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    simpe thought experiment that tricks people

    simpe thought experiment that tricks people[RESOLVED] This thought experiment was presented to me the other day. Jar A has 100 red marbles and jar B has 100 blue marbles. If you take a handful of marbles out of jar A and put them in jar B and take a handful of marbles out of jar B and put...
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    Probability of biochemical experiment, distribution

    In a biochemical experiment, n organisms are placed in a nutrient medium, and the number of organisms X which survive for a given period is recorded. The probability distribution of X is assumed to be given by P(X=k)=\frac{2(k+1)}{(n+1)(n+2)}\ for\ 0 \leq k \leq n, and 0 otherwise 1)...
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    Probability of genetic experiment on cell division

    A genetic experiment on cell division can give rise to at most 2n cells. The probability distribution of the number of cells X recorded is: P(X=k)=\frac{\theta^k(1-\theta)}{1-\theta^{2n+1}} for\ 0 \leq k \leq 2n where \theta is a constant with 0<\theta<1 What are the probabilities...
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    Which statistics test should I use?

    For the final project in my statistics class, we need to conduct and evaluate our own survey or case study. The hypothesis I'm testing is whether or not a senior in high school who has made his or her college decision will get more sleep at night. I have my data collection, I just do not know...
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    Coin tossing and Cards Experiment Which I Find Hard To Solve

    Hello, This may seem little ridiculous (Lipssealed) but I have problem with solving these two problems. Will be really good if someone can help me to solve this. As I am sure I will get a same model questions in my exams next week. any help will be great. Question 1: Ten unbiased...
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    Help with experiment...

    Right now I'm doing a lab report on the motion of a cart moving down an incline. So far, I've got my purpose, materials, and procedure written down. I'm currently doing the response questions. There are 10 of them, and I've got 6 so far. Two of them I'll be fine with, but one of them in...
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    Not so simple coin experiment

    Can someone help me with some reference or any kind of a hint for the problem, which goes like this: You flip each of n coins repeatedly until it shows heads. Let X be the number of coins that require at least five flips. Find P(X = 0) and E[X]. I have tried to approach it by employing the...
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    Factors and Experiment Type

    1. A study attempts to examine whether watching a lot of television or playing a lot of video games will have a detrimental effect on a child's academic success at school and/or their success at sports. The experiment is conducted on the basis that the age of the child will be important in...
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    Exponential function with espected behavior - removal experiment in ecology

    I'm working with bird fatalities in windfarms and one of the required parameters to estimate mortality is the probability of an animal remain in the field at a given time, in order to be available for detection while a field work session. (which will be another probability to be accounted for)...
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    referrence of physics laws in my experiment

    I've got a SAC which is my own experiment. The experiment is measure the Sag in a supported beam (A.K.A putting weights on top of a flexible ruler supported at both ends and measuring how much the ruler bent) Since i have to make referrence to law's and elaborate how these laws are imposed on...
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    A Probability experiment

    In a proobabolity experiment, three containers have the following contents. A jar contains 2 white dice and 3 black dice. A white box contains 5 red ballls and 3 green balls A black box contains 4 red balls and 3 green balls One die is taken at random form the jar. If the die is white...
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    Binomial Experiment Question

    A binomial experiment consists of n=9 trials. Let B = total number of successes observed. Consider the situation where we wish to test H_0 : p \ge 0.4 vs H_1 : p < 0.4 If the test statistic is B and the rejection region is R = {b: b \le 1} Then calculate the significance level...
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    probability on experiment

    An experiment succeeds twice as often as it fails . What is the probability that in the next 5 trials there will be 4 successes?
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    Amebas Experiment

    The scientists in a laboratory company raise amebas to sell to schoolsfor use in biology classes. They know that one ameba divides into twoamebas every hour and that the formula t = log_2 N can be used to determine how long in hours, t, it takes to produce a certain number of amebas, N...
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    A tennis racquet manufacturer designed a new racquet. They claim the new one will allow user to return more serves than any racquet currently sold. A group of male volunteers who currently play tennis and own their own racquets agree to participate in the study. a) Design an experiment that...
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    Some questions about data analyses in my experiment

    First of all, i’m sorry about my bad English and poor understanding of statistics. I’ve just started to learn about both of them. I’m a novice experimental Psychologist, and I have some problems with the data analyses in one of my experiements. I thik you’ll be able to help me. My...
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    space of an experiment

    The sample space of an experiment is {A,B,C,D} and P(A)-0.1, P(B)=0.3. P(C)=0.4, P({A,C})= what? My answer is 0.1x0.4=0.4 is this right, I'm not sure if I set the problem up right. thanks for any help given.
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    Please Need Urgent Help With View Tube Experiment!

    Ok, if my y axis is going up by 20's and my x is goin across by 100 and my line equation is 1199.87=73.84/700x+7 then what is my x? thank you so much!!