1. C

    Hi all first time in the forum, My problem is the code in does not work

    Hi everyone, I am a new programmer in, I am trying to make a program that calculates the track/bear from a given set of (latitude & longitude) co-ordinates to another set of co-ordinates, I got the formula from another website but it does not work. Please can anybody help me with this...
  2. J

    New to the forum and crappy at Trig.

    If anyone can help me with a few trig questions I would really appreciate it. Private message me please . I am desperate. Jeryan
  3. A

    Returning to Forum / Personal Update

    Hi, folks. It has been a while, but I intend on returning to MHF after an approximate 4(?)-year hiatus. I hope Mr. Fantastic, Moo, Soroban and others are still well and posting! A few years ago I took a job as a Curriculum Writing Associate for Common Core's high school math curriculum. I...
  4. O

    Hello forum members

    I am Aliyu Oji Abdullahi Sabo, a new member and student from Nigeria. I love mathematics but due to the very difficult nature of it, I have decided to join this forum to get assistance from fellow forum members. I hope you will be of help to me. Thanks
  5. G

    Use of this forum

    Is this forum appropriate for problems on the topology of metric spaces? If so, I shall submit a question about a problem I cannot solve that I found in an introduction to topology. I am not taking a course and submitting a homework problem.
  6. N


    Hello, I'm really struggling with this question here. I found part a easy enough but part b has me stuck. Any hints or tips?
  7. S

    Thank you for welcoming me to the forum.

    I'm a life-long learner (translation: I'm 67 years old) and find it necessary to learn the math that I chose to neglect in my youth. I have a pet project which requires a solid understanding of Calculus and all of the skills upon which that depends. My interests include mechanical and aerospace...
  8. I

    Requesting Help with Diminishing Returns

    Hello, I am a new user to this forum and I have come here to request assistance from more powerful brains than my own. I am designing a "game", so to speak, and I have an issue regarding diminishing returns of a certain statistic. In my games, the "players" are rated by a certain "Power", we...
  9. R

    Hello forum

    Hey all, I'm Robert from New jersey, and I'm happy to be a part of the forum.
  10. R

    Binomial Probability Distribution Problem. Also hey - I just joined the forum!

    Hello. I am a beginner, but I really want to get my head around mathematics. I am doing an online course at the moment on, and I have just moved onto binomial distributions. I want to know everything I can about calculating them really. But I am stuck :( Well we are given the answers to the...
  11. M

    Hello forum :)

    I'm going to start off by saying man this forum section IS full of spam XD Anyways, I just turned 15, I am in ninth grade next year, and barely payed attention the last few years, and didn't retain things because I didn't want to, know I plan getting caught up this summer and maybe beyond, and...
  12. C

    Finding slope intercept forum of nonvertical line

    I need help with these two problems. I have to use the given conditions to find an equation in slope-intercept form of each nonvertical line. If there is a vertical line I have to write in the forum x=h. 46. Parallel to x=5; passing through (4,7) 49. Let l1 be a line with slope m=-2 Determine...
  13. S

    New statistician to the forum

    Hey guys. I'm a Danish teaching assistant at Aalborg University. I have an MA. in sociology with focus on statistics and quantitative methods. I've recently started a Danish website that provides help with statistical programming in STATA (here's the link even though it's pretty useless to all...
  14. G

    Just a test for LaTeX on this forum.

    Hi This is only for my own use to make sure my LaTeX comes out right. I don't want to make a mess of any maths layout I submit in my posts. \frac{dy}{dx}(2x^2+6) = 4x Regards
  15. J

    help needed hope this belongs in this forum

    not sure if enough information is given but here goes Movie theatre 2013 number of people attending in 2013 = x1 avg ticket price = y1 2013 revenues x1*y1 = 30.6Million 2014 number of people attending in 2014 = x2 avg ticket price = y2 2014 revenues x2* y2 = 28Million Revenue...
  16. G

    New To Forum

  17. N

    New to the forum

    Hello, all. Just signed up for the forum. This past November, after roughly 10 years in the mortgage business, I chose to start a new career teaching Algebra II and PreCal, and I'm loving it so far. Word up.
  18. Z

    Delighted to be a Member of this forum

    Hi, I am glad to be a member of this forum. I belong to academia. I would try my best to be an active member of this forum. I like the message by mesh ( sorry if i spell the name wrongly). Wish to be a an important member of this community and pray for its expansion. Zulfi.
  19. nycmath

    No Axiomatic Geometry Forum Here

    The course of axiomatic geometry is beyond my knowledge of math. However, I was wondering why there is no forum for this subject on this site.