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    Final Exam Review

    Good morning/afternoon. I'm in the process of reviewing for my final and I just stumbled across a few problems I might like to ask about. 1. f(x)= int(lnx,x²) du/sqrt(1+u^6) Calculate f'(x). My attempt: I may be underthinking this but we have a theorem that states f'(x) = f(x²) as it's the...
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    final solution

    Solution trisecting (n-sections) and n-proper construction of the polygon using divider and straightedge. The ball shall be awarded in two equal parts, obtained half contains two areas, the circle (represents a planar geometry) and a semi-sphere (represents spherical geometry), the circle is...
  3. Z

    Final segment topology and finite-closed topology?

    I'm trying to answer a question I found in an elementary topology textbook. I keep feeling I'm missing something. Suppose N is the set of all positive integers and t consists of N, the empty set, and every set { n, n+1, ... } for n any positive integer. This is a topology and is called the...
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    Initial and final state of a hydrogen atom

    Hi dudes! I hope you can help me with this problem; it was on my modern physics exam but I got it wrong; however, the teacher didn't tell me what the right answer was. Anyway, here is the problem: In a hydrogen atom a photon of wavelength 95 nm is emitted. What are the initial and final states...
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    Estimate the final position using the given velocity function and initial position.

    Estimate the final position using the given velocity function and initial position. v(t) = 30e-t/4 , s(0) = -1, b = 4 I have been looking in my book and it is of no help really. Only two examples in their and not even really close to explaining what I am supposed to do. Any help is...
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    What to practice for the final?

    Calculus 2 final coming up. It's highly unlikely I'll have time redo all the practice problems I've done so far this semester in just a couple weeks, so I need to choose my problems wisely. Does have advice on how to find the right problems? Given the limited time, the trick is to try and learn...
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    Find linear programming problem given the final optimal tableau

    I have been given this problem and cant find a solution and was wondering if anyone could help! I have looked in to matrices and artificial variables but I am unsure how to approach this problem. Any help would be AWESOMMMME. Many thanks in advance. Mal :) The final optimal tableau for a...
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    3rd and final optimization problem

    Trying to design an aluminum can containing a volume of 2,000 cubic centimeters. Find the dimensions of the can that will minimize the amount of aluminum used. The three formulas I'm working with will obviously Volume: π r2 h=2000 Vertical surface area: 2π r h Lid and base surface area: π r2...
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    finding final value !?

    find the final value of a plan in which payments of $800 are made every 6 months for 3 years earning 10% interest compounded semi-anually. the first payment is made in six months.
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    statistics - stuck on the final question

    The torque, T Nm, required to rotate shafts of different diameters, D mm, on a machine has been tested and recorded below. D (mm) 6 10 14 18 21 25 T (Nm) 5.5 7.0 9.5 12.5 13.5 16.5 (a) Use the method of least squares to determine the linear regression equation that relates...
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    Final amount after X seconds

    Hi I have 3 trasparent Containers A, B and C wich can contain water. It is possible to have an negative amount of water. Container A start off with a random amount ( a ) of water. The amount of water can be negative or possitive. Container B starts of with a fixed amount ( b ) of water wich...
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    Finding final amount after X seconds

    Hi Ill try to describe my problem in a simple way: I have a stopwatch set to X seconds. Every second this happens: - Y amount of water is automaticaly being put intoo a transparent ContainerA. - I then take a bucket and fill it with the exact amount of water in ContainerA, and pour the entire...
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    Finding final 'X Velocity'

    Hi I have never been very good with advanced math, and i dont even know if this is the correct area to ask this kind of question. But anyway here goes: ... I have a Ball and i want to determine its final X Velocity after X seconds Lets say the Ball has no initial X Velocity and starts at...
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    Looking for final interest payment on a loan just paid off

    Hi there, It has been over 7 years since I have had to use any of my mathematics of finance knowledge and wow does it disappear when you do not use it. i have pulled out my old books to determine additional payments to a P.V. (geese, at least I think that's the formula I want) but I cannot...
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    Calculating final payment after paying lump sums throughout loan

    Hi there, it has been 7 years since I had my mathematics of finance course, but now need to use some old formulas and I cannot remember how to use. this is what I am looking for and need help to figure it out please! Interest rate is 5%c.s.a. inital loan = $31 938.59 .( actual amount of loan...
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    Final Projects

    I am interested in finding ideas for a final project for both a regular geometry class and an Honors Geometry class (which focuses more on logical reasoning rather than application like regular geometry). I want something fun and educational, but not too time consuming for the students since...
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    I Need help finding the final position\rotation of a holonomic drive robot given...

    Please remove this thread. *edit* I just realized this is mathematically impossible to solve. Please remove this thread.
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    math final in 1.5 hours

    I, your favorite poster, will go into battle soon with pencil in hand and a blank look on my face, repeating "+c" under my breath.
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    How to determine a final grade

    My wife is trying to figure out her final grade and her tests and quizes were weighted differently. There were 3 tests worth 50 points each with a weight of 90%. She got 132 out of 150 points on the tests. I am not sure of the number of quizes but she said she got 50 out of 50 points and it is...
  20. A

    Help with simplifying fraction with a negative exponent.Unsure of final result steps

    Not sure what happened with the R^-0.67 in getting to the final expression for MP. I understand substituting Gw back into the formula but how does it become (Gw/R). And also the .83 constant becomes .33? I would have just brought the R^ -0.67 to the denominator to get a positive exponent...