1. P

    Show the the equaton 2tan^2xcosx=3 can be written in the form 2cos^2x+3cosx-2=0

    Can someone help me to solve this equation They ask Show that the equation 2tan^2xcosx=3 can be written in the form 2cos^2x+3cos-2=0 I got it right so far to make everything cos but not without the ^2 here is what i did: 2tan^2xcosx =3...
  2. D

    linear equaton one variable

    in 2006, mail rates were $.39 for the first ounce plus $.24 for each additional ounce. If Sabrina spent $15 for 45 stamps of these two denominations how many did she buy of each?
  3. zorro

    Solve the equaton

    \int\limits_{-\pi/2}^{\pi/2} sin^2x cos^2x (sinx+cosx)dx.
  4. D

    differential equaton

    Can you give a suitable substitution to solve this equation? dy/dx= y^2 / (xy+ (x.y^2)^1/3) Thanks