1. C

    Easy Question hELPPP :)

    2log10(a) - 3 - log10(25) log10(a^2) - 3log10(10) - log10(25) log10(a^2/1000) - log10(25) - So the answer is log10(a^2/25000) so I multiplied the 1000 by 25, however when taking away logs shouldn't I divide a^2/30 by 25 instead of multiplying? But then how did the denominator become 25000? If...
  2. C

    Easy question

    Hi I've gone blank and need help on this very easy question For each of the following angles, t, determine the values of sin t and cos t a) t=0 So sin 0 and cos 0 but then how do I work out what they equal from here without a calculator? I drew up a cartesian plane with the triangle but I'm...
  3. S

    Easy Probability problem

    I got this probability question as homework, but I got very confused as I didn't know if I should calculate the balls in the 2 boxes as whole or if I should calculate the probability of the first box then add the probability of the second. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Here is the...
  4. M

    Algebra problem - seems easy but i can't solve - is it impossible?

    I need to solve for c: [a * b] = [a + c] * [[[b*[a+d]]+[e*f]] / [a + c + d + f]] if you can help, thanks!!! Mark
  5. N

    Easy problem but i need help

    Hi, im new in probability, this is my first course in probability and im stuck in this problem. There are 8% of the cars with problems in the right door; 6% with problems in the breakes; 2% with problems in the right door and breaks. a) probability with exactly one problem. Answer .1...
  6. D

    Can you solve this easy limit problem? :)

    If xn,yn are natural numbers and (2+sqrt(3))^n= xn + sqrt(3)*yn, find lim n->∞ (yn/xn). Explain further.(Rock)(Rock)
  7. A

    Please help with easy geometry proofs.

    Hi. I need help checking these proofs. I already did some of it and tried, but I don't really get it. - Given: <2 is supplementary to <3 Prove: <1 is congruent to <4 - Given: Line AC is perpendicular to ray BE, and ray BE bisects <DBF Prove: <1 is congruent to <4 Please help!?!
  8. R

    Easy Limit Definition

    If someone were to ask you to define what a limit is as presented in a first semester calculus course without using technical language, what would your definition be?
  9. C

    Vectors question, might be easy.

    Given v=2i and w=3i+8j, find the angle between v and w. The angle between v and w is approximately ___ degrees. Help. I know the formula is cos theta = V x W /llvll x llwll
  10. D

    Preordained that its easy to overlook

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  11. B

    easy probability question for you

    outcome of given event is 50/50. sample size: 800 Event A occurs only 136 times out of 800 What is the probability of that, and how is it calculated?? Thanks anybody who can explain!
  12. S

    Is there an easy way to solve this probability

    I am so confused, don't know how to solve it.
  13. B

    convergence of a strange (but probably easy) series

    I have the series: summation from 1 to infinity (-1)^n*n^5. It seems easy but I can't find the correct test. It looks like it diverges, but I'm not convinced. Please help! Bret
  14. R

    This is not near as easy as it looks! No one have been able to solve it.

    Jan1,2014 I have 1 dollar By Feb. 1, 2015 I have 2 dollars (13 months later) Starting Jan. 1, 2020 - My money will double that month. If the growth rate constantly increases at a steady rate. (exponentially?) How much do I have Jan. 1, 2020? And what is the equation used to solve this problem?
  15. C

    Help with easy proof

    Hello I am having trouble proving Riemann hypothesis please give me a hand.
  16. M

    Inner Product - easy question!!

    Hi I have a problem to prove that <v,w> := vt{a given 2x2 matrix}w is an inner product by showing that it's symmetric, bilinear and positive definite. So starting with symmetry, I'm trying to show that <v,w> = <w,v>. In terms of this problem, I'd have thought this is showing that vt {2x2...
  17. nycmath

    Easy Way to Memorize Unit Circle

    What is the best way to memorize the unit circle?
  18. F

    Easy calculus help

    A susceptible population is 100 000 pre-vaccination and the rate of infectious contact between infected and susceptible individuals is given by: dN/dt=kN(P-N) Where N is the infected population, Pis susceptible population, t is in weeks and k=0.00001 Question: if 100 people are initially...
  19. B

    Easy compactness proof, What is wrong with my picture/logic?

    Theorem. If {Kα} is a collection of compact subsets of a metric space X such that the intersection of every finite subcollection of {Kα} is nonempty, then ∩Kα is nonempty. Proof. Fix a member K1 of {Kα} and put Gα=Kcα [this denotes the complement of Kα]. Assume that no point of K1 belongs...
  20. S

    Easy doubt on second-order logic

    Why does the negation of the operator "For all" results in the operator "There exists", and vice-versa?