1. R

    help practiciing probabilty for exams

    hi.. i m having exams next week and i am practicing some questions and i couldnt do some of them.i d like to post one and hope if someone helps. thankyou. f(x) = 3x^-4 x>= 1 a) Show that f(x) is the probability density function of some random variable x. b) Find the cumulative...
  2. A

    Actuarial Exams

    I have passed Financial Math and Probability Exams. I am trying to decide which test to take next. Deciding between MLC and MFE...any thoughts/recommendations?
  3. nycmath

    State Exams for Math Teachers

    I firmly believe that passing a standardized exam(s) does not make a math teacher. In your opinion, why do you think that people applying for a math teacher job or any other teaching position should be state certified? Why should there be an exam prerequisite? In most states there are...
  4. N

    stokes proof-help ! for exams coming soon

    Hi, Can some one guide me towards the right answer?thanks. S be a smooth, orientable surface, with unit normal n and boundary C. Let C be oriented, with respect to n, as in the statement of Stokes’ Theorem. Let f and g be continuous functions defined on S, with continuous first and second order...
  5. N

    hemisphere flux for exams

    Hi, I require help with this q.thanks. find the flux of F= (xz²+y )i+( x²y-z)j +(xy²+y²z)k outwards across the entire surface of the hemispherial region bounded by z=(1-x²-y²)^½ and z=0
  6. N

    linear difference eqn-scary exams

    Dear Mathematicians, I have a question for you.thanks. Lets say that you had to use a linear difference equation to solve some population problem. How do you determine how many orders it is ?ie.first order,second order,3rd order etc. eg.so how would I determine (if I am finding for n+1 or...
  7. N

    subspace of F -exams!

    Hi I need help with this . The lecturers at uni always say that I must test if zero is in the vector space .if its not ,then apparently its not a vector space. But sometimes its not always possible.-when is it not possible? THanks. This is the actual question. Let X={f which is a element of F...
  8. N

    exams very soon -help-Diagonalization

    Hi people, Can someone tell me when a matrix actually becomes diagonizable?? and when eigenvalue is considered distinct and not distinct? Thanks.
  9. N

    exams soon....Prove that {u+v,u-v} is a basis for S

    Dear Smart people, Please help me answer this question. Let u and v be linearly independent vectors in a vector space V. Let S=Span{u,v} Prove that {u+v,u-v} is a basis for S thanks!
  10. T

    national exams Mathematics C problem

    Hi, I've got this assignment: "Decide the smallest value to the function f(x)= x^4/4 + x^3. I know how to differentiate but I got a bit unsecure when the divided by four got there.
  11. J

    Questions in the "show that" form for exams.

    Hi I have a question about the way a problem is worded and the solution you're expected to give based on that. I answered a question that said to show that for all values of \theta: (1+sin\theta)^2 + cos^2\theta = 2(1+sin\theta) I went ahead and solved it in the following manner. 1 +...
  12. A

    Study Guide for Actuarial Exams?

    Hello, I have a degree in Finance, however I want to attempt at the first actuarial exam. What resources are there for self study to write this exam? Is there a recognized study guide (i know there are free resources on the web, but I'd like to know if there is a study pack or something of the...
  13. M

    Probability of same answer choice 4-in-a-row on exams

    I would greatly appreciate everyone's help with the following (related) probability questions. I believe they involve something called binomial probability but it's been several years since I've taken any math course and don't believe I ever took any math that dealt with these kinds of...
  14. L

    Some questions from old exams??

    1) a) \lim_{(x,y)\rightarrow(0,0)}\frac{sin(xy)}{x} b) \lim_{(x,y)\rightarrow(0,0)}\frac{xy^2}{x^4y^4} 2) Without using distance formula, find the distance from the point (0,1,1) to the plane 4y+3z=-12 3) A closed box to be found to have length 2ft, witdh 4ft and hight 3ft, where the...
  15. L

    Does anyone know of any free web resources to study for the AP Calc AB/BC exams?

    Anyone? I will most likely only take AB this year and BC next year, but resources for either/both will be appreciated.
  16. R

    Does anyone have any sample exams on Series?

    Hey, I'm a student currently studying Series up to Taylor and McClaurin Series. I was just wondering if anyone has a ton of sample problems for a calc II exam. I just want to practice more than just the book. I have an exam next monday. So ....
  17. R

    Exams revision, help needed

    A commision of 5 person is to be chosen from 6 men and 4 women. In how many ways can this be done, 1 if there must be 3 men and 2 women 2 more men than women 3 there must be 3 men and 2 women and one particular woman refuses to be on the comittee with one particular man ? I did this 6 x 5...
  18. O

    need help ASAP. my exams 2morow

    (a) solve simultaneous equations 27^y=9^3x+2 and 2log3 x=2log3 y+2
  19. O

    need help ASAP. my exams 2morow

    the equation pX squared plus 6X plus q has equal roots and that the roots are equal to -3.find value of p and q?
  20. P

    Please solve my exams are near

    Please answer it! Please send me a soloution of this questone!I mean here! state:for wat value of m is X-5 a factor of polynomial 6x^3-5x^2-16x+m please do it 4 me!!! thanks Please fully describe!