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    Venn diagram for Independent events

    I am confused about the concepts of: independent events mutually exclusive events Positive and negative correlation of events and how to represent them on Venn diagram. Ok, I try to explain. Do correct me if I'm wrong. 2 events A and B can be disjoint (meaning they are mutually exclusive) or...
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    probability problem independent events

    I have a problem about probability and independent events, could anybody help me to solve this problem?: a. The Pogo Thorhead rocket will function properly only if all five of its major systems operate simultaneously. The systems are labeled A,B,C,D and E. System failures are independent, and...
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    Independent events

    In independent events, what does "while presuming that B occurs, the probability that A occurs is" |A and B| / |B| mean. Does this mean that first one dice is thrown (considering the case of two dices) and then what is the probability that the second dice will have one of the same outcome...
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    Problem with equation of independent events

    Please explain the question posted in the file attached. CB
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    Probabilty with events

    We did this ages ago and I really can't remember how to do it! You will be loved forever if you can help me with this! Question The events A and B are such that P(A) = 5/16, P(B) = 1/2 and P(A|B) =1/4 Find (a) P(AnB) (b) P(B'|A) (c) P(A'uB) (d) Determine, with reason, whether or not the...
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    Mutually exclusive events? need help for sure

    P(E_1)=0.25, P(E_2)=0.75, P(FlE_1)=0.05. P(FlE_2)=0.12. P(E_2lF). Ok I'm looking for an area or space between both. As for the text book no good example is close to this one. Ok so 0.25*0.75=.1875, and 0.05*0.12=.006. Now is the hard part what do I do next. I would like to say 0.188 is...
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    2 events probability, check answer please

    For two events E and F, P(E)=0.36, P(F)=0.48, and P(E intersec F)=0.08. P(F l E)=____. using this formula P(F l E)= P(F intersec E) / P(E), P(B) not=0. My answer is 0.222. Is this right from a list of possible answers. Thanks for your help. 1. 0.222 2. 0.167 3. 0.750 4. 0.480