1. K

    factorising so that one factor must be:

    I just started a chapter on factorising and for the life of me can't figure the following out: Factorise 1 + x^2 so that one factor must be: 1. 1/x 2. x 3. x^2 I've attached how the examples mentioned above are solved. Is this the best possible explanation for solving the above mentioned or...
  2. C


    Hey I am factorising this equation: x^2-3x+1 and I firstly completed the squared to get: (x-3/2)^2 - 13/4 but that's not the correct answer and I'm not sure what to do from here.
  3. S

    Factorising: The difference of squares

    Hey there, I have been factorising today..and there is something that I don't quite get, maybe I am forgetting something I have already learned since today is the second day of studying after a month of holiday. My brain doesn't seem to have adapted yet I suppose. I was doing a task where it...
  4. S

    Factorising expressions

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you could show me the method you use for factorising algebraic expressions and which is the easiest and most convenient method to use. For example, How would you factorise the following: 2x (x-4)-3 (4-x) I need a good method for the exams..I need a...
  5. T

    factorising trigonometric function

    for -180 </= θ </= 180, solve 3sin^2(θ) - sin(θ)cos(θ) - 4cos^2(θ) = 0 i can't factorise the middle term to separate the sine and cosine
  6. J

    Someone please help me with the answers to these qeustions logarithms factorising!!!

    here are the qeustions on this picture, please help me please!! Logaritmhs and factorising
  7. R

    Basic factorising question

    2x2 + xy - 3y2 How do you go about factorising this simply and easily? I arrived at the correct answer (x - y)(2x + 3y) only after thinking and playing around with it for ages. It's been a long time since I went over this in class.
  8. E

    factorising over complex numbers:

    Factorize: 3iu^2+26iu+4u^2+3i-4 over complex numbers, where i represents the imaginary unit. Thanks(Nerd)
  9. C


    does anybody know how this came from? thank you
  10. S

    Factorising problem? with two "squared" brackets

    So here is my math problem - I think it was supposed to be just straightforward factorising, but since it isn't a generic quadratic equation (or maybe it is haha, I can't tell if it is, in this form!) I can't work out how to factorise right down to the answer the book says. Here is the problem...
  11. A

    Factorising quadratic expressions with a coefficient of >1

    I can do: x^2-7x+10 But I can't do: 2x^2-7x-15.
  12. G

    can someone help me with factorising this equation please

    p^2-16(q-r)^2 (Wink)
  13. T

    I need help with quadratics and indicies?

    Factorise: x2+3xy+2y2 I was really confused about this one because of the 2y2 at the end instead of a number so I ended up with this: = (x + 2y2)2 - (xy - 2y2) Because x2+ 4xy + 4y2 - xy - 2y2 = x2 + 3xy + 2y2 But it's not properly factoried so I'm unsure about it? The next one was...
  14. R

    Help on homework!(Quadratics)

    Hello... I have this problem on my homework, I have to solve the quadratics by factorising; x(x-7)=0 If you could explain how to do it (simple terms!) I would be grateful :)
  15. froodles01

    Factorising Quadratic equations

    Sooo annoying that I still have trouble with this when I should have moved on. Anyway. Having trouble factorising; 3r^2 - 8r -3=0 2r^2 + r - 6=0 3r^2 - 5r - 2 = 0 I continually find it difficult to find the right solutions for r. (or use x if you'd prefer) Please help Thank you
  16. J

    Decimals, Fractions, Perimeter, Factorising for grade 9

    So, I lost my maths book and since it's close to exam time, our teacher says it may have been stolen. :| And now, I borrowed my friends maths book and I have to copy out THE WHOLE MATHS BOOK into a new book. I'm having trouble with: Converting decimals into fractions Set builder and interval...
  17. B

    factorising x^2 - x + 4

    Hi, I have been trying to factorise the above, but simply cannot find a solution. Thanks for any help.
  18. F

    Factorising a Polynomial

    Hello there, I've been asked to factorise the following expression: x^3 - x^2 - 4x + 2 From what I can tell, using the factor theorem (if f(a) = 0, then (x - a) is a factor of f(x)) and factors of 2 as input to the function, it can't be factorised. Am I right, can it not be factorised...
  19. T

    Factorising Cubics

    I have asked way too many questions, and Im really sorry if I have bothered you lot too much, but thanks so much for the help I do apprieceate every single comment, and it is a great help to my studies. (Worried) Just a question regarding cubics, I need to factorise x^3-kx^2+2kx-k-1, I...
  20. A

    Factorising Polynomial over the real number field

    hey guys I was just wondering whether I'm doing this right for example the question asks to factor z^6+8 over the real number field Heres what I did z^6+8=(z^2)^3+2^3 =(z^2+2)(z^4-2z^2+4) but when I checked the answers they got z^6+8=(z^2+2)(z^2+\sqrt6z+2)(z^2-\sqrt6z+2) they got this by...