1. K


    I am having an issue with solving these. The first one I solved by multiplying the 2 that is outside the parentheses to the 3 inside of the parentheses to get 6. Then, I multiplied that 6 by the exponent of 2 next to the X inside of the parentheses and end up with (18x^2)^3. Lastly, I took the 3...
  2. A

    question about exponents and the square of a difference

    Hello everyone, I have a question about multiplying exponents. I think I'm missing something obvious but I'm not quite sure why. The question is: when you have the square of a difference, why do you need to use FOIL and not simple exponential multiplication? in other words: (ab)2 = a2b2...
  3. A

    Is this correct? (exponents and radicals)

    WolframAlpha for Android says it is wrong (well, it lists a different solution at least) Ebook version only has odd answers If it's wrong do you know where I'm going wrong?
  4. A

    Exponents and radicals

    Hello guys I've done this stuff before but it's been a while and I'm going to be reevaluated on it soon Anyone want to help me please I have to simplify Thank you
  5. C

    Laws of Exponents- outer powers

    2(3mn4)3 ​=
  6. B

    Manipulating exponents

    I'm trying to confirm a bit of a proof but I keep getting something different and can't figure out why. I've got $\sqrt[n]{c}-\sqrt[n+1]{c}$ which should mean $c^{\frac{1}{n}}-c^{\frac{1}{n+1}}$ The next step reads; $\sqrt[n+1]{c}(\sqrt[n(n+1)]{c}-1)$. But I'm getting...
  7. T

    Exponents and Distributing Help!

    Having difficulty with the expression: (x-1)^2 * x^(1/2) Do I need to expand the first part with foil, if so, how would I still distribute across? (x^2 - 2x + 1) * (x^(1/2))
  8. W

    Can someone explain this simplification process to me in greater detail?

    Hi forum. This will be my first post. Glad to be here. This is from a calculus problem. This is the first derivative of the function. The algebra part is killing me though. Can someone explain how this is simplified from left to right? How do they achieve the end result? I suspect they are...
  9. D

    inequalities and exponents

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the interval for this inequality: 2^x<x^2 Obviously the x-squared portion is easy. So I've got 2^x=x^2 Can you go xlog2 = 2logx?
  10. R


    (10(4x2 -3x + 1))2 = 10 to the four (x squared) - 3x +1 raised to the 2nd power. So if using the power to a power rule (am)n = amn and you square the trinomial exponent would you get the following: 10(4x2-3x+1)(4x2-3x+1) = 1016x4-24x3+17x2-6x+1 = exponent of 4 on the x on 1st term, exponent of...
  11. K

    Help with + and - exponents

    Hello, me again. I have another question. I am trying to solve this equation. The answer is 1 2/9. I have no idea how they're getting a fraction out of this. Please explain if possible! Thanks a lot
  12. U

    Voltage output sinusoidal function problem

    The voltage output (in volts) of an electrical circuit at time t seconds is given by the following function. V(t) = 22 sin(5πt − 3π) + 1 (e) During the first second, determine when the voltage output of the circuit is 3 volts. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Round your answers...
  13. A

    Simplifying a square root of a fraction with exponents???

    "Simplify, Write your final answer with positive exponents only." √x^8(x^4)^-2 ---------------- (x^-5)^2 Got a test tomorrow, please help :)
  14. W

    Simplifying with exponents

    I have a question that I am supposed to submit, so I am not looking for an answer, as I do not want to cheat. I am just trying to figure out how to do it properly, as I was only taught how to do less complex questions. It asks to simplify and express all answers with positive exponents if...
  15. J

    Laws of Exponents dealing with fractions

    I have a problem to solve but I am stuck trying to find out how to determine the correct answer. If it was the same variable I would be able to do it but since it's two variables (m and n) I'm not sure how to proceed. I am supposed to re-write it as a single exponent. Please forgive me if the...
  16. M

    Getting rid of exponents

    I have an equation 2x - 4 + (24/x^2) and I am struggling to isolate x because I end up with two separate x. Would anyone be willing to help clear up the confusion. Its pretty obvious my math skills are not the greatest and I cannot seem to get this right.
  17. L

    Exponents and powers question

    The question is find the value of (2^2001 + 2^1999) / (2^2000 - 2^1998 ) Can anyone tell me how to START solving this problem Thanks in advance
  18. J

    Variables, Exponents and Fractions

    It has been quite a while since I've worked at all with exponents, and I'm hoping someone can explain the steps to me. I'm not sure how to isolate the variable. The problem is: 20,000 + (x^2)/50 = x/25
  19. A

    Comparing exponents

    an + bn/ an-1 + bn-1 = (a+b)/2 can we write n=1 by comparing exponents? is there any other solution of it?
  20. Jason76

    Algebra Problem with Exponents

    \dfrac{3}{4} t^{-1/4} = \dfrac{1}{4} t^{-1/3} hint? How to solve for t?