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    New thought experiment with infinity - circles with infinite points inside them

    (sorry, I don't know in which section I should post this question) I now think I have some idea why Cantor (or whoever it is) said things like "there are more real numbers R than whole numbers N." So I think I've understood the concept of comparing infinite sets. And why this is...
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    Help: Correlating a multi-choice experiment to element content in leaves

    Dear Sir, Madam, first of all thank you very much for the help provided! Here is my question: I released 5 insects inside an arena that contained 4 leaves, equally distant from the centre and each other. Every leaf had been taken from a plant that underwent a different nutritional treatment...
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    Archimedes experiment \ show \ demonstration of double circular cone.

    Can you tell me the relative angles that are needed for a double circular cone to climb up a slope? Far more interested I am at getting the equations and the whole procedure of finding these angles. A demonstration of which you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD4P1zN43zw Thank...
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    Help needed regarding the following ball experiment

    To tell the trouth I don't know where place this problem since I haven't seen anything similar before. Therefore sorry for the unprecise title. Situation is the following: Let say I have a pool of balls (I have no idea how many balls are in the pool) each labeled by a number from 1...
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    Coin Toss Experiment (Exponential Functions)

    Just wondering if I could get a bit of help with the questions following this experiment: a) Do the following experiment: - Create a chart with two columns of values, starting with 0 in the left hand column. - Find a number of coins (at least 20). Place this number in the right-hand column. -...
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    Physics experiment results

    Hi MHF. I swung a bucket filled with water in circles and calculated the minimum centripetal force that the bucket had to have in order for the water not to spill. I found out that I had to swing the bucket with a maximum of 1.8 seconds but the water started spilling when I was swinging at 1.4...
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    What Tests Can Be Used For This Experiment?

    Students take a two part Mathematics Placement Test: Arithmetic and Algebra. There will be about 40 questions on each exam. After the exams they will be given the opportunity to practice with tutorial software and retake the exam to improve their scores. We want to test for significant...
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    Experiment Problem... please help.

    Another Experiment is performed using coins. This time, the experimenter starts with 4 coins. Each time she tosses the coins into the air, she counts the number of heads that appear; then adds that number of coins to the amount she previously had. The following table shows her results. Toss...
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    The Magician's Coin Tossing Experiment

    A magician flips a coin and claims to be able to make it always fall heads. He flips a coin and it falls heads. Do you believe in the magician's magical powers? Spoiler/Answer here Probability Puzzles: The Magician's Coin Tossing Experiment
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    Selection of statistical methods for experiment? Please help.

    Hello everyone. I need help with the selection of statistical methods for one experiment. I'm a total newbie to the statistics (Headbang) So, I need to compare the trend of temperature at two different types of open fireplaces. Wood will be stacked in parallel (fireplace1), and...
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    Physics Experiment

    During a physics experiment, a fan is used to apply a push to a cart on a hortizontal track. A student would like the net force on the cart to be 12 N to the left. The student knows that the friction force on the cart by the track will be 3 N to the left. The fan should exert a force of A. 15 N...
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    2 Cubed Experiment

    Could some one give me an example of a 2 cubed experiment? I am having trouble thinking about one. I need an experiment to record 2 different things while changing different combinations of 3 other factors with 2 levels each. Thank you very much.
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    Compound experiment with NNIV

    Let X be a non-negative integer valued random variable. Observe X items and mark each of the X items independently with probability s where 0<s<1. What is the probability that all X items are marked? Solution so far: On the surface it looks like Pr[all \ items \ marked ] = s^X , but I...
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    Setting up an estimation for experiment

    Evening everybody...I'm in the midst of studying for an upcoming final, and I'm running into some problems that weren't discussed in class in any great detail (we basically went through 2 chapters of material in less than 3 meetings and crammed everything in) due to the semester time...
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    Die experiment

    Can someone please help me out for this question. Consider an experiment where we roll a single die and observe the # of dots. Thus,m our sample space is S = 1,2,3,4,5,6 . Suppose that the die is not fair and that P (i) = k/i for i = 1,2,3,4,5,6. What is the value of k? I don't understand what...
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    Significance test for a counting experiment.

    I made two counting experiments, in both counting the number of events for one hour. Experiment 1: 300 counts (per hour) Experiment 2: 330 counts (per hour) How do I determine whether the two counts differ significantly from each other ?
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    Trying to design an optimal genetic experiment

    I have a dish full of cells. I have ten genes. Three of these genes in combination will make the cells turn green if they get inside the cell (I need all three at once, but since there are many copies of the ten genes, each cell may contain more than one copy of each gene). So in this...
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    Stats experiment between a relation

    The relationship between high blood pressure and cigarettes - data is as follows: Non-smokers moderate heavy total High blood pressure 21 36 30 87 normal blood press. 48 26 19 93...
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    Probability - two stage experiment

    A certain financial market experiences growth (G) 20% of the time, stagnation (S) 70% of the time, and recession (R) 10% of the time. A consulting firm is hired to forcast this market. In order to assess the reliability of this firm's forcasts, we investigate past performance of this consulting...
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    Do these situations qualify as a binomial experiment and why?

    Binomial experiment consist of n independent trial, each trial has two possible outcomes success and failure, p and q p and q is same for all trials. 1) A telephone researcher involved in a television viewing survey calls different homes (random), one each 15 minutes between five and ten...