1. E

    Dividing in Base 5, need help!!

    The problem states, divide 538/ 14 in base 5. I already converted both numbers to base 5, 538= 4123 base 5, and 14= 24 base 5. I have started my division but feel like I am doing it wrong, as I keep getting 12311R3, and when using a conversion calculator online the answer comes out to 123. Can...
  2. A

    Showing/proving multiplication using letters/variables

    Let a, b, c be integers with a ≠ 0. Assume a | (b+c) and a | (b-c). Show that 1. a | (2b) 2. a | (2c) 3. a^2 | (b^2 -c^2) In words: "Let a, b, c be integers with a ≠ 0. Assume that a divides (b+c), and that a divides (b-c). Show that: #1 a divides (2 times b) #2 a divides...
  3. A

    Factorial proof

    Hi all I've got a feeling this is a really simple question but I can't see it. Explain why p divides (2p-1)! Thanks, Alex
  4. I

    Dividing a hexagon into 12 congruent parts

    I was wondering how to do this: Make six identical copies of a regular hexagon. Find at least six different ways to divide the hexagon into 12 identical parts Plz make it in picture format for ex on paint If u can plz give me all the ways
  5. S

    dividing complex numbers

    hi i am trying to divide z into the following complex number by i am confused when dividing \frac{\bar{z}}{z} {\bar{z}+iz} dividing by z = \frac{\bar{z}}{z} = \bar{1} is this correct and \frac{iz}{z} =i any help appreciated
  6. M

    Negative numbers dividing inequalities

    Hi, so I have a quick question, and it's confusing me. |3x+7|>=8 So the answer is x>=1/3 and x>=-5 <--- I got that by dividing 3x by negative fifteen, now I know when you have x and it's negative you flip the signs but what if it's not x that is being divided for example: 3x+7>=-8...
  7. L

    Dividing Polynomials, missing terms.

    I have two problems: a.) When (x^4 + kx^3 - 2x^2 + x + 4) is divided by x-3, the remainder is 16. What is k? b.) If (2x^3 +Mx^2 + Nx + 6) is divisible by both (x-1) and (x+2), find the values of M and N. Help, I don't seem to get what am I supposed to do so I can answer this.
  8. E

    Stuck on dividing an algebraic radical

    I am currently working my way through radicals, but this one really has me stuck. I can't figure out how to achieve the answer to this one radical. Here is the problem and the answer. I am supposed to show how the answer was achieved: fifthrt is my way of typing "fifth root of" $fifthrt(3a^7...
  9. M

    Dividing two power series

    So I have two functions $f$ and $g$ which are holomorphic on some disk $D(a,r)$ and such that $g$ is never zero on that disk. Where we can represent the two function as power series given by $f(z)=\sum\limits_{n=0}^\infty a_n(z-a)^n$ and $g(z)=\sum\limits_{m=0}^\infty b_m(z-a)^m$ Let...
  10. Z

    Dividing with unknown?

    I have this weird question here: 1x3y|_15__ | -___| 0 so 1x3y divided by 15 , the multiplier is the empty space and the leftover is 0. They ask for the sum of x. The answer given is 33. How? x or y can be from 0-9, but they come up with 33??
  11. P

    Dividing 2x1 Matrix by 2x1 Matrix

    Hi Everyone, I have a question that I already know cannot be solved by normal means. The equation I'm working on ended with two matricies being divided,but neither is square. The matrix equation I have is (1 0)^T/(0 1)^T, where the matricies are column vectors, not row vectors (hence the ^T -...
  12. Coop

    Dividing Variables Quick Question

    I feel stupid asking this...but... If I have the equation nRT=(\frac{p+an^2}{V^2})(V-nb) and I want to solve for p... ...multiply both sides by V^2... V^2nRT=(p+an^2)(V-nb) Why can I not now divide both sides by (V-nb) to get \frac{V^2nRT}{V-nb}=p+an^2 ? Sorry if this is a dumb question...
  13. N

    Dividing powers question

    Hi everyone im new to the forum. I have a problem that is 100^2/(100*100^2). The answer provided was 10^-4. I understand that when you divide by powers you subtract the powers from each other. But giver that I got 100^-2, I'm missing something simple. Can anyone help? I'm using * for times...
  14. B

    Dividing students up.

    Could someone double check my answers for me? They differ substantially from the text and I'm not sure why. An elementary school is offering 3 language classes: one in Spanish, one in French, and one in German. The classes are open to any of the 100 students in the school. There are 28 students...
  15. S

    How many possibilities are there for dividing a string to substrings, of any length?

    Hi. I just can wrap my head around this. Let S be a string of length n: S=\sigma_1\sigma_2... \sigma_n how many possibilities are there for dividing it to substrings? for example: S_1=\sigma_1\sigma_2\hspace{12pt} S_2=\sigma_3...\sigma_i\hspace{12pt} S_3=\sigma_{i+1}...\sigma_n is one...
  16. Mukilab

    Dividing powers with the same base

    I'm trying to do \frac{e^{-3.15x10^{18}}}{e^{-4.9x10^{17}}} Can I minus the powers so I get e^{-2.66x10^{18}}
  17. M

    Dividing by zero

    Why can a number divided by zero equal infinity? Apparently it has something to do with asymptotes. Like, when change in x is zero and change in y is not zero, the result is infinity. Could someone explain it please (Doh)
  18. sakonpure6

    Dividing Polynomials

    Hi, I am struggling with the following question >.< I tried, but could not come up with anything. Thank you in advance.
  19. A

    Dividing equations

    I need help, I know that the answer isn't letter B or C, it's either A or D. Although I'm stuck at the moment.
  20. Paze

    Dividing mass lifted by parties

    Say 4 men lift 200 kilos. Can I simply divide 200 by 4 to get 50kg each...So they lifted 50kilos each (given the same posture and dimensions of the lift)? Or is the calculation more complex?