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    One-tailed pearson's chi-square H1 and Ho as well as Fisher's exact test

    Hi, I have numerous chi-squares to run. A couple of the expected frequencies are less than 5 so I have decided to go with Fisher's exact test for them. I have a couple of questions pertaining to these tests. First, I am conducting a Pearson's chi-square, which I believe to be a one tailed test...
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    International Fisher effect forumla - Urgent help! Exam in 2 days!

    Can anyone tell me how my lecturer got to the answer? E(St+1)= 0.7262. I've been trying to solve this for the last two hours now (Angry) btw i think she converts the percentages into decimals So 7% would = 0.07
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    Fisher's LSD test on transformed data: valid backtransformation of the LSD valiue

    Hi all, To achieve a normal distribution of my experimental data, I did a transformation using the formula: y = square root (x+0,5). On the transformed data I then performed a Fisher's LSD test, giving me the LSD value for the transformed data. Simple backtransformation of that LSD value using...
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    Fisher Information

    I'm given p(theta|y) equivalent to N(theta_hat,[I(theta_hat)]-1) and I need to show this transformation: [I(theta_hat)]1/2(theta-theta_hat)|y ~ N(0,I) where theta_hat is posterior mode and [I(theta_hat)]1/2 is any matrix square root of I(theta_hat). Any ideas on how to show this? Thanks!
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    fisher information matrix of multinormal distribution

    i dont understand how to get the function from which you can calculate the fisher information matrix from the multinormal distribution. The joint pdf is a function of X1,X2,....Xn r.v and p1,p2,....,pk parameters whilst the function to calculate the information matrix is of a single X...
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    find the fisher information

    X \ \ \ has \ \ \ distribution \ \ \ Exp(\lambda) \ \ \ \ p(x| \lambda)=\lambda exp(-\lambda x) \ \ \ \ \ \ and \ \ \ \ \phi=Prob(X>x|\lambda) compute the fisher information for phi. I think \phi=e^{-\lambda x} and therefore the p(x|\phi)=\phi\frac{\log{\phi}}{-x}, \ \ \...
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    Fisher's Exact Test

    Hi all: I'm testing H0: Theta = 1 vs HA: Theta > 1 for the following 2 x 2 Table: ----------- C-----NC--Total Surgery -- 21 -- -- 2 ---23 Chemo -- 15 -- -- 3 ---18 ---------------------------- Total-----36------5----41-- Basically, this table contains results of a study comparing Chemo with...
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    Finding the Fisher's information of this distribution

    Suppose X1, X2...Xn are independent, each with density f(x;a) = 1/(\pi(1+(x-a)^2) where x, a are in R. Essentially I've got to the stage in a question where I need to show that Fisher's information for a is n/2. I seem to be getting that it should be 2n, so am wondering if I am making a...