1. M

    Solving limits with free fall

    Hello, Just started calculus. I am fairly comfortable with limit problems in what has been given to us, but I'm thoroughly lost when given a problem like this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. D

    free fall equation

    hi , with the free fall equation, in my book it is refererd to as either 4.9^2 or -4.9^2 , so which one is right, very confused Dave
  3. C

    free fall story problem

    A rescue package is being dropped out of a helicopter to a stranded group 400 ft below with an approximate angle of depression of 75 degrees. The falling object is at 337.94 ft 2 seconds after leaving the helicopter. It hits the ground at 5.0304 seconds. Create a function that models the height...
  4. S

    finding percent of people that fall bellow a certain value in a list of data

    [RESOLVED]finding percent of people that fall bellow a certain value in a list of dat I have a file containing the times taken to do something. The data is fits a normal distribution. I am trying to find the percent of people that take longer than 1800 seconds. So I find the z-score...
  5. S

    TI-83 Normal distribution - Below what number of days do 80% of pregnancies fall?

    Hi, I need to know how to calculate on the TI-83 below what number of days do 80% of pregnancy durations fall. The mean is 266 days and the standard deviation is 16 days. I'm not sure which command I should be using or how to go about it. Thanks Splint
  6. A

    Free Fall Differential Equations Problem - I am stuck

    Question: An Object of mass 5.00 kg is given an initial downward velocity of 74.5 m/sec and then allowed to fall under the influence of gravity. Assume the force due to air resistance (in N) on this object is twice its speed. If it hits the ground in exactly 10 seconds, how many meters above...
  7. B

    free fall

    At time t = 0 s, apple 1 is dropped from a bridge onto a roadway beneath the bridge; somewhat later, apple 2 is thrown down from the same height. Figure 2-25 gives the vertical positions y of the apples versus t during the falling, until both apples have hit the roadway. With approximately what...
  8. L

    free fall

    The equation for free fall at the surface of a planet is s=3.8t^2m with t in seconds. Assume a rock is dropped from the top of a 400-m cliff. Find the speed of the rock at t=6 sec. I came up with the answer 45.6 m/sec using the slope of the curve formula, but do not fully understand what I...
  9. diddledabble

    Free fall motion problem

    I started this and then got stuck I think it is my integral that caused the problem. A 400 lb object is released from rest 500 ft above the ground and allowed to fall under the influence of gravity. Assuming that the force in pounds due to air resistance is -10v, where v is the velocity of...
  10. L

    Free fall

    Equation given -- s=6.1t^2, t is seconds. Object dropped from 75 feet. Find the speed of the object at t = 3. one question- is the 75 feet important? Or do you just plug in the 3 for t to get 54.9 ft/sec? Any help is appreciated!
  11. D

    Quadratic Form - Making my hair fall out

    I did not come here for quick answers. I've just been trying this for a long time to no avail. Help would be much appreciated. Write the expression 3x^24 + 4x^ 12 + 7 in quadratic form. A: 3x^24 + 4x^12 + 7 ? Write the expression -5x^4 - 10x + 6 in quadratic form. A: -5(x^2 * x^2) -...
  12. D

    Time taken for objects in free fall

    Hi everyone. Although energy equations can be used to prove the velocity of any mass in free fall, this there a method to prove the free fall of any mass in a time period. by example; t = square root 2s/g but this method does not include either the energy of the mass, or the mass in...
  13. G

    Show that at least 3 of any 25 days chosen must fall in the same month of the year?

    Show that at least 3 of any 25 days chosen must fall in the same month of the year? (I think I might have to use Proof by Contradiction, b/c we haven't done counting yet) I am not sure how to do this?. I am thinking this: There is 12 months in a year, and at least 3 means x > 3. So 3 * 12 =...
  14. L

    The probability of a rise or fall in blood pressure??

    I have developed a database program that searches for all blood pressure readings that are similar to the readings of any given patient. The program then retrieves the following day’s data from all the matching patients to find out what (if any) the probability of the patient being analysed will...
  15. T

    Free Fall Lmit/Derivative problem

    An object is dropped from the top of a 100-m tower. Its height above the ground after 1 sec is 100-4.9t^2 m. How fast is it falling 2 sec after it is dropped? Formula: lim as h--> 0 (f(t+h)- f(t))/h or as an easier formula, I think. lim as h--> 0(f(t) - f(h))/(t-h) Guess: 100=4.9t^2 m goes as...
  16. E

    A problem about free fall

    An egg is thrown nearly vertically upward from a point near the cornice of a tall building. It just misses the cornice on the way down and passes a point 50.0m below its starting point 6.00 seconds after it leaves the thrower's hand. Air resistance may be ignored. a.) what is the initial speed...
  17. Quick

    How long will it take to fall?

    Mathguru tells me this is where physics questions go, so I'll post my question here. I am having trouble understanding acceleration. Namely, how to calculate how fast an object will get to... So here is my made up question to help me understand. Let's say (for simplicity) that gravity is...