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    Write this in fopa lang?

    if k is any natural numb, then n^3>kn^2 for all sufficent large n.
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    First Order Peano Arithmetic (FOPA) question-PLEASE HELP

    Hello, Can someone please please please help me on this question, I totally can't do it Let A be a sentence of FOPA (i.e., a formula with no free variables). Consider the following three assertions: FOPA l- A (Means is A), FOPA ~I- A (Means is not A), A is true. On the face of it...
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    Express in First Order Peano Arithmetic (FOPA)

    Hello, Can someone help me on questions below please ? Express each of the following in First Order Peano Arithmetic (FOPA), using carefully defined abbreviations: (i) v1 and v2 differ by a prime. (Careful! Maybe v1 < v2; maybe not.) (ii) v1 and v2 are equal modulo v3 (i.e., v1 and v2...