1. E

    LaTeX Editor From Microsoft?

    Hi all, You may have heard that Windows 10 is coming this year, bringing back the start menu and focusing on desktop improvements for mouse and keyboard users, while at the same time offering one OS that works universally across all devices from phone and tablet to PC, TVs and Xbox. As part of...
  2. M

    We Would Appreciate Your Opinions on a Math Editor....

    Hi guys, we have been working on a Chrome extension which easily allows you to type up mathematical expressions in your browser. I would love your opinions/feedback on the usefulness of this tool. You can forward to 0:15 for the meat of the video...It demonstrates how the editor would work...
  3. J

    good latex editor for mac

    any suggestions for a latex editor for the newest Mac OS? thanks
  4. B

    desktop maths editor

    i was wondering if there is a destop maths program for doing working and stuff like that. I use microsoft word at the moment and it's really bad.
  5. M

    Stat List Editor on Ti-89 for finding areas between z-scores

    Finding areas between z-scores -- TI-89 Hello, I've been having some trouble with my Stat List Editor application on the TI-89 Titanium (well, more like (Headbang) than just a normal problem). I can't seem to get the correct answer for a statistics problem, no matter what field I put my...
  6. S

    Using Microsoft Equation Editor

    A truck can be rented from Basic for $50 a day plus .20 cents per mile, Roadrunners charges $20 a day plus .50 per mile. How many miles must be driven in a day to make Basic a better price than Roadrunners? Submit answer in Word showing all steps using Microsoft Equation Editor for deriving the...
  7. Bernhard

    Recommendation on a Latex Editor for maths documents

    I wish to prepare solutions to Dummit and Foote's algebra problems in Word and Pdf documents. Can anyone suggest a good Latex Editor for this task? [I have a 64-bit PC system running Windows 7] Peter
  8. N

    How to write all my math equations and drawings in a word editor ?

    Hi I am talking linear algebra and auditing 2 other math courses that need some drawings. Any useful tool that can help me in writing all the equations and notations easily ? I used Word only but I am ready to try other tools. regards
  9. rubix

    downloading LaTeX editor LyX

    i'm trying to download LyX LyX | Download clicking 'LyX-1.6.5-1-Installer.exe' takes me to ftp://ftp.lyx.org/pub/lyx/bin/1.6.5/LyX-1.6.5-1-Installer.exe which my browser can't find. I figure it might be password protected. Regardless i though i would ask...can someone download it or...
  10. N

    Latex Editor 0.53

    Hi all, I have just dl Latex Editor 0.53. I have typed a series of formula but how do i see the resultant document? In other word, how to I run it? Sorry I am very new to this
  11. N

    Favorite Text editor

    I've started using vim. Anyone have a favorite text editor for latex, or can suggest a good one?
  12. T

    Equation Editor

    What equation editor do you all use to answer questions on this forum. Whenever I post a question, it looks horrible. I know about the one in Word, but when I copy and paste it doesnt paste the equations.
  13. A

    Online LaTex Equation Editor

    Fellas, I am not sure if this site has been mentioned anywhere, but I have been using Roger's Online Equation Editor in lieu of gnux (since gnux is down). I think it serves its purpose well, at least until the LaTex on this site gets fixed up. Follow the link if you are interested. -Andy...
  14. E

    Equation editor

    Hi guys, im sorry i know this is for latex only but i couldn't find any forum more relevant. Does anyone know how to produce the symbol for the set of real numbers in Equation Editor in word...? And also where could i find some sort of manual on using equation editor...? It is pretty straight...