1. A

    Solving square roots with exponents

    Is this right?
  2. A

    Square roots and exponents

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  3. J

    exponents with a decimal pount

    When I try to input something like 32^(1.4) into LaTeX it comes out like 32^1.4 How do I get it to post in the correct format? thanks!
  4. M

    Simplifying with Positive Exponents

    Simplifying with Positive Exponents [SOLVED] Simplify with Positive Exponents: (2x-2b4)-2 I know the correct answer is \frac{x^4}{4b^8} but for some reason I keep getting a totally different answer. Which is: \frac{2x}{b^4} I am following the rules of the exponents but maybe I am making a...
  5. F

    Rational Exponents

    1) Simplify: I know I can split it up like below, but I'm finding it hard to remember where to go next. It's obvious that both 9 and 15 are factors of 45, but, in terms of exponents, I can't remember the order of operations from here. 2) Simplify: ​ I know that a^(1/n) = nth root of a, but I...
  6. P

    Complex Fractions & Negative Exponents

    So I've set a goal for myself to relearn all the math I once knew, one textbook at a time. Realizing I could do at age 10 what I can't do now is humbling. Anyway. I've got this problem and can't figure out how to get the correct answer: c-2 - 1 ------- c-1 + 1 I've tried to work it as...
  7. D

    aid with rewriting absolute values and converting log form to exponents

    my first problem is to rewrite |x-2|+|3-x| given that 0<x<2 What I've done so far is that given the values possible for x, the x-2 portion is negative making it: (-x+2) with the same reasoning the 3-x portion is always positive keeping it as is so I come up with: (-x+2)+(3-x) and once I...
  8. C

    Simplify fraction exponents

    Hey everyone, I am typically very good at math; however, I have always struggled with fractions. I am currently reviewing pre-calculus so that I can test out of pre-calc for my accounting degree. I have a problem on my review work that I have been attempting to solve and just cannot get it.... I...
  9. E

    Algebraic Exponents

    If 3x + 3-x = 10/3 , the sum of the possible solutions is:
  10. C

    Exponents Interesting Dilemma -

    Hi Everyone, Kind of new around here, but maybe someone can take a look at this and offer some advice. I'm struggling with some exponents, anyone care to help? -(-c4)-4) = 1/c16 however Maple 17 returns a different result -(-c4)-4) = -1/c16 I have attached a PDF of a Maple page if anyone is...
  11. SilentEchoes

    Laws of Exponents

    I have a question from a book I am reading but I am guessing I do not understand it since it makes no sense to me. I understand exponents just fine but I am guessing this is more of a proof question, which I am not so good at. Prove the given Laws of Exponents for the case in which m and n are...
  12. G

    Exponents and Logarithms-- 3 questions.

    Hi there i dont know if i should make separate threads maybe some one could let me know if so but here are three question i wanted to check if i was right or wrong without further adieu 1) Graph the following function: f(x)=-\log(x+2)-1 when i usually see a log function graph question i...
  13. W

    how to raise something to multiple exponents

    I'm trying to figure out how to write e^lnx^2 but the whole lnx^2 is the exponent Thanks in advance.
  14. G

    Graphing Exponents and logs.

    Hi, I had two question assigned to me, both of which stumped me if some one would help it would be great. Sketch a graph of the following and then fill in the table below: f(x)=3x g(x)=(3^2x)-3 h(x)=g-1(x) Now i cant sketch them but for f and g i sketch them by imputing values for x and graph...
  15. L

    Calculus and Exponents

    A question says to find the derivative of e^3/(sin(x)+1) The answer I got was -e^3cosx/(sinx+1)^2 My friend got (e^3sinx+e^3 - e^3cosx)/(sinx+1)^2 The online calculators all agree with me, but he used the quotient rule (so did I), but I pulled e^3 out of it and used 1/sinx+1 to perform the...
  16. L

    Quick Question about Logarithms and Exponents

    I have an assignment question looks like this 2e^-^2^x) = 5 I figured, first time around, that I could just apply natural logarithm to both, and get -4x = ln(5) and then x = ln(5)/-4 This does not result in the correct answer. Why? I can get the correct answer (by dividing both sides by...
  17. B

    How to add Exponents

    Hi all my question is: How to add Exponents with Different Base and Same Exponent An Ex: X2 + Y2 Thanks in advance
  18. B

    help understanding working with exponents

    I'm working from a book at the moment and in it there is a problem where you have to multiply two fractions. I don't need to show you the whole sum but there is a part of it that has (a^4-b^4) and in order to diagonal cancel the fraction down you needed to know that you can change that to...
  19. G

    Exponents and Logarithms-- Exponent question

    Hi guys i just started this new unit, have a few question not having learned about logarithms, What would the formula look like? 1) It is estimated that 30% of a certain substance decays in 20 hours. what is the half life of the substance. -- This is what i do to solve Y= AB^x-...
  20. S

    Exponential and Log Functions

    Find the largest ad smallest values of the given function over the prescribed closed, bounded interval. f(x)= (3x-1)e-x for 0 < or = to x < or = to 2 I don't understand this at all.