1. P

    P value range given t test and degrees of freedom

    Hey guys so I've been using online calculators to convert between the given values and I've only been getting one number, but the problem specifically asked for a range I have a calculated test statistic for a lower-tailed t test with degrees of freedom 15, which is -2.7. The p-value is between...
  2. D

    CHI square test - finding degree of freedom

    can someone please explain why the degree of freedom of this question is v=2 ?
  3. D

    CHI square test - finding degree of freedom

    i have problem of finding the degree f freedom for this question. the ans for v is 3 , but my ans is v=n-1 , where n = 6 , so my v=5...
  4. B

    How many degrees of freedom

    A two-sample test with n1=5 and n2=6 would have how many degrees of freedom for the critical value assuming normality a. 9 b. 10 c. 11 d. None of the above A independent two-sample test with n1=34 and n2=42 would have how many degrees of freedom for the critical value? a. 34 b. 72 c. 74 d. None...
  5. R

    How Medical Alert Systems Provide Freedom For Elderly Patients

    In the event you have got a loved man or woman who is elderly and living by itself, then you definitely know the way critical it really is to ensure that they are capable of locate assist anytime in case of an unforeseen unexpected emergency. Property alarm systems for aged men and women have...
  6. A

    degrees of freedom and critical value

    need some help figuring out some simple stats, ive been given the mean and standard deviation for 2 different samples and im having trouble finding the degrees of freedom and critical value in order to do a 2 sample T interval test Sample A n=15 SD=5 mean=42 Sample B n=15 SD=2 mean=44 how do i...
  7. H

    Two Sided Random Interval With degree of freedom

    Random Variables X_1,....X_n are independent identical normal distrobuted variables with unknown variance \sigma^2. The sample variance is S^2=\Sigma_{i=1}^n(X_i-\bar{X})^2/(n-1) use the result that \frac{(n-1)S^2}{\sigma^2}\approx \chi^2_v to construct a 100(1-\alpha)% two sided random...
  8. S

    help with chi square freedom sums

    How do i show that the a [X1 has a chi square distribution with n degrees of freedom] + [X2 has a chi square distribution with m degrees of freedom] is a [X1+X2 has a chi square distribution with n+m degrees of freedom]? How can i use moment generating functions to do this?
  9. W

    Degrees of Freedom in Matrix?

    I have a matrix: 1 a 2a 0 1 0 0 1 -(a+1)/(3a-2) -1/(3a-2) 0 0 0 a^2 - a-2 a^2-3a-4 What values of "a" create infinite solutions with 1...
  10. D

    error degrees of freedom

    If you have a 2^3 experiment, then the treatment combinations will be 000,001,010,100,110,101,011,111 so my question is what is the error degrees of freedom for this design if it had only one replicate? is it just 0? and if it had 2 replicates, would it be 8?
  11. F

    Degrees of Freedom in a Statisical Test - Due in Less than 18 Hours

    You wanted to see if Drug A or Drug B was better at treating dandruff. You were concerned that your results might be influenced by hair color and set up the study as a randomized block design where people with same hair color were put together to create a block. If there were 30...
  12. M

    chi square degrees of freedom

    If X and Y are independent random variables, X having a chi-square distribution with 3 degrees of freedom, and X+Y having a chi-square dist with 7 degrees of freedom, prove that Y has chi-square dist with 4 degrees of freedom Thank you for any help that can be provided
  13. O

    schi-square and degrees of freedom

    can someone help If we have a random variable Y, chi-square distributed with degrees of freedom df= n(n+1)/2, what transformation will we do so that its degree of freedom will be n? Or if we have W = Y1+Y2+...+Y1 then W has a distribution which is chi square with df=n..what will be the...
  14. garymarkhov

    Determining degrees of freedom on Chi Sq distr

    I have in my notes that \frac{\hat u^T \hat u}{T-k} = \sigma ^2 . I also have that \frac{\hat u^T \hat u}{ \sigma ^2} \sim \chi^2_{T-k} . I know how to derive the first part, but how the heck do we know the second thing is true? Does it come from the derivation of the first equation or...
  15. TriKri

    Degrees of freedom

    Hi! Can someone explain this to me: The definition of \chi^2-distribution, taken from my statistics book, is: f is the number of degrees of freedom. The book also says (but it doesn't prove it) that if X_1,\ X_2,... ,\ X_n are independent and ~N(0,\ 1), then \sum_{i=1}^n...
  16. C

    T distribution (degrees of freedom question)

    On my t-distribution table the degrees of freedom is given from 1-30 and then jumps from 30 to 40 then 40 to 50, etc. If you find in a given problem that your degrees of freedom is 33, should you use the t-value for 30 or 40? For example say im looking to find a 95% confidence interval and...
  17. N

    chi square dist with zero degrees of freedom

    give a reasonable definition of a chi square dist with zero degrees of freedom. (work with mgf of a dist that is chi square and let r=0) I was thinking this is gamma dist with alpha=0,beta=2 but can we have gamma dist with a=0???
  18. L

    P-value and Degrees of Freedom

    Hello. For the question below I can get 2. It's a well-documented fact that the world over, 55% of the population prefers Coke and 45% prefer Pepsi. Rumour had it that in Quebec, less than 55% of the population prefers Coke, so an enterprising anthropologist went there to investigate...
  19. E

    Calculate degree of freedom

    Calculating t is simple, but I don't get how they calculate d.f.<br><br>The answer for d.f. is 9.96 EDIT: Problem solved.
  20. N

    Can you explain degrees of freedom of error

    This is a concept I still don't understand. When we say degree of freedom is n-1, as we deal with a problem of a sample mean, such as mean=(x1+x2+x3........+xn)/n. Just because the constrain of x lies in a one demensional space. But why do we have to use n, and then minor the 1.