1. K


    If you divide a 5 digit number by a 2 digit number, how many digits will the remainder have? It will have 2 digits but is there a practical way to solve that type of questions?
  2. N

    Bezout's Identity and Properties of Division

    I need to write a proof for class and I'm having a lot of trouble getting started. Maybe someone here can help me. Problem: Let a,m,n be integers and d=gcd(m,n). If m divides an and d divides a, then m divides a2. (Is there a way to use LaTeX on this forum?) My Thoughts: I know we must use...
  3. J

    Base three division

    I need help with division in base three; Find the quotient for 222(base three) / 22(base three) it would be helpful if you can explain step by step I also need help with subtraction in different bases beside base 10. For example 21(base four) - 13(base four)
  4. A

    Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions

    28x+4 14x+7 45x-30 / 30x-20 (Wondering)
  5. Coop

    Division of Variables Question

    Hi, It's been a long time since algebra so I just want to make sure I'm not making a stupid mistake on my homework. This is true, right? sqrt(P*t)/sqrt(P) = sqrt(t) Again, it may be simple, but thanks!
  6. M

    Factoring with Prime Numbers division statements

    So in my book, it has the following statements which are meant to help you do prime factoring more quickly without a calculator. (I assume.) 1. If the sum of the digits of a number is divisible by 3, then the number is divisible by 3. So this leads me to assume that it works with 2 digit...
  7. M

    Summation division

    Simple question. If you have a fraction where: numerator = summation of Xi terms denominator = summation of Xi^2 terms Do standard rules of arithmetic apply? So that it equals the summation of 1/Xi ?
  8. B

    integral of polinomial division

    Dear All! please, any ideas of what to do with: \int \frac{3x^3+2x^2+4x-8}{x^4+16}
  9. P

    Simple division

    A doctor currently makes $175,000 in profit: $425,000 in revenue and $250,000 in cost. The physician's time spent is on 75% patient care, 15% billing, and 10% administrative services. If a doctor outsources his billing, he can spent the 15% of the time he spent billing seeing patients. How much...
  10. P

    Oloid curve division , distribution of range values

    Hi there, I drew an oloid by using the functions: ; ; and ; ; ; If I use any equal spaced range of t(x) on ; I will end up with an unequal range t(y), which looks like this: My goal is to have an symmetric spacing by remaping t(x). I tried to use a parabolic distribution for t(x) and it...
  11. K

    Division Review Problem

    Hello all, I was doing some review of complex fractions but I am not sure if I did this one right, please let me know if, or where, I went wrong. I also wanted to practice using latex some more. Thanks! Reduce to lowest terms: \frac{y-\frac{1}{y}}{1-\frac{1}{y}} =...
  12. P

    Really Basic division

    Say you have to serve 500 customers within a 4 hour time frame. You know that 1 taxi can provide 1 ride an hour, hence 1 taxi can provide 4 rides in that time-frame. How many taxis would you need to serve these customers? I know that you are supposed to do 500/4, but can someone just break this...
  13. R

    A ring becomes a division ring?

    I got one problem from the textbook: Prove that a finite ring with more than one element and no zero divisors is a division ring. It's obvious that the zero element must exist in this ring, so "with more than one element" means this ring is not trivial. And once I prove that the identity...
  14. E

    Radicals - Division

    the question is 4/(4√64m4n2) the given answer is (4√4n2) / 2mn but I get 4(4√n2)/ 2mn 4√ = root with 'index=4' *the index 4 root is for the all -( 64m4n2) -(4n2) -(n2) I'm not good at writing mathematics symbols sorry. help please SOS
  15. S

    Modern applications of 'division of stakes' theorem ?

    Hello folks, I am new to this forum. I am trying to find out which modern day games or sports apply the 'division of stakes' or 'problem of points' ? A brief description of 'division of stakes' is as follows The problem concerns a game of chance with two players who have equal chances of...
  16. M

    question: matrix division

    i just want to know if its possible to divide matrix? ive run through many mathbooks and i found no matrix division just addition and multiplcation.. can someone enlightened my thoughts about this matrix division. thnks!
  17. N

    Can't figure out how.. (Pre-Calc, Rational Zero Theorem and Synthetic Division

    I've encountered the problem: x^3 - 10x - 12 I am suppose to; a.) list all possible rational roots b.) use synthetic division to test c.) find an actual root and use the quotient I found in part "b" to find the remaining roots and solve So here's what happened: 1. I found all of the...
  18. L

    Improper to proper rational functions - does the order of division matter?

    My question has to do with changing improper rational functions to the sum of a polynomial and proper rational function. If it matters, the context of this is inverse Z-transforms. My textbook says to do this by doing polynomial long division with the polynomials written in **reverse**...
  19. N

    Long division method of Algebraic expressions

    I actually know How to divide an algebraic expression using the long division method.But this one,I have no idea how to do . I tried to do by rearranging the term but in vain .Someone please help me out here. t4 -3tq+t+5 by t-1 BY LONG DIVISION METHOD Thank you :)
  20. P

    Division of a number by another with standand deviation

    Hi guys, Can you help me please, with the following operation, which has an standard deviation value on the denominator? A=0.5 B=5.55(+/- 0.02) What is the solution of C=A/B ? Regards, Pablo PD. Please, explain the step by step resolution of the problem.