1. R

    Need fast help, any is appreciated c:

    Hi, I'm new and have a quick question. Using the a=(1/2)bh formula, how can i calculate the height if i don't know b, but I do know a = 30, or 15 with an exponent of 2. The base is height-1, but again, I don't know height or base ,h and b. Help?
  2. L

    Fast Secrets In Reduce Extra fat Examined

    This will depend on your being able to be reliable in your disciplined-ness. Typically men and women work hard at slimera garcinia cambogia for just a small amount and then, eventually, start to drop back into their old negative behaviors. Avoiding this is simply not complicated in any respect...
  3. L

    I am what are the steps so I need and order to c fast

    I am what are the steps so I need and order to c fast and however long better takes harm if you now that you’re deficient here Phoenix speak to our contacts if she now they’re Utah now some things you Lifeforce T-Boost need to find out who to ask and asked the right person after my question for...
  4. J

    An Update On Fast Systems Of Muscle King Pro

    There tend to be many ways that Muscle King Pro might factor directly into your daily living. While it really is up to you to determine your future actions, never achieve that until you consider the many elements of your plight that are really related. It is important you do not follow a course...
  5. J

    Help Need Fast Not Sure If In Right Form

    Questions in image help fast please i need it in soon id really appreciate it!
  6. C

    How to lose weight fast

    His website do okay he is Jodie hard for this week’s movie review what you been watching this weekend well it is a 2010 film but I did rematch it recently I'm Midnight in Paris I it's eighty time traveling film but with the it have a twist the basic plot line is Owen Wilson his character is an...
  7. T

    How fast was Joe Riding His motorcycle?

    Joe was riding his motorcycle along a freeway when he noticed that his bike had 15,951 miles – a palindrome. A palindrome is a number or a word that reads exactly the same, either forward or backward. He was surprised to notice that his odometer showed another palindrome exactly two hours...
  8. S

    FAST Fourier Transform (FFT) Algorithm

    hey i try to solve a task, but i dont get it (Wondering) Compute the coefficient repr. of (p(x))² by using FFT algorithm. p(x) = 2x^3 - x² + 4x + 1 this is the way i wanted to started(i dont know if I am right) i have a input with length N = 4 its Array a [2, -1, 4, 1] then i split them in...
  9. C

    Algerbra Help Needed Fast

    Anyone got a clue? x^2+3x-4y+5=2 6=x-2y thanks
  10. F

    Super fast question about finding the mean and variance of a random variable

    Hi, if a problem gave you F(x) = x + 2, x > 0 Would you derive F(x) to get f(x) in order to solve for its mean and variance? Thank you for your time.
  11. M

    Triangle Problem (Need help fast, please reply quickly)

    Three wooden equilateral triangles of side length 18 inches are placed on axles as shown in the diagram to the right. Each axle is 30 inches from the other two axles. A 144-inch leather band is wrapped around the wooden triangles, and a dot at the top corner is painted as shown. The three...
  12. P

    Statistics 2-cie A levels!!!anyone who is doing stats 2???reply fast

    Unbiased estimates of the mean and variance of a population, based on a random sample of 24 observations, are 5.5 and 2.42 respectively. Another random observation of 8.0 is obtained. Find new unbiased estimates of the mean and variance with this new information. and solve this!!
  13. C

    How to find how fast the circumference of a concentric circle is changing?

    In this problem there are two varying concentrical circles with a constant area between at 9pi in^2. The area of the larger circle has a rate of change of 10pi in^2/sec. How fast is the circumference of the smaller circle changing when it has an area of 16pi in^2? Thanks!
  14. X

    Need help fast, calculus + projectile motion question.

    Im doing 3-unit maths and we've been given this assessment, most students have had time to go over it with their tutor. Please trust me when i say ive been incredibly busy over the last week, and my tutor couldnt see me this week, so basically im screwd. We have to PRESENT the solution to the...
  15. L

    How to prepare to face a class in Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform

    Hello everybody, I'm getting ready to start a Master in Electronics and I know that I'll be using the Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), but I have been away from my books for more than 12 years and I want to be ready for this courser. The question is what do I need to study...
  16. D

    Rate of how fast a shadow grows as you walk

    So here I thought it might be something to formulate a triangle, or actually two: So the problem is asking me to find the derivative of the shadow's length with respect to time: \frac{dB}{dt} I think the triangles are similar: \frac{15}{A+B} = \frac{6}{B} \\ \\ \cdots \\ B = \frac{2}{3}A...
  17. T

    A worked example of Christoph Burnikel & Joachim Ziegler's fast recurvise division

    Hi MHF, I am trying to implement Christoph Burnikel & Joachim Ziegler's fast recursive division in C++ however I am finding the algorithm difficult to wrap my head around, is anyone aware where I can find a worked example, books or otherwise or even a programming language implementation? Many...
  18. trevman

    Fast Fourier Transform

    Hi all. I am not positive if this is the correct forum for this thread, but it has to do with numerical analysis so I assume it will do. Anyway, I am having trouble finding the correct way to do this problem, and have been working on it for hours. I feel I can almost get the answer, but...
  19. K

    Related rates and how fast the height of a pile's increasing?

    The question: Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 40 cubic feet per minute. It forms a pile in the shape of a right circular cone whose base diameter and height are always equal. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 19 feet high? Recall that the...
  20. R

    Fast algorithm for calculating permutations

    I was wondering where I could find fast algorithms for calculating permutations. I tried using a matlab built in code perms() and it calculates a matrix of values. I would like to output each permutation individually (i.e. in a for loop) so i can perform some manipulations on them. Thanks in...