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    Fantasy Baseball

    I thought this was a probability question since it would most likely be solved using a Combination or Permutation, but could not find a sub-forum for that, so here I am on this particular sub-forum. This isn't really help on homework or anything, just a question I came up with on my own and...
  2. M

    fantasy football,.. #1 draft pick odds if extra name in hat?

    Hey all, not sure if anyone here is into fantasy football, but i had an idea for my league and I'm a little unsure of the math to do with it. So as you might or might not know, week 17 football is a pretty meaningless and sad time for fantasy footballers, our playoffs are over, and the real...
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    Fantasy Sports Algorithm

    Hi, I was wondering if forum members could help me with this: I’ve been writing a computer program for fun for Yahoo! fantasy hockey this year. It will read in the player’s stats from a file and give each player a rating out of 10 (like 7.8/10) for each of: Goals, Assists, Plus Minus Rating...