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    solve eqaution

    can anybody help ? how to solve this equation ?
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    Dy/dx = xe^(y-2x) , form differntial eqaution?

    dy/dx = xe^(y-2x) , i am asked to form differential equation using this equation . the ans given is (e^-y) = 0.5(e^-2x)(x+0.5) + a , how to get the answer? btw , i have attached my working . I have tried it many times , but still cant get the answer
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    berounilli eqaution suitable ?

    is it suitable to use berounilli eqaution for dy/dx + (y/x) = y^6 ? but , according to the notes i posted , the eqaution must have q(x) , unfortunealy , in the dy/dx + (y/x) = y^6 , there is no q(x)
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    log eqaution from a graph

    hi; I'm having trouble finding the log equation from its graph, I'm given two points (-1,-3) and (2,-1) I know the equation is f(x) = logb(x + 2) - 3 and I know from this that the asymptote = -2. struggaling to find values a, b and c.Thanks for the help.
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    Solving Linear Eqaution using Minors, cofactors, and determinants

    Im pretty much confused on how to solve this, x + y = 6 2x + y = 9 Can you give me a step by step answer?
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    Using Excel to find the eqaution of a curve

    I would like to know how to calculate the eqaution of a a curve on a picture, using microsoft excel
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    Eqaution with 2 variables

    Prove that there do not exist integers m,n \in \mathbb{Z} such that 14m + 20n = 119 Im not quite sure how to go about proving this
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    exponetial eqaution

    Hi, I have some equation that I am having trouble solving. (1) 2(2^{2x})-5(2^x)+2=0 must find x (2) 4^x-6(2^x)-16=0 (3)3^{2x+1} -26(3^x)-9=0 Must also find x for both of them. and I also tried this one and came up with the answer y=1 (4)\log_{2}x+\log_{x}2=2 I have to ind x Can anyone...
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    find eqaution of a plane

    find the equation of the plane that goes through (1,2,-1) and making equal angles with the positive directions of the coordinate axes
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    I need help simplifing this eqaution.

    It is in the word doc b/c i can't figure out how to put it on here yet. I'm still reading it.
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    Actualization of eqaution in MathLab

    Hello all, I attached the following eqaution, can anyone please tell me how to implement it using Mathlab or even Turbo C. Best Regrets