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    How to count effectiveness?

    Hello everybody, I know you are busy people, but I really would appreciate your help. I am writing some work for my university and I am literally can't figure this out, this IS and should be simple....I am literally being a retard, 15 hours straight working on papers have done that. How to...
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    Effectiveness of a promotion - which statistical method to use?

    Hi guys, hope you all had a good weekend. I am wanting to analyse the effectiveness of a promotion on the amount of money that was spent in shops by specific customers every day. If I have on a daily basis, say, a customer's turnover per day before the promotion started - and the daily...
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    card shuffling effectiveness?

    I've been reading a bit about shuffling a pack of cards via riffle shuffles (those being the simplest to automate) and came to wondering some things... If you riffle shuffle a pack of cards seven times, you get "almost perfect randomness" - what effects does splitting the deck twice before...