1. SDF

    Trapezoidal Rule, evaluating w/ sine function

    Hi, I am having trouble getting the right answers for this type of problem. In general I understand the Trapezoidal rule but for questions involving trig functions I cannot seem to produce an answer that matches the examples I've been given. I'm almost certain it's the exact same process however...
  2. J

    Evaluation of a distribution

    Consider the following two distributions in Minkowski space: t_{\pm }\left( x\right) =\int \frac{d^{4}p}{\left( 2\pi \right) ^{4}}\theta \left( \pm p^{\rho }p_{\rho }\right) \exp \left( -\mathrm{i}p^{\rho }x_{\rho}\right) =\int \frac{d^{4}p}{\left( 2\pi \right) ^{4}}\theta \left( \pm \left(...
  3. Z

    Trying to establish a fair evaluation system for a company.. need help!

    I work for HR department of a company. Every year, different managers evaluate different employees. We are trying to upgrade our evaluation system to make it fair for all. Here is our current system: - Our company has many branches. - For every branch, 3 different managers in that specific...
  4. A

    evaluation of integral

    Hi guys, can you please give me any advise how to evaluate integral \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\mathrm{sech}^2{x}\cos{(ax)}\, \mathrm{d}x ? (a is positive constant) thank you
  5. J

    inner product evaluation of expressions

    I know this isn't a difficult problem but I am not exactly clear no how to do it Suppose $,u,v,w$ are vectors such that $<u,v>=2,<v,w>=-3,<u,w>=5,||u||=1, ||v||=2,||w||=7$ evaluate a)$<2v-w,3u+2w>$ b)$||2w-v||$ I know it's gotta be something really simple I'm just not positive on how to...
  6. A

    Easy expression evaluation question

    Click on the picture for my question.
  7. S

    Evaluation of sum of infinite sequence.

    I have been trying to solve this for a while now and I'm not sure how to proceed, so I made an account here to ask! Thanks in advance.
  8. R

    F-measure for document clustering evaluation

    I'm developing the Java application for text document clustering, and I'm researching some evaluation methods. I implemented F-measure (F1 score - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), but I have a problem -for some cluster/category the returned value is NaN. It happens where a cluster doesn't...
  9. M

    Finding and evaluating integrals!!

    Hi Guys, I have attached the two questions i need help with.... Really need a step by step explanation of how to complete please :) Please help!!!!
  10. I

    improper integral: converges/diverges before evaluation?

    Hi. I'm a little confused about an issue in my homework problems involving improper integrals. I have problems like so: How do I determine whether it converges or diverges before actually evaluating it?
  11. K

    verification of evaluation of a formula

    Calculating a poisson probability one uses the formula (at least at this point in my class) e^(-y) times (y^x)/(x!) where x is the number of occurrences and y is the average number of occurrences per time period. for x=10 and y=5 I get e^(-5)*((5^10)/(10!)) e^(-5) = 0.00673794699 5^10...
  12. L

    Evaluation of a limit as n approaches infinity using L'Hopital's Rule

    PROBLEM: -series of numbers where: x_0 = 1 and, Find: ATTEMPT: So far, L'Hopital's rule: My application of L'Hopital's rule is incorrect. It's an indeterminate form, but not resolved in the way I indicated. Any ideas on how I could resolve the problem?
  13. J

    Approximate the area under the curve using n rectangles and the evaluation rules

    (NOTE: I am using an example in my book, that I have the answer to already, because I want to understand how they arrived at the answer, that way, I can do the other problems on my own) Okay, so here is the problem: Approximate the area under the curve on the given interval using n rectangles...
  14. M

    Needing help with angle of evaluation

    Please help me to answer these questions: (a) When the angel of elevation of the sun is 62 degrees, the shadow cast by a vertical pole is 10m long. Find the height of the pole correct to one decimal place. (b) If a=8, c=5 and A=72 degrees, find the size of the angle C? (c) A ladder is 7m long...
  15. F

    trig int evaluation

    \int_0^{\frac{\pi}{3}}\frac{sin\theta + sin\theta tan^2\theta}{sec^2\theta}d\theta although the problem appears in the book before the substitution rule is introduced I try the substitution u= sec^{-2}\theta \Rightarrow du = -2sec^{-2} tan\theta d\theta I see that appear in the integral by a...
  16. F

    Soln check:Int evaluation w/ sub rule

    \int_1^2 x\sqrt{x-1}dx I used the substituttion u^2 = x-1 \Rightarrow 2udu = dx \Rightarrow x = u^2 + 1 \Rightarrow u(2) = 1; u(1) = 0 and the integral then becomes \int_0^1u(u^2+1)2udu \Rightarrow 2\int_0^1u^4 +u^2 correct??
  17. J

    Series Evaluation

    I need to evaluate this for convergence/divergence: \sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{n+5}{(n^7+n^2)^{1/3}} I tried a Limit Comparison Test with \frac{1}{n^{7/3}} in the denominator, but that didn't get me anywhere. I don't see another function to compare this to. Can anybody suggest what I might...
  18. R

    Evaluation of limit (2)

    pliz help me out with this, lim_{x\rightarrow 0} \frac{(1+x)^{1/x}-e}{x}
  19. R

    Evaluation of limit.

    The problem is to evaluate the limit using la'hospital rule.. \lim_{x\rightarrow a} \left ( 2-\frac{x}{a} \right )^{tan\frac{\pi x}{2a} Soln. Let, y = \lim_{x\rightarrow a} \left ( 2-\frac{x}{a} \right )^{tan\frac{\pi x}{2a}} logy = \lim_{x\rightarrow a} tan\frac{\pi x}{2a}\log \left...
  20. U

    Evaluation of Cos(2/3+i2)

    Ok basically I need to: Express cos(\frac{2}{3}+i2) in the form x+iy I've done the following: cos(\frac{2}{3}+i2) = cos(\frac{2}{3})cosh(2)-isin(\frac{2}{3})sinh2 =0.7859 X 3.7622 - i(0.6184 X 3.6269) = 2.9567-i(2.249) Is...