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    Game theory: Folk Law feasibility condition

    Hi I have been stuck on this for about 3 hours so I've come here. I have some questions in Game Theory on Folk Theorom (http://kot.rogacz.com/Science/Studies/12/GameTheory/lecture/lecture_slides_7.1%20Folk%20Theorems.pdf) Question 1) Consider the infinitely repeated prisoners dilemma game...
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    Sketch the feasible region of the linear program

    Sketch the feasible region of the linear program maximise x0 = 3x1 + 2x2 subject to -3x1 + x2⩽ 0 x1 - x2 ⩽ 1 3x1 + 2x2 ⩽ 13 x1; x2 ⩾ 0: Identify an optimal solution and give its value. Are there any other optimal solutions? If so, give one. Which, if any, constraints are redundant? (b) Use the...
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    Graph the feasible region...

    SOLVED Graph the feasible region... Sorry if wrong posting in the wrong area Question is Graph the feasible region corresponding to the following system 0 LE X LE 9 X - 2Y GE 4 3x + 5Y LE 30 Y GE 0 LE = Less than or equal to GE = Greater than or equal to
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    Find the coordinates of the vertices of the feasible region?

    1)On your own paper graph the following inequalities. Find the coordinates of the vertices of the feasible region and the maximum and minimum values for the given function. What is the maximum value? y> 1 x < 6 y < 2x + 1 f(x,y)= x + y 2)The origin is contained in the solution set of: y> 2/3 x...
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    The graph to the right shows a region of feasible solutions IMG included

    The graph to the right shows a region of feasible solutions. Use this region to find the maximum and minimum values of the given objective functions, and the locations of these values on the graph. A. z = 0.60x + 0.50y B. z = 2.25x + 1.25y Here is a photo of the graph: Image - TinyPic -...
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    Coordinates of the vertices of the feasible region? Help?

    really having a hard time with this problem. Step by step answers would greatly help for future reference. Thanks in advanced. x ≥ 2, y - x ≥ -3, and x + y ≤ 5 find the coordinates of the vertices of the feasible region. a. (2, -1) (2, 3) (4, 1) b. (0, -3) (0, 5) (4, 1) c. (2, 0) (3, 0) (4...
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    plot feasible region of inequality function

    hello all, I need to know the method of plotting the feasible region of inequality function like the following nonlinear function (1-x1)^3-x2 >=0 I know how to plot the region for the linear function like x1+x2<=5 - line connect x1=5 to x2=5 with the region under the line as a feasible region...
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    How to plot a feasible set of two risky securites in excel

    Hi I'm a bit confused I have made a table where you input sigma 1 sigma 2 mean 1 mean 2 w1 w2 and p12 so you get the mean and standard deviation. But if yiou plot this you get a dot. Have I answered the question correctly?
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    Feasible region?

    I'm new here so bare with me. Also, if you can help me figure out how to do this for future problems it would be greatly appretiated The feasible region determined by a system of constraints is given. Find the minimum and maximum values of the objective function for the given region. C = 3x +...
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    Graphing a feasible Region?

    from the linear example so far I have... Profit = 20X + 16Y and the constraints are: X + 2Y ≤ 480 3X + 4Y≤1080 How do I show the Feasible Region and the Optimal Point on a graph.??
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    simplex method - feasible points

    Question: When solving a linear program via the simplex method, if the initial tableau is feasible then a different feasible point is generated after every pivot Initially, I want to say yes; if a tableau is feasible then we will always have a feasible point after any pivot. However, the...
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    basic feasible solutions

    Let P = {2x1 + x2 + x3 = 2, x1 + x2 = 1 x1,x2 >= 0} List all of the basic feasible solutions. Which of them are degenerate? Not sure how to go about this ... thanks!
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    Objective functions, region of feasible solutions

    Hi this is my first time here and was searching on the web (google) for some math help. My math teacher is giving us a test later this week and gave us some practice problems. I was wondering if anyone could help me with one of these problems. Here is the question: Sam and Doris manufacture...
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    feasible solutions

    Basically i was wondering if anyone knew how to show v is also a feasiable solution of the problem thankz
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    feasible region

    which is in the feasible region of thr system of inequalities. 4x=y less or equal than 8 2x+5y less or equal than 18 x greater 0, y greater 0 my answer is (2,4) is this right, thanks for checking my answer.
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    feasible region question, help please

    The feasible region of a maximization problem shown is dertermined by 12x+5y<=180 5x+4y<=98 x^3 0, y=>0 which of the following objective functions has its maximum value at (15,0)? My answer is 9x+6y from a list of possible answers, is this right. If not please telll how to set this one up...