1. B

    Matlab Plotting Euler Iteration Against Exact Solution how to Set Initial Condition

    Hi I have the following code to plot an approximation using Euler's iteration against the exact value of the function. I have used x and y for time and population when coding the Euler iterations and t and m for time and population when plotting the exact function. I can't work out how to...
  2. M

    Enter the exact answer as a single fraction. Rationalize the denominator, if required

    cos(cos-13/4+tan-13) Enter the exact answer as a single fraction. Rationalize the denominator, if required
  3. A

    Euler's Method. Finding exact solution

    How can I isolate y on the left side?
  4. I

    Exact error of approximation.

    Q: Express the exact error involved in the indicated approximations: 8/3= 2.67 I can obviously solve this easily with a calculator, but I am unsure of how to solve it by hand. Any help is appreciated. :)
  5. W

    Tough Inexact equation

    I've been working on this inexact equation for a while and can't seem to finish it up properly. I get down to the last step where you have to solve for the "constant of integration" (which is a function of y), but when I isolate C'(y) I get x terms. The problem is $ x^2 + 2xy + y^2 + (y^2 + 2xy...
  6. S

    Exact Differential Form Question

    If an equation is an exact equation in the form M(x,y)dx + N(x,y)dy = 0, and M(x,y)dx = N(x,y)dy, how does that satisfy it equaling zero (e.g. dM/dy = 4xy and dN/dx = 4xy , 4xy + 4xy ≠ 0)? Am I missing some fundamental understanding here?
  7. Jason76

    Seperate the Variables or Exact Equation Method?

    (y^{2} - 2x) dx + (2xy + 1)dy = 0 Is exact method the only way to solve, or can we use seperation of variables?
  8. C

    Exact ODE question

    Hi, Guys Could you help me on a question. I can't seem to get past the first part. Thanks in advance.
  9. P

    How compute the Exact of iteration numbers of the PCG solver

    Hi, The PCG algorithm is a fast solver for linear Toeplitz systems Tx=b. The solution x is reached after Niter (Number of iterations) How can I compute exactlt the needed iterations number ? Thanks
  10. J

    Using exact differentials and thermodynamics

    Given that H=U+pV, and U satisfies dU=TdS-pdV, show that (dV/dS)|p=(dT/dp)|s How do I begin this question?
  11. T

    Finding an exact angle

    During a rather long exercise, I need to calculate an angle based on his tan: \tan \alpha =3-2\sqrt{2}=\frac{\sqrt{2}-1}{\sqrt{2}+1}\quad\left(=\frac{\sin\alpha}{\cos \alpha}\right) I used the calculator atan for that, but I have to keep on going with that angle and normally they want us to...
  12. S

    Find the exact values of sin, cos, tan

    sin(20) cos (20) tan(20) given cos=-8/17 with tan >0 please explain how you got the answer, thank you!
  13. A

    find exact value without using a calculator

  14. S

    Finding an angle in radians and finding exact values

    Hi I'm really stuck with these two questions would anyone be able to help? a) Given that sec theta=-sqrt2, tan theta=-1 and -pi<theta<pi, find the exact value of the angle theta in radians. Justify your answer. b) Given that -pi<theta<-1/2pi and cos theta =-1/6 use appropriate trigonometric...
  15. C

    Finding exact values for trig functions

    How would I go about to determine the exact values of the following? sin(n×180°) , where n is an integer and cos²170° + sin²170° ? I know that for this one there is an Pythagorean identity that states, "cos²θ + sin²θ=1", but does that mean then that this equals one? Will I have to show work...
  16. A

    The exact opposite up what you’re trying

    Your metabolism and that's the exact opposite up what you’re trying to accomplish in a weight loss program now I revere scanning going to be very gentle with your body I'm also going to say something else in this vein dollars fact it's really not your fault and I really mean an II Nitro Focus...
  17. R

    Determining the exact value of sin(5pi/12)

    Heres what Ive got so far; (they want me to use sinxcosy+cosxsiny and the other angle formulas) sin(5pi/12) = sin (pi/4 + pi/6) Heres where Im afraid it may have fallen apart for me.... = sin pi/4 cos pi/6 + cos pi/4 sin pi/6 = (1/sq rt 2)(sq rt 3/2) + (1/sq rt 2)(1/2) = sq rt 3 + 1 / 2 sq...
  18. Q

    Maths- Trigonometry Exact Values

    Hello, I just started this topic and is already struggling with a few questions, that I need help kindly need help with, as I am unable to get the correct answer. Question 1) Find the exact value of the following: a. Cos315 I thought the method to this was to subtract it with the nearest degree...
  19. Y

    Exact value of arcsin(2/3)-arcsin(-2/3)

    What is the Exact value of arcsin(2/3)-arcsin(-2/3)?
  20. D

    Help : Find the exact value of the equation

    Hi there (Hi) Please help me with this question please (Nod) Given that x3 - 2x2 + x + 1 = 0 and that y = (2x+1)/(x+1), Show That 3y3 - 10 y2 + 9y - 1 = 0 I've done the proving part but the problem is the one down here : Hence that the exact value of (2A + 1/A+1)n + (2B + 1 / B + 1)n + (2...