1. O

    Factoring a complex equation

    Hi, Can someone help me figure out how to factor $\frac{e}{x^2} - e^3$ so that I get some factor, y, such that y(x - $\frac{1}{e}$) = $\frac{e}{x^2} - e^3$? I'm having quite a tough time figuring out what y should be :(
  2. O

    Remainder theorem

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to solve for 8b. Is it wrong to assume that I can just sub in the zero of either factors, (x+3) or (x+5), into x^2+9x-7, in order to get the value of r? I'm using my knowledge of the remainder theorem. I thought that by plugging in either -3 or -5 for...
  3. W

    Help Finding Perimeter of Rectangle

    Hello, I am studying to take a math placement exam in two days. There's this one geometry problem that I cannot figure out how to solve. I watched a video of someone solving it but I don't understand what they're doing after a certain point. Here's the problem: I don't know if it's just me...
  4. vkhmn

    I have many questions.

    First of all, backstory: I am taking an Intermediate Algebra class, and needless to say, it's kicking my arse. So, that being said, I think I'm going to ask a few questions. What would I do to solve this one? Note: I have never learned how to factor. Factor completely: -6r3s + 8r2s2 - 10rs...
  5. C

    Help, Factorising expressions

    hi I'm new to the forum and looking for help with factoring expressions. I have been given these 3 expressions and am stumped on how to go about factoring them. I have solved the 1st one (I think) but could do with some help to do the last 2. I'm not looking for someone to solve them for me...
  6. A

    factoring quartic polynomial

    Hi; How do I factor x^4 + 2x^3 -12x^2 - 10x + 4? I've tried rational root theorem but to no avail. Thanks.
  7. C

    Factoring on steroids

    10 (3x-1)^4 (2x+1)^4+4 (3x-1)^3 (2x+1)^5 Need help factoring this.
  8. A

    help factoring f^2- f-d -d^2

    Please, I need help with factoring f^2-f-d-d^2 Thank you
  9. G

    A couple more factoring questions

    1) \frac{t}{t^2-t-6}-\frac{2t}{t^2+6t+9}+\frac{t}{9-t^2} 2) \frac{3}{x}+\frac{1}{x^2+x} / \frac{1}{x+1}-\frac{1}{x-1} 3) \frac{L}{C}+\frac{R}{sC} / sL+R+\frac{1}{sC} So i hope my LaTeX is sufficient but #2,3 are complex fractions the "/" designates the division line. so...
  10. G

    Help with factoring question please.

    \frac{(x+5)(x-2)(x+2)(3-x)}{(2-x)(5-x)(3+x)(2+x)} Its asking to reduce it to simplest form.
  11. G

    Factoring equation problems... Any help would be great!

    Hi all so i have some assigned problems to which i am stumped, I appologize if the questions seem basic i am just starting to learn how to factor and use the quadratic equation. I will attach pictures of the questions for each one. Question #1) How do i solve for a particular variable in the...
  12. G

    Factoring questions!, any help would be appreciated.

    Hi all, i have two assigned questions i have completed one so i think and i was wondering if someone here wouldn't mind looking over it to see if i made any mistakes? And the second one i'm completely stuck at this last stage, I would appreciate any insight into these problems, Thanks!
  13. T

    Can someone help me with a few problems... having some trouble

    Hi if someone could help me with the following questions that would be great! (with work) 1.Find the roots of the following equations a) 0=x^4 - 8x^2 + 16 b) 2x= 4x^3 - 2x^2 2. Find all of the zeroes in the following P(x)= x^4 - 4x^3 - 16x^2 + 21x + 18 3. Is (x+2) a factor of x^3 - 3x^2 -...
  14. B

    Factoring trinomials using the ac method word problem

    Hi everyone, I have a very basic question regarding factoring a polynomial for the area of a right triangle. The problem is as follows: A right triangle has its two legs increased by the same amount. After the increase, the area of the triangle is equal to the polynomial (x2+ (21/2)x + 20)...
  15. A

    Factoring polynomials

    The only two number I can think of to plug in is 1 and 47, but those don't add up to 24. What should I do?
  16. M

    Help needed with factoring in a sequences problem

    Hi, The following link is for a sequences problem, I've been doing. Link: Mathopolis Question Database I got most of the way to finding the solution shown by the multiple choice answers but got stuck at some factoring that was required. Here's what I got to on my own without looking at the...
  17. M

    Factoring equation help.

    Why isn't 1/4 also a solution?
  18. M

    Factoring equation help.

    Hi so I just have a quick question on a problem. x^4-5x^2-36=0 So I factored it and my answer came out to : (x-9)(x+4) So then x^2-9=0 x^2=9 so then x=3 Same with x^2+4=0 x^2=-4 so then x= 2i But for the answer my professor put : -3,3,-2i,2i My question to you is where did he get...
  19. A

    help with factoring power of quotient

    Hi trying to find the limit of the following sequence \frac{n^2+3^n^+^1 +2^n}{n^3 5(3^n)+7(2^n)} should i take 3^n^+^1 as the dominant term, how do i divide the other terms by 3^n^+^1 can anyone point me on the right track
  20. S

    Double summation - portfolio variance - factoring out

    Issue: double summation/factoring out sub-subject: finance, portfolio analysis I perfectly understand the way is calculated the variance of a portfolio...until this step (doc attached) Rather than just keeping in mind what I have to write, I would rather like to understand how is factored out...