex...
  19. F

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  20. summer072693

    It's gonna be fun here.. yahoooo! :D

    I'm an engineering student and i want to learn more Maths by the help of yours.. thank you.. (Nod)