1. Z

    Need explanation for angle problem, also, having trouble solving the equations

    ABC = 10x - 8 DEF = 2x + 22 What is the value of X? How many degrees are in angle ABC? If someone could also explain this to me it would be great
  2. J

    Simultaneous Equations

    A journal is planning to increase the price of its magazine. According to a recent survey, 1250 magazines will decrease for each 0.025 dollars increase of the magazine price. What is the price of the magazine that will increase the revenue of the journal to its maximum. The normal price of the...
  3. W

    Complicated equation with 3 unknowns - please help!

    Hi all, I'm doing my final year maths project, and it has appeared to be a bit beyond my limits... It would be great if you helped me somehow! So, I have 3 points from a graph and a general equation. With this data, I have to find a, b, and c of this equation. The equation is: While the...
  4. Mr.MathType

    Techniques for Sharing Lists of MathType Equations

    We have some MathType users who want to create lists of equations to share. Any of you doing that? Care to share your techniques? Thanks, Bob Mathews Design Science
  5. V

    Exponential Functions and Equations - Practice Test

    hellooo, i'm having some trouble completing an exponential functions practice test, please help!!! please don't use logarithms as i haven't learnt about them and the unit does not cover them. i am attaching a pdf file below, the practice test is on the last two pages! it would be great if you...
  6. C

    equations in quadratic form

  7. S

    2 equations 2 unknowns

    Please help me understand step by step how to solve this problem. I have 2 formula's with 2 unknows: 0.4*cos(a) - 0.3*cos(b) = 0.49 0.4*sin(a) - 0.3*sin(b) = -0.04 I have tried allot of things but i can't solve the problem :-( The teacher has given me the answer, so i can check that i get it...
  8. G

    Word Problem: Systems of Linear Equations

    Hi all, I have been trying to solve the following word problem for a few hours now. I think it's time to step in and ask for help after exhausting all of my resources to no avail. Three siblings Tommy, Susie, and Roland are 42 years old together now. When Susie was of Tommy's age, Roland was...
  9. S

    Rational Expressions and Equations

    Can you check my work, and if I'm wrong, please show me how to do it. Word Problem: PART I When Mario works by himself, it only takes him 24 minutes. When Sarah works by herself, it takes her 40 minutes. How much time would it take if Mark and Sarah work together. My work: t= time...
  10. S

    Solve equations

    a sqrt a + b sqrt b = 183 a sqrt b + b sqrt a = 182 Pls solve Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. J

    Solve each system of linear equations

    Hi, Please, solve each system of linear equations: x - y + z = 6 -x + y + z = 3 -x - y - z = 0 And questions 23, 25 and 29 Thanks)
  12. brandnew

    differential equations and numerical methods questions ??

    i have been trying to follow computer oriented numerical methods in c language for some time now ... these were the things i was supposed to do with a programming language like c ... i have managed it this far ... there were at least 5 books i had to follow ..to understand this...
  13. M

    Quadratic equations

    hello, so i know how to solve quadratic equations, except when they give me a solution. What exactly do i do with the solution?
  14. T

    Solving Systems of Equations with Absolute Value Operators

    Suppose we have a line formula: Y = m * (X) (Eq. 1) where m is our slope and our y-intercept is zero. Let us assume that m is always positive. Now let us suppose that Y and X are actually functions of two hidden variables, P and Q. Y = |P + Q| (Eq. 2) X = (|P| + |Q|) /...
  15. Vinod

    How to solve simultaneously for matrices X and Y the equations?

    Hi, How to solve simultaneously for Matrices X and Y the equations $\begin{array}{rcl}2(X-Y)+\frac12(3X+2Y)=\begin{pmatrix}-2&5\\-3&6\\0&2\end{pmatrix}\end{array}$ $\begin{array}{rcl} 3(X+2Y)+2(2X+3Y)+\begin{pmatrix}-4&2\\5&\frac12\\0&-1\end{pmatrix}=0\end{array}$ where 0 denotes $3\times2$ zero...
  16. brandnew

    few more doubts about differential equations ... ?

    i have been self learning maths for some time now ... i am out of college ... and this is what i have been doing with my free time ... its sort of sad , that most forums wont allow me to post pictures of maths related stuff ... and deletes it saying its unrelated and spam ... but i have been...
  17. R

    3 Variable System of Equations

    Any thoughts on this? Thank you. For a certain value of , the system has no solutions. What is this value of ?
  18. R

    Solving system of equations

    Please help me find a solution so I can guide my son. I will not solve it for him, but can raise a red flag if I see him go on the wrong direction. Find all values for which there exists an ordered pair satisfying the following system of equations: List only the values for Thanks a lot.
  19. M

    Word problems/ Writing and solving equations

    I am currently reviewing for the ACT, and I want to be as prepared as humanly possible. However, I've been stumped by the following questions, and have no idea as to how they've managed to find their answers. If anyone could help me understand my mistakes, it would be greatly appreciated...
  20. G

    Linear Regression Equations

    Hi guys im using Open Office to try to solve math problems and i find its not working for linear equations. That above is the data ive entered into my open office when I try to tun LINEST function or use a t 83 graphing calculator to find the regression equation, I am completely unable to do...