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    Simplify the expression into positive exponents

    [ (2m^2p^3)^2 * (4m^2p)^-2 ] / [ (-3mp^4)^-1 * (2m^3p^4)^3 ] i worked it out on my own and got the answer 3/32m^8p^4 can someone please work it out and confirm if u used the right process? many thanks.
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    How to graph exponents?

    Algebra II. How would you graph y = x^2 - 8 ? I know it would make a U shape, but how do you know where it hits the x-axis?
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    propertis of exponents problem

    i'm having a hard time solving this problem ( square root of y ) + ( cube root of y ) = 36 textbook says that the correct answer is 729 but i keep getting approximately 72. could someone help me solve this problem ? thank you very much !!!
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    simplify radicals with exponents

    I had a real hard time with this problem and ended up getting it wrong, can someone point me in the right direction on how to solve it? (√y^5)/(3^√y^7) (note, by 3^√ I mean y^7 cubed) The answer should have been: 6^√y Attached an image to help make my question more clear. Thanks...
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    Subtracting exponents with the same base

    Hey everyone, A small queston 2^(k+1) - 2^k How did they get 2^k (2-1)?? thank you :)
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    Problem With Variable Exponents

    Hey guys, I've been working on some math and have hit a cement wall containing bits of broken glass. Allow me to give you the gist of it. Here is the problem: (x-2)(x-3)(x-4)2^X=0. Now I have found the following answers {2, 3, 4, and undefined}. What I was wondering is because one of the values...
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    Equations with variables and exponents

    In the equation: (2n^3)^4 (n^-2)^-1 I work it and get 16n^12-n^2. I am not sure what to do with the "-n^2". Help woulld be greatly appreciated.
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    Please help with difference of logarithms

    Please help me with this problem. I've tried at least 6 different methods to solve it and they've ALL been wrong. I'm wasting too much time on this problem. Here it is: log5(x+1) - log4(x-2) = 1 Where log5 and log4 are log base 5 and log base 4, respectively. I have tried converting to...
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    Exponents and Logarithms

    1.Solve, 3^2x = 5^(1-x) 2. Solve 4^2x - 8(2^2x) - 9 =0
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    1. Given that 2^a = 3^b = 18^c, Show that ab=c(b+2a). 2. Given that p^1/2 - p^(-1/2) = 2, Show that p + p^(-1) = 6
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    Negative Exponents

    Consider the following: 7/x^-^5^/^6 To express the above with a positive index i.e. to make the the exponent -5/6 positive, we need to do the reciprocal which will be 1/7/x^-^5^/^6 which comes to x^5^/^6/7 But the correct answer is 7x^5^/^6 Why? Thanks, Ron
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    how to solve equations with variables as exponents?

    What steps would I have to do to solve an equation such as 2 x 3 = 7 x 5^x and 4.6 x 1.06^(2x + 3) = 5 x 3^x if you could answer in the simplest way you can it would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Solving equation using equality rule for exponents

    {5^(2x-2x^2)}={24*5^-2}+{5^(-2x2)} Solve for X
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    Hi guys. I have some problems with the following questions: a) Rewite X 1/5 without an exponent b) Rewite with a negitive exponent 2/ x*5 c)Rewite with a fractional exponent square root m*3 Any suggestions? Im stuck!
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    Math test questions help:BASIC ALGEBRA AND EXPONENTS

    could someone give me the answers for these questions please (and the work if ur extra generous) these are the only questions that are troubling me ... kay. (when i put * and a number . ex: 4*3 it means 4 to the exponent 3) 4x*2(xy*3)*2 + 3y*2 (x*2y*2)*2 that looks confusing but...
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    How to factor with multiple exponents?

    I'm kind of struggling with factoring when encountering multiple exponents. Can someone please explain the steps to factor the following? 4x^4+12x^3-40x^2
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    find r .... exponents

    I can't figure out the right approach... put in a screen shot because I'm not sure about notation on the forum Thanks!
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    simplifying problem with exponents

    im rly sorry i dont know where the square root button is root= square root root(1+(x/(root(1-(x^2))))^2)
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    Factoring problem with negative and rational exponents

    I just can't seem to get this one, it's in the first assignment of my semester... Factor: x^-1/2(3x+4)^1/2+3x^1/2(3x+4)^-1/2 thanks for any hel;p, i just want to know how to do it not even the answer necessarily