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    Can Someone please help me with this differential equation

    Accounting for viscous drag and fuel-burning, the one-dimensional equation of motion for a rocket-propelled vehicle travelling along a horizontal surface is m dv/dt=-1/2 ρAC_D v^2-k dm/dt where is the density of air, is the effective frontal area of the...
  2. R

    find probability using Excel

    Hello, Could someone kindly review solutions and let me know if it's correct? The problems have to be done using Excel functions. Here are the final solutions. Here is the formula used for A. Here is the formula used for B. Thank you,
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    I'm doing creative things with Excel & I need a unique formula.

    Okay, first of all, this might sound like a strange thing to do with spreadsheets. I am using a spreadsheet to "balance" basic life activities. I know I should "get a life" and that's besides the point. The idea is simple: we all want to live a more balanced life, right? Too much time working...
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    Regression Model Results in Excel

    Hi Guys! Here is the regerssion model results I got from Excel. What are those numbers next to Occupation and Dance type Representative of? What would the formula be to predict the score of a 38 year old Actor dancing the cha cha ? Coefficients: Occupation Dance Type Intercept 21.12659...
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    Regression Model in Excel

    Hi Guys! I am trying to create a prediction model in excel for Dancing with the Stars. What I am trying to do is predict a future contestants score based on historical outcomes using the contestants age, occupation, dance type and past scores. Can anyone please help me create a prediction model...
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    Need help with an Equation for Excel (illustration provided)

    Hello I need an equation that will give me the true depth according to angle that works with excel. Even with one interval i can control+D the rest Every time I tried i got a negative number... Thanks
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    MS Excel Formula

    Hi.. May I know the mathematical formula for PPMT (payment on the principal)? Syntax: =PPMT( rate, per, nper, pv, [fv], [type] ) thanks
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    Weightlifting Horizontal Asymptotes in Excel Issue

    As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that I'm not sure if this belongs in the stat or the pre-Calculus sub-thread... For an essay I picked my topic to be on Olympic weightlifting, (I figured since it was based all around numbers it would be relatively easy to talk about) and right now I'm having a...
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    Binomial distribution in MS Excel

    Hi all... Urgently need help in compute binomial distribution in Microsoft Exel.. When we type =BINOMDIST in the cell, we need to type another 4 things which is Number_S, Trials, Probability_S, and Returns the cumulative distribution function. I don't know what is the "returns the cumulative...
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    Resultant Direction in Excel!

    Direction 333 332 305 16 328 337 12 4 321 15 341 352 322 346 324 19 320 11 289 27 294 31 310 356 330 8 This is my data for wind direction. From this point how do you calculate the resultant direction? My end result in degrees in about 90...
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    how put a formula bus arrival prediction on excel file?

    Hello dears I need help with the following: I want to have a schedule for the time arrvial of the public transport buses in my city I would use a formula prediction buses and put in Microsoft Excel, but I have no knowledge to something so complex, so I'm asking for help Since the...
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    Polar Co-ordinates using Excel

    So basically here is the Problem its done in excel and I am having difficulty working it all out if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated :) ive done a&b i have started this problem i) and ii) but think i may have done something wrong I am not sure I can't for the life of me work out...
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    excel at the mouth and as he let out

    excel at the mouth and as he let out that plan to spread hi players are Donaldson’s down into your that Goji Vita I like you had caught on one side splotch and Wales the you can get some nice me think that %uh for the shoulder and neck have to use energy got to head to the other side rocker...
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    I need help designing a house in excel using co-ordinates.

    Using Excel, produce your own design of the 2D image of a building (front or side elevation) which has one of its vertices at the point with coordinates (6,3). Rotate your image about the point (6,3) in an anticlockwise direction through an angle of 55o.Then reflect the rotated image in the...
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    how to Plot graph in excel

    Can any one show me the formula i would type in to excel to plot Y=5cos(2x+3.14/a2)=1.3 for 0 ≤ x ≤pi radiands using intervals of pi / 12
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    Plotting Trig graphs in excel

    Can any help me with this How do i plot y = cos 3x using intervals of 30deg in Excel how do i plot y= 3sin (2x+10deg) in Excel using intervals of 30 i'(Thinking)m stuck on how to write the formula
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    Multiple linear regression in Excel with categorical dependant variable

    Does anyone know if it's possible to perform a multiple linear regression in Excel when the dependant variable is categorical rather than numerical? I have to try and find a formula to determine if a population of people belong in group A or B. I have quite a lot of sample data, about 390,000...
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    Solving Linear Problems with Excel

    I am working on this Problem below and I am having trouble coming up with one of the constraints. 1) At a certain refinery, the refining process requires the production of at least two gallons of gasoline for each gallon of fuel oil. To meet the anticipated demands of winter, at least...
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    Quick excel help

    If $336 has been inflated by 27.5% what is the formula to get to the original price in excel?
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    Simulated Annealing Algorithm in Excel

    I am trying to create the Simulated Annealing algorithm in excel to maximise: f(x) = x3-39x2 +144x-100 Subject to the condition 0≤x≤31 (iteration number n=50 and the temperature setting is T0=10, Tn=0.99*Tn-1). Using a normally distributed neighbourhood N(0, 12) with initial value from N(15...