1. R

    Financial Economics: Risky assets question - involves two-fund theorem

    I've gotten an answer to this from another source, but I'm in need of a second opinion. I'll first list the question, then the answer I got. Here's the answer I got online: Is this answer sufficient, or is there a better way to show it mathematically?
  2. R

    Financial Economics: Optimal Risky Portfolio question - involves Sharpe ratio

    I think I've managed to solve this one, but there's a part or two I'm unsure of due to some of the question's wording. I'll first list the question. Here's my answer: \mu_G=9%, \sigma_G=40%, \mu_P=9%, \sigma_P=25%, r_f=3%, w=5% \sigma_{PG}=0 (this is something I'm unsure of, but I'm...
  3. R

    Financial Investment

    Hey all I hope this is the correct place for this post.. I just started (yesterday) on a module called Financial Maths, we have a useles lecturer who doesn't give us the help thats needed. Also I have to play catchup as I'm not doing a finance degree. Anyway, a tutorial question that makes no...
  4. Vinod

    interpretation of different programs on rpn financial calculator

    I am using rpn financial calculator.Its website is RpnCalc Financial Please go to website and click on 'programming'.Check various programs therein. For example 1)annual bond 2)depreciation 3)day- basis bond. 4)Leasing 5)rent or buy 6)full part 7) Effective rate etc. If anyone...
  5. C

    financial maths greeks

    Hi I have attached my question due to not being very competent with latex. I need help with part i) and part iii) I have obtained the greek for \frac{\partial P}{\partial\sigma}=S\sqrt{T-t}\; N'(d1) any help is appreciated thanks
  6. M

    Need help with financial maths

    Hi everyone This is my first time in these forums and was wondering if anyone could help me with this question? I enrolled in some finance subjects, and this particular subject happens to be heavily mathematical, and I am having quite some problems, as I do not have a maths background...
  7. D

    Quantitative financial modelling

    Hello guys, Here is the Q: Mr Ferguson, the managing director of Vigil Limited, has asked you as a financial analyst to address various issues using the data provided in spreadsheet 1 (see Module’s Tulip site), which sets out the profitability, beta, borrowing, market to book value and...
  8. C

    Formula for a financial instrument

    Hi, I am looking for a common and simple formula that would govern the value of a hypothetical financial instrument. Imagine that the hypothetical financial instrument's value is determined by the academic performance of a student. It would have to reward both consistent high performance and...
  9. L

    Mortgage Payment Compounded Monthly. Can't figure out interest rate

    Here is my formula I know the values of (M), (P) and (n). I want to know (i). This is a formula for a monthly mortgage payment with interest compounded monthly. I know my monthly payment (M), I know my principal (P) and I know my term in months (n). I don't know (i) my interest rate. (i) is...
  10. D

    Linear programming financial example

    I'm having trouble figuring out the attached .pdf example. My finance skills are rather weak and I'm not sure where to begin. I apologize for posting the problem as an attachment, but it's lengthy and I wanted to do my best to keep the formatting intact. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. S

    financial leaverage

    explain me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. B

    Financial Mathematics

    This problem is in the sequences and series review section of my book, so could someone help me with the problem using sequences and series concepts? Michele invested 1500 francs at an annual rate of interest of 5.25 per cent. a) Find the value of Michele's investment after 3 years. Give your...
  13. N

    Financial mathematics (Geometric progression)

    How much money have we on our bank account, if the bank can gave us at the end of every month 200$, for three years. The rate is 4% per anno, (that's 4% per year), decursive interest-rate, and the capitalisation time is one year.
  14. H

    Financial Problem

    Is there a way to distinguish between which formula to use for a financial problem that asks you to find the regular payment? The future value of an annuity or present value formula?
  15. C

    Financial Math question

    Hi Sorry can anyone help me with this question, I did a few parts of this question but the remaining im having problem =( In an economy, there are many identically distributed and independent projects, that is, each project requires $10m of investment and pays back in a year of either $11m...
  16. M

    financial mathematics

    a family wishes to accumulate $50000 in a college education fund att rhe end of 20 years. If they deposit $1000 in the fund at the end of each of the first 10 years and $1000+X in the fund at the end of each of the second 10 years, find X to the nearest dollar if fund earns an effective interest...
  17. M

    Financial Math help

    I am taking some online classes and I need help with understanding these questions. Please give me the formula for solving these problems and if possible the answer so that I can study for my exam. I can't find any help in the book I was given. You have averaged $57,500.00 for the last five...
  18. N

    Help with simple financial problem

    Suppose on Jan 1, 1997 Dave invested $2,000 into a bank account at 5% interest compounded continuously. Let y(t) be the value of Dave's investment after t years. Also on Jan 1, 1997 John decides to invest. He put $2,500 into an account at 3% interest compounded monthly. Let g(t) be the...
  19. S

    Financial mathematics (grade 11)

    o gosh... i really dont get anyone able to help??(Headbang) what is the accumulated value of deposits of $200 made at the end of each year for three years if the interest rate is 12% per year compounded quarterly?
  20. P

    Matlab financial help

    I'm quite new to matlab and im having problems with one of the questions for uni. Calculate the total amount of an inputted investment after n years of growth where the annual interest rate may change at the start of the year but not during the year the annual interest rates should be inputted...