1. H

    Evaluate face angle of a decahedron with 10 congruent faces each as a right kite

    A decahedron has 10 congruent faces each as a right kite having two pairs of unequal sides a & b (a<b). It has 12 vertices which lie on a spherical surface. I have to calculate the correct value of theta angle (as shown in the diagram). Any help is highly appreciated. thanks...
  2. R

    How to draw a single face of a Steinmetz Solid on a 2D plane?

    I am building some photobioreactors to grow some algae in and I need help with some math for the build (seeing as I can figure out where to buy the stuff I'm looking for). The intersecting area between two identical cylinders that are perpendicular to each other make something called a...
  3. M

    Best supplement for blooming face

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  4. F

    Medicine for blooming face

    Actually calculate whether you're taking but for example a one gram of couple had has four calories and if you take that s such a complex have a high its source so let's say potato and he was however on four ounces about them it's a equal to about grams of to twenty grams of carbohydrates that...
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    Best supplement for blooming face

    It for so just about what people say send and let him heal and his parents had unequally strong gains 9 get me wrong I'm not bringing it all I would take an aspirin is at 2 any sport was a definite no drugs everybody to be called percent of here but have no individual time and is up tithe...
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    Possible to find unbounded face cycles based on planar embeddings? [Graph]

    Given a set of face cycles computed from a planar embedding (consisting of a clockwise ordered adjacency list for each vertex in a connected graph component), is it possible to determine the unbounded face? Visually it's easy to confirm since the unbounded cycle will be traversed on the...
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    Face down paper strategy

    Three pieces of paper each have one random number written on them. They are placed upside down on a table. The objective is to choose the slip with the highest number on it. The rules are: You may turn over any one of the three papers and look at its number. If you think it is the highest...
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    Getting Great North Face Jacket

    During that time North Face Coats it has also morphed into several unique types that have a range of functions. Their are the initial solution by a lot of the world's most knowledgeable outdoorsman snowboarders, snow boarders, climbers. The North Face Youngsters Wind stopper Jackets are...
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    How to prepare to face a class in Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform

    Hello everybody, I'm getting ready to start a Master in Electronics and I know that I'll be using the Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), but I have been away from my books for more than 12 years and I want to be ready for this courser. The question is what do I need to study...
  10. B

    Force on one face of a right triangle

    Got no idea how to solve this problem. All I know is that it's related to differential calculus and most definitely use vectors. Find the force on one face of a right triangle of sides 4 meters and altitude of 3 meters. The altitude is submerged vertically with the 4 meter side in the surface...
  11. J

    3 - face colorable

    Prove that every triangulation other than K4 is 3-face-colorable. Thanks!!
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    Probability Of Drawing: An ace and two face cards of the same suit.

    Probability Of Drawing: An ace and two face cards all of the same suit. Ex: Ace of spades, King of Spades, and Queen of spades. I know there are 4/52 chance of drawing an Ace. But after i get that ace, i then use the suit of whatever ace i drew, so if it was a spade like in the example i...
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    Neoclassical Canon formula for the face?

    I posted an earlier thread about golden ratios being used for face attractivness. My wife and I are trying to calculate our score based on a scale from 1 - 10 (10 being perfect) Based on the work of Kendra Schmid and her use of Neoclassical cannons to help determine attractiveness we are...
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    2 face cards not drawn, with replacement

    Using a standard deck, find the probability that two face cards are not drawn, with replacement. My first thought is that this can be done in 3 ways, no face cards, and one face card as either the first or second card drawn. P(No face cards) = 40/52 * 40/52 P(No face card then a face card)=...
  15. M

    term for face value - discount

    Tom Greene signed a note for $5,000 that was to run 6 months. The bank gave him $4,800. What is the $4,800 called? Is the $4,800 called a discounted loan or maturity value? I'm stuck! Thanks!
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    I face diifclty in this two question one in sequnce and second in binomial

    Hi i wamt check my answer 1- Find the sum of a odd number between 21 and 6 7 2 – Expand ( 2x – 3y)^4 by using binomial formula
  17. L

    Please help dyscalculia sufferer save face!!!

    Hi! This is probably an unusual thread but I was hoping that someone might be able to help me pose a face saving argument for an error I have made at work!! I have fairly severe dyslexia and dyscalculia, in other areas of life I do o.k but with maths I have huge problems! I have made a...
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    I face problem in ( Signifincant digits )

    Hi all I face problem in ( Signifincant digits ) sometimes in question want the answer 2 or 3 or 4 ..etc for example : Evaluate X to 4 significant digits in question If log x = - 1.2543 or Evaluate X to 5 significant ditis in X = In ( 3.4562x 10 ^15 ) How I Find the...
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    Height of Abraham Lincoln's Face

    To measure the height of Lincoln's caricature on Mt. Rushmore, two sightings 800 feet apart from the base of the mountain are taken. If the angle of evelation to the bottom of Lincoln's face is 32 degrees and the angle of elevation to the top of his face is 35 degrees, what is the height of...