1. B

    Thinking Question Help plz

    Hi guys, so i need a plan to execute the steps and follow these criterias but i cant even get a head start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys! Two rational variable expressions are divided and the simplified expression must meet the following conditions: —The simplified...
  2. S

    Rational Expressions and Equations

    Can you check my work, and if I'm wrong, please show me how to do it. Word Problem: PART I When Mario works by himself, it only takes him 24 minutes. When Sarah works by herself, it takes her 40 minutes. How much time would it take if Mark and Sarah work together. My work: t= time...
  3. G

    Simplifying complex expressions.

    Hi, so i have two questions wondering if i am doing these right. So ill attach both questions because my LaTeX is not very good. Question 1) So what i did was sort through the bracket stuff first, expressed everything with positive exponents, Then proceeded to distribute the -1/2 exponent...
  4. Z

    Automata Theory regular expressions

    hello , hopefully i made this post in the right section lol. im trying to brush up on my automata for a test and i ran into something thats confusing me. this question asks Which of the following regular expressions denotes the set of all strings over the alphabet {0,1} that contains at least...
  5. W

    Algebraic Expressions

    This is a two part question and I don't really get it, especially the first question: An animal hospital provides aid to sick and injured sea turtles. the cost of visiting the hospital for x number of visitors is shown in the table Admission Ticket Cost ($) weekday 7.50x + 5 weekend 15x...
  6. C

    Regular Expressions

    Could someone please help me and tell me if this is correct. I need to come up with a regular expression for ... A = {a,b} All strings that contain one or two b's and end with aab I think the answer is (a* b a*) v (a* b a* b a*) aab I am just not positive and I have to be correct
  7. G

    Equivalent expressions

    Hello I have completed these problems but I want to make sure Im doing their right cos6pi/7=cos8pi/7 -sin12pi/11=-sin21pi/11 Thanks;)
  8. S

    Expanding Logarithmic Expressions. Not Understanding This One.

    I was working through a logarithm packet for practice and I got this one: log3(9x3)1/5 ,where 9x3 to the 1/5 is 9x3 root 5 (I think 1/5 is equal to radical 5, correct me if I'm wrong (Itwasntme)). After expanding, I got 1/5(2log3(3)+3log3(x)) However, the...
  9. A

    Simplify Expressions, etc.

    1) Rewrite the given expression in the form of t^B where B is simplified as much as possible: [t^3-n t^7n]/[(t^2)^n] 2) Simplify completely as a fraction in factored form: 15c-3c^2/c^2-c-20 3)What values of x make the expression sqr(x+3)/x-2 undefined? Express your final answer using interval...
  10. math951

    Test 3- Radical and rational expressions,equations,functions.

    Any tips? I know most of the formulas by heart, I have a 93 percent in this class, each test is 15 percent of our grade, I want to keep an A so bad in this class, this is my last test, then the final exam. I'm confident just kind of nervous because of the pressure that I have to get an A on...
  11. math951

    Complex Rational expressions.

    I'm having a bit of trouble to getting to the answer: \frac{x^-1-Y^-1}{x^2-y^2/xy} so for staters i get \frac{x/1-y/1} then times everything by xy and?
  12. E

    Pre-calc 11: Rational Expressions and Equations

    Hi guys, I don't know what I am doing wrong in this question, but the answer in my book is not anywhere near what I keep getting! There are two expressions that i'm having trouble with, a step by step walkthrough would be much appreciated! i. Solve: ((6q)/(q-1)) - ((1)/(q+1)) = (2/3) +...
  13. C

    Solving quadratic equations with rational expressions

    2/x+1= x
  14. B

    Questions about simplifying rational expressions

    Hey everyone. Turns out I sometimes get a little paranoid while I'm simplifying rational expressions. Sometimes it almost seems like there are multiple right answers to certain questions. What are some fairly fool proof ways to check in something is simplified. I think I have most of it down...
  15. R

    How do I simplify these rational expressions?

    I haven't been able to solve these because I can't figure out the steps. 1. 2. 3.
  16. G

    differentiate the following expressions

    Can someone please help me. I am so stuck on these questions. I have had a go at the first one and got an answer of 1/2sqrt(cosx) unsure if thats right though. I have attached the expressions as a file on this thread. hopefully someone understands it Thanks in advance
  17. K

    NonZero Maclarin Expressions of y*e^y=x

    Please can you help me to find the first three non zero terms of: y*e^y=x I have the answer from the book as y=x-x^2 + (3x^3)/2 +... but I have no idea how to get to this. Thanks Kas
  18. D

    Simplifying radical expressions with my Ti-89

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way I can change the way my answer is being given on my TI-89 while simplifying radical expressions with variables all representing positive numbers. For example ³√320x^10 is being answered as 4*5^1/3 * x^10/3 and I would like for it to be shown as...
  19. M

    expressions help

    The displacement x metres of an object from a fixed point about which it is oscillating is given by the function x(t) = 4.2sin(3t) + 5.4cos(3t) where the time t is measured in seconds. A function of the form f(t) = asin(ωt) + bcos(ωt) may be condensed into the format f(t) = Rsin( ωt+α)...
  20. R

    Simplifying trigonometry expressions

    Thank you