1. J

    Rounding scientific notation to significant figures

    I have to take a basic math class and it's been a while and I'm pretty lost. How do you round numbers to significant figures which are in scientific notation? eg. 8.894e7 to 3 s.f. Thanks
  2. R

    please check these figures, been looking at it all day, bending moment

    Beam 3m long, 5kn force 1m from LHS, 10kn force 1m from RHS. simply supported at both ends 100mm width, 200 depth, Q1 Calculate the maximum bending moment Q2 Calculate the maximum stress in the beam Q3Determine the dimensions of the cross section which will minimise the maximum stress value if...
  3. dokrbb

    Significant figures problem...

    Hi, I put it in the physics forum, but it's applicable to this thread too, and I'm really confused A rectangular plate has a length of (17.4 ± 0.2) cm and a width of (9.4 ± 0.1) cm. Calculate the area of the plate, including its uncertainty. I proceed as follows: the % of error for Length =...
  4. A

    Balance sheet-Having difficulty with a few figures

    The figures marked in red are incorrect. I am having difficulty with this. I believe my figures are wrong because of that 1st equipment figure being wrong. If anyone could please assist me and help to explain it, I would very much appreciate it.
  5. A

    Areas of Common Geometric Figures homework help

    wouldn't letters d, e, and f be the same answer??? since your taking the area over the same interval???
  6. L

    dividing significant figures

  7. K

    Significant Figures

    I had this problem come up while studying for my Math Praxis II exam. What can the difference between the following numbers that are rounded to 2 significant digits: 2.87 million 2.22 million Thanks, karies4083
  8. F

    Rounding off results / significant figures

    Hi! Finally decided to seek for online help after repeatedly banging my head to the wall with an annoying problem. It's a fault in my thinking but I just can't seem to be able to shake it off. So, I know what decimals and sig figs are and I'm very familiar with the general rounding rules of...
  9. G

    Area of Figures and Similar Figures

    In rhombus ABCD, AB=18 and AC=26. Find the area of the rhombus to the nearest tenth.
  10. Z

    How can I have figures identified as tables?

    My paper includes several graphs that are all much too long to make as tables, so I made them figures (copy and paste from spreadsheet to paint). My paper has to include a list of figures and a list of tables, and I would like to know if there is a way that I can trick LaTeX into thinking...
  11. P

    Significant Figures and Rounding

    Hello, Recently I have encountered a problem in which I was to figure out how many seconds I was in class each week. My class is 0.833 hours long and we meet three times a week. I came up with 8,996.4 seconds. I need to round this to three significant figures because there are 3 in the...
  12. S

    Simple derivations on geometrical figures .

    Hii , this is the thread for simple derivations on geometrical figures. Here I begin with the easiest proof of the area of circle. Although there are many proofs but easiest is that , which I am telling you all ( I think ) . 1. The proof by Greeks 2000 years ago ! ...
  13. B

    Significant Figures

    Hi, I am given an calculation, (517.50 - 217.9)/5.3, and I am supposed to evaluate it to the correct amount of significant figures. I come out with 56.5, but it is incorrect. What am I doing wrong?
  14. H

    symmetry of plane figures question

    Let G be a finite group of rotations of the plane around the origin, prove that G is cyclic. Im confused about how to start this (I have not done any group theory in a while) Thanks for any help Take the smallest rotation, denoted as g, then there exists a least m such that g^m=1 As...
  15. P

    Properties of 4-Sided Figures.

  16. P

    Properties of 4-Sided figures.

    Find angle E. This is a Parallelogram. NOT a triangle!!! Its kinda easy but I keep getting confused, so please could anyone tell me how to do this? (Headbang)
  17. Z

    Accurate to 3 significant figures?

    A) square root of 11 + j5 =6 angle 56.4 degrees B) 7 angle38 degrees = 5.52 + j4.30 A. a & B are both FALSE B. A is TRUE and b is FALSE C. a and b are both TRUE D. a is FALSE and b is TRUE WHICH is Correct and how?
  18. J

    900 to 1, 2, or 3 significant figures?

    Hi, can anyone explain to me why 900 (or any similar numbers) can be given as one, two or three significant figures? I don't get it.
  19. A

    Ratio of areas of similar figures

    Hi all, Here goes the question: In the diagram, AC,RQ and BP are parallel lines. AR=9cm,RQ=6cm,BP=8cm, and RB=3cm. Calculate the ratio of: (i)area of triangle ARQ:area of trapezium RBPQ' (ii)area of triangle BQR:area of triangle ARQ (iii)area of triangle ABC:area of triangle BQR Another...
  20. S

    Correcting to 3 decimal places (3 d.p) and to 3 significant figures (3 s.f)

    In correcting this number: "0.39" to 3 d.p and 3 s.f, would it be as follows? 3 d.p --> 0.390 3 s.f --> 0.390 Thanks.