1. W

    Ferdy the Fly

    Thought this one was interesting: There are 5 sugar cubes on a table. For 5 consecutive days, Ferdy the Fly snacks on one of the cubes. What is the probability that Ferdy did not snack on exactly one of the cubes?
  2. ShiningMoonshine

    Shrtest distance between fly and spider in a room.

    A spider and a fly are in the same room. The spider is hungry and the fly is asleep. The room is 15m long, 6m wide and 6m high. The spider is on an end wall, 0.5m from the ceiling and half way between the side walls. The fly is on the other side wall, 0.5m from the floor and halfway between...
  3. Chokfull

    Fly, little birdie!!

    OK, I may just be stupid, having just taken a long break from physics, but I'm having trouble with a problem about--you'll never guess--a bird. It's flying--sorry, soaring--in a horizontal circular path. It's bank angle (relative to the horizontal) is estimated to be 25^o and the bird takes 13...
  4. S

    What's the max height a 747 plane can fly, under the St.louis arch?

    I'm trying to figure out how to estimate the max height a Boeing 747 can fly, if it were to fly under/through the St.Louis gateway arch? The equation for the arch is y = 693.8597 - 68.7672 cosh ( 0.0100333 x ) Wingspan 195 ft 8 in (59.6 m) Tail height 63 ft 5 in (19.3 m) And the...
  5. H

    Measurement Relationships: The Spider and the Fly Problem

    The Spider and the Fly Problem is a classic puzzle that originally appeared in an English newspaper in 1903. It was posed by H.E. Dudeney. In a rectangular room with dimensions 30 ft by 12 ft by 12 ft, a spider is located in the middle of one 12 ft by 12 ft wall, 1 ft away from the ceiling. A...
  6. N

    Fly in a Box

    A fly is inside an empty, closed, rectangular box that measures two feet by three feet by six feet. If he flies from one corner to the opposite corner, what is the minimum distance he must travel? How do I solve this? Thanks