1. AdamFulton

    Transformational geometry formulas

    Transformational geometry formulas (need help) Since this is called transformational geometry I put it in geometry but the description of the geometry sub forum tells me this might be to complex perhaps for it but I could not find anywhere else to put it... I have searched high and low on...
  2. B

    How to you put a space in your formulas on this website?

    I have tried various methods seen on this forum, across the net and at physics forum and none of them are working for me. I have tried the following within tags: \ \, \quad \qquad ~...
  3. C

    Trig angle Formulas

    Hey, I am confused as to how to break down this question. "Evaluate using formulas developed in this section." a) sin 11pi/12 the formulas are the addition and subtraction as well as double angle formulas. i know that 11pi/12 = pi/3 + pi/4 + pi/4 + pi/6 but am not sure how to turn it into a...
  4. M

    Addition/subtraction formulas for sine or cosine to simplify the following

    cos(3pi/10)cos(pi/5)-sin(3pi/10)sin(pi/5) factor cos and sin and get common denominators and combine: cos(5pi/10)-sin(5pi/10) cosine(90 degrees)-sin(90 degrees) 0-1 answer is -1? Am I correct? Wait I see the formula for this is : cos(a+b) so then I do cos(3pi/10+pi/5) cos(5pi/10) and...
  5. Jason76

    Two Different Angle Vector Formulas ?

    Formula to find the angle between vectors: |a|\,\,|b| = \cos\theta or \cos\theta = \dfrac{a\,\,*\,\,b}{|a|\,\,|b|} where a and b are vectors When should we use one formula rather than the other?
  6. S

    Finance and formulas

    I could use some help with these so that I can check my work! I've worked #1 but not sure if its correct. Thank you!! 1) 12,000 dollars is deposited into a savings account paying .03 interest. After 4 years, how much money will I have? FV = 12,000 (1.126) 3%, 4 yrs = $13,512 2) Bill plans to...
  7. R

    What do these Probability formulas mean?

    Okay so my professor posted some formulas on a PowerPoint. I don't really get what the formulas mean because I don't understand the symbols/variables. If someone could "translate" what these mean i'd really appreciate it. Thank you! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. L

    College Algebra (Formulas)

    Can someone provide me formulas that would help me better understand the following: Chapter 1 Equations and Inequalities 1.1 Graphs and Graphing Utilities 1.2 Linear Equations and Rational Equations 1.3 Models and Applications 1.4 Complex Numbers 1.5 Quadratic Equations 1.6 Other Types of...
  9. Z

    Gradient of Multiple Linear Regression – Vectorized Version of ALS Update Formulas

    Based on the attached image, how do we differentiate/get the gradient of the cost function \min\limits_{x\geq0}||y-\bar{A}x||^2_2? Refer to the attached image for the exact update rule function for both Matrices.
  10. L

    College Algebra (Formulas)

    Hello, As I'm reviewing the first two chapters of my course, covering equations/inequalities and functions/graphs; I'm coming to see a common trend and the importance of using the formulas. However, I wanted to know, how are you guys/gals able to remember the functions? Not to mention, exactly...
  11. L

    Quadratic Equations!!!

    Can someone please help me because I'm utterly confused. Please provide me examples and breakdowns for quadratic equations equal to zero, completing the square, square root property and using the quadratic formula. Also, can someone tell me if I can just use the quadratic formula to solve these...
  12. K

    What formulas to apply here

    My question about this problem is not so much the arithmetic, but determining what type of problem this is, and what formulas to apply. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A pile of lumber of 55 boards consists of 34 oak boards and 21 walnut boards. 16 of these boards will be randomly...
  13. R

    Series formulas

    This is my 2nd try, I think I have the problem stated correctly this time. There are 2 methods in question for a possible calculation. The 1st is thought to be most accurate and can be represented as: (ignore the periods, they are just used for spacing) .... 30ms...
  14. R

    What is the nature of below well formed formulas?

    Given the formula, why is this not a tautology, (A^B)-->(~C^A)-->(A=1) According to me ,the last expression would always be a tautology then what is the reason that it is neither a contradiction nor a tautology. Also. Is it not a well formed formula?If no,then why?
  15. maxpancho

    Centroid of a plane. Different formulas for x and y?

    Could someone shed some light here of why are formulas for moment and mass for x here different from the same formulas for y? Link: 9.6 Center of Mass Didn't really see a proper explanation here.
  16. DexterOnline2

    The New Finance Bible reveals 4880 TVM formulas

    Christmas 2014 will be a joyous day for seekers of financial fortune as the Lord hath revealed the hidden 4880 time value of money formulas for the believers seeking enlightenment To my friends Sir Jonah and Sir JeffM and with respect to my mentor Sir Wilmer, I will disclose the word of Lord...
  17. N

    Maths app for smartphones and tablets

    Hi guys, It's impossible to remember all formulas for our study so I have developed some apps that display all formulas in Maths and Physics. All topics are covered in these 2 apps, including: Shapes, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Equations, Analytic Geometry, Differentiation, Integration...
  18. R

    Need 10-20 good business metric formulas using small business data

    Hello all, I am new to the MHF community but I have read this forum many times over the years. Now, I am looking for some strong math formulas that can be applied to a set of business metrics we have gathered. We have standard pricing data for over 1.2 million small businesses. We would...
  19. B

    Some formulas of partnership

    1. Partnership : When two or more than two persons run a business jointly, they are called partners and the deal is known as partnership 2. Ratio of Division of Gains: (i)When investments of all the partners are for the same time, the gain or loss is distributed among the partners in the ratio...
  20. Jason76

    Integration Using Double Angle Formulas - Ex 3

    How about this example? \int \tan 5x dx How can a double angle formula be used in this situation? hint?