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    Distribution of Flashlight Usage

    Suppose you have a flashlight that uses 2 batteries and a package of 3 new batteries. Suppose that each battery has an independent lifetime (in hours) with exponential(\lambda) distribution. Find the distribution of the number of hours T that you can use the flashlight. My thoughts are: P(T =...
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    Distribution of time that a flashlight can operate

    I am wondering if I can get help on the following problem: If we have a stock of n batteries, each has a lifetime that is exponential with parameter c and they are independent of each other. If a flashlight needs 2 batteries, what is the lifetime that the flashlight can operate? I have 2...
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    Can someone shine a flashlight on my brain and help me

    :D This website seems to be really helpful. I hope someone can help me with these three problems. 1. Consider a member of the Olympic shooting team who is shooting clay pigeons and a member of the Olympic diving team. Each is competing for a score. Who is conducting a sequence of Bernoulli...