1. Jason76

    Long Division Problem - 2

    \dfrac{x^{3} - 4x - 7}{x^{2}-x-6} First step?
  2. Jason76

    Long Division Problem

    \dfrac{x^{3} -3x^{2} -9}{x^{3} - 3x^{2}} First step?
  3. K

    Cube Root Index Division Q

    So I've been doing indices all morning and along pops this question: Maybe my brain is hurting and I need a break, but how the fudge does this equal '2'?
  4. T

    division proof help

    a,b and c are integers such that a|b and b|c. Prove that a^2 |(b^2 +bc). if a|b than b = ma for some m in the integers if b|c c = nb for some n in the integers, I know I need to show that if a^{2} | (b^{2} + bc) than b^{2} + bc = k a^{2}...
  5. U

    improper integrals

    Hey everyone, i had a question but whenever i do the integral i keep on getting 0 but the answer is supposed to be -2 the question is the integral ln(abs(x)) from -1 to 1 i divided the integral into ln(-x) form -1 to 0 and ln(x) from 0 to 1 i evaluated it but i keep on getting 1 + -1 = 0 can...
  6. U

    partial fractions, long division

    hey everyone, i had a question on partial fractions: integrate (t^2 + 8) / (t^2 - 5t + 6) my problem is with the long division i keep on ending with 2-5t and then i integrate it again and i get a weird answer. i even checked wolfram but the steps don't show long divison. please help, thanks alot
  7. M

    Help with quantities to maximize budget please!

    For example, assume your budget is $20. You buy 2 drinks for every popcorn. Assume popcorn costs $7.50 per unit and drinks cost $4 per unit. How many of each unit do you buy if you spend your entire budget? Decimal quantities (e.g. 2.5 drinks) are permitted. I know the answer is computed by...
  8. C

    Polynomial Long Division

    Hi. I have been asked to do this polynomial long division. I have got so far with it but am now struggling with the final part. I think that the -x+12x-5 should equal zero. But the (15)/(x-2) part has me confused. Can some body point me in the right direction please. I don't want the...
  9. J

    Polynomial Division Hand-Holding Needed!

    Hi all, I have the following Polynomial Division question and not sure if I'm heading in the right direction with it. Its getting more complicated than my lessons have shown but here goes 3x^3- 5x^2 +10x +4 / 3x+1 So I've divided the highest power of 3x^3 by 3x and got x^2 which I've put...
  10. S

    division by 1919190

    How to prove that n37-n is divisible by 1919190 for all positive integers n. Please help
  11. Paze

    Should I learn polynomial long division?

    My girlfriend is taking a math class and I am teaching her. In one chapter they are learning polynomial long division. It seems extremely pointless and I've never seen it used anywhere...Is there any reason to learn it? Are there alternative ways to divide polynomials? This "long division" is...
  12. R

    This kind of scenario (DIVISION help).

    I need your insight on this matter again. Can you explain why 2/5/2 cancels out the 2 and only leaves 1/5. I mean, if you write it down it would look like 2 __ 5 __ 2 You cancel out the twos and get left with 1over 5. I don't really get this unless the following is the explanation: 2...
  13. I

    I have an upcoming test, and could use some help with this study guide

    I'm in danger of failing this course for the second time, and my super-awesome teacher sent me this study guide. He said if I can get the problems on this guides, I'll be able to pass the test. The problem is that I need things explained to me a bajillion ways from sunday before I can...
  14. D

    Upper Division Math Courses Suggestions/Advice?

    Summer school at my university is 2 quarters long. I'm planning on taking 2 math courses in the first quarter and 2 in the second quarter. Each course (e.g. Complex Variables 1) is 1 quarter long. Background info: I'm a sophomore/junior applied mathematics major (after summer school, I will be...
  15. M

    Long division

    How do I divide these two equations correctly? Ignore the integral
  16. I

    Modulo and division on representation: amount * limit + offset.

    Representation: amount * limit + offset, where the result of amount * limit + offset cannot be directly accessed. (((amount * (limit % radix)) % radix) + (offset % radix)) % radix is how to do modulo on representation amount * limit + offset without directly accessing amount * limit + offset...
  17. I

    Need help doing division on a * l + o without going beyond l.

    limit = l number = n offset = o amount = a I have a fixed limit(l). I cannot calculate with number beyond limit(l), and i need to find the result of the division: a * l + o. Because i cannot directly do a*l (that would give off a number beyond limit(l)), i will need to find how many times in...
  18. B

    Proving A Division Property By Employing The Pigeon-Hole Pricinple

    Here is the problem: Let n be a positive integer. Show that in any set of n consecutive integers there is exactly one divisible by n. Here is the solution: Let a, a+1,...,a+n-1 be the integers in the sequence. The integers (a+i) \mod n, i=0,1,2...,n-1, are distinct because 0< (a+j)-(a+k)<n...
  19. Z

    Division Algorithm or Euclidean Algorithm

    Hello, i am confused on division algorithm, can anyone give me an understandable example so far for euclidean i have 1188=385(3)+33 385=33(3)+22 33=22(3)+11 22=11(2)+0 and the answer is 11, does this apply to division too? cause i am somewhat dividing numbers.....
  20. F

    binary division discrepancy

    Hello, I am trying to understand the following modulo 2 long division. I understand that 1101 goes into 1111, so you write a 1 on the top. The next stage after 'XOR'ing is to bring down the 1. Now, 1101 does not go into 101, so you write a 0 at the top. So far so so good. Now you bring down...