1. Z

    Calculate the surface area enclosed by y=4-x² and the x axis between 0≤ x ≤2?

    Calculus assignment question Centroid?
  2. S

    use triple integral to find volume of solid enclosed between the surfaces

    surfaces x=y^2+z^2 and x = 1-y^2. I drew them below: I know I need to find the region projected on the xy plane and integrate over that area, as well as integrate the height on the z-axis; however I am not sure how to proceed. I think I need some equations, possibly setting the two equal to...
  3. P

    How do I begin to solve this problem?

    The question is as follows: "A Farmer encloses three adjacent rectangular corrals with 1500 feet of fencing. Determine the length and width that will yield a maximum area."
  4. Shadow236

    Find the area enclosed by the curve and the y-axis

    I have to find the area enclosed by the curve: x = t2-2t, y = t1/2 and the y-axis. I know that this is some kind of intergral, but I don't really know how to approach it because it is on the y-axis. How would I setup the integral? Thank you.
  5. B

    Area enclosed by curves question

    6. Find the area enclosed by the curves y=2-x^2 and y=-x
  6. J

    Find the area enclosed by the graph.

    Can't seem to be able to solve the below problem and I don't have any solved examples in my text books. (a) Explain why the graph of the function lies below the x-axis for 2 < x < 3 and above the x-axis for 3 < x < 5. (b) Use this fact to find the area enclosed by the graph and the...
  7. I

    Enclosed area

    What's the area enclosed between x^3 and e^x
  8. S

    Finding Area Enclosed by Three Curves

    Find the area enclosed by y=3x y=6x y=(2/x)+1 In the first quadrant of the Cartesian plane. I have already point the points on intersection to be (0,0) (2/3,4) and (1,3) I have posted a picture of my attempted solution, if anyone could tell me where I'm going wrong I'd really appreciate it...
  9. astartleddeer

    Find area enclosed by means of definite integration

    Hello, I'm in minor confusion why my answer is wrong as opposed towards the book's answer. I'm asked to find the area enclosed by the equations, y_{1} = (2x -1)\ and\ y_{2} = (3 + 2x - x^2) So\ the\ point\ (s)\ of\ intersection\ implies: (2x - 1) = (3 + 2x - x^2) \Rightarrow x = \pm2...
  10. Y

    Area enclosed by a semi-circle and a quarter circle

    Find the shaded area, which is enclosed by a square, semi-circle and a quarter of circle.
  11. M

    Area enclosed by a curve?.

    Hey can anybody help me by giving a step to step guide on how to work out an area enclosed by a curve please?. Find the area enclosed by the curve: Y=4x^2 (x^2-2x+1). The axis and the ordinates x=1 and x=2. thanks :)
  12. B

    calculate the area enclosed by the curve & line

    calculate the area enclosed by the curve y=12-4x+3x² & line y=5 and the coordinates x=-2 and x=3 steps on how to complete would be great, figure i have to make the line and curve equal to each other which is already done because they both equal y, then i got stuck finding the values for x for...
  13. J

    Find the area of a triangle.

    Find the area of a triangle enclosed by axes and tangent to y = 1/x (Crying)
  14. I

    Volume Enclosed by surfaces (Triple integration)

    Hello! I can't quite get this triple integral problem even after looking at the sticky for integration. I have the surfaces z = x^2 + 3(y^2) and z = 8 - x*x - y*y and I need to find the volume of the region enclosed. dV = dzdydx All help is greatly appreciated!
  15. S

    Area enclosed by chord and another similar problem

    http://readyforgmat.com/math/documents/AdvancedGMATMathQuestions-version2.pdf Both the problems on page 15, especially #2. Thanks.
  16. P

    finding area enclosed by the curves

    find the area of the regions enclosed by the given curves: Given: y=6cos(5x), y=6sin(10x), x=0, x=pi/10 I drew the given curves and I did not understand what area the question wants me to find. I was thinking just finding the area where the top function is 6sin(10x) and the bottom...
  17. A

    Area of region enclosed by lines and curves?

    Please help with this math problem; I’ve been working on it for weeks (literally). How do I solve it? Find the area of the regions enclosed by the lives and curves. 14. y = x^4 – 4x^2 + 4 and y = x^2 I've begun to work it out somewhat: ∫_(-1)^(-2) [x^2-(x^k-4x^2+4) ]ⅆx + ∫_1^2...
  18. N

    Calculating area enclosed by tangents

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone here could provide me with some guidance on how to calculate the area enclosed by tangents. Help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  19. R

    Determine the area enclosed by the curve y = cos ^2 fi

    Hi guys you can see my problem attaced to the pictuse + my attempt to solve it. and my question is how I can go further from there.
  20. M

    double integration for a region W which is enclosed by planes and cylinders given

    Evaluate \iint\limits_W \ x \mathrm{d}x\,\mathrm{d}y\mathrm{d}z where W is the region enclosed by the planes z = 0 and z = x + y + 5 and by the cylinders x^2 + y^2 = 4 and x^2 + y^2 = 9.