1. S

    Guidance in trignometry

    i wanted to ask you when we learn Trignometry Formulas and Inverse Trignometry Formulas how can we apply them for proving LHS=RHS, and integrate a function. please guide me to this problem i have learned all formulas but not able to apply it in problem.
  2. A

    Showing a Prime exists

    Professor decided to give more "optional" homework. Let A = {4k +1 | k ∈ Z^+ }. Show that there exists a prime p of A, and elements j, k, of A, such that p | (jk), but p does not divide j or k. In words: "Let A equal the set of elements of 4k+1, where k is an element of all positive integers...
  3. B

    How to divide a Hexagon into 3 equal portions vertically?

    Hello there, I'm a new user in need of some help with a bit of Geometry. I have a Cooking Project to do and we have been assigned with it to create our own packaging with a brand and a logo. I'm trying to create a logo using each of the group's last name initials, that will be divided into 3...
  4. M

    In statistics problems, why don't you always divide alpha in a two-tailed test by 2?

    My question may not make sense but I'm a little confused. Here is the problem: Average one way airfare from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. is $236. A random sample of 23 one-way fares during a particular month had a mean of $222 with a standard deviation of $43. At a=0.01, is there sufficient...
  5. L

    Simplifying Fractions help

    Hello guys I need some help, I am trying to simplifying fractions, when both numbers are even I just divide by 2 until I can not any longer; then figure out if there is another way to do it for example 36/108 divide by 2 18/54 divide by 2 9/27 then I divided by 9 to get 1/3...
  6. L

    solving linear systems by sub but I can't divide? Help...

    Okay so I'm trying to solve for: by linear systems by substitution 3x-4y=1 2x+3y=12 I start out to solve for x in the first equation: 3x=4y+1 Now I'm stuck. I have to divide both sides by 3. but 4 and 1 doesn't go into 3 evenly. So what do I do?
  7. L

    Why Do You Divide Bottom Denominator of Limit by -X When it Approach -Infinity?

    Hi everyone! I was doing a homework assignment involving limits today, and something came up that didn't make any sense at all to me. In the example for finding the lim (x-> -Infinity) (3x-2)/sqrt(2x^2+1), the examples says to divide both the numerator and denominator by x. It does this in a...
  8. F

    Divide a cube

    Could we divide a cube into 2014 smaller cubes? (small cubes not have to be identical...) I see this: Cube Dissection -- from Wolfram MathWorld And answer is: YES, but how to divide it into 2014 cubes? Thank you
  9. R

    Prove that n! does not divide n^n for n>2

    Dividing both sides by n, I get that (n-1)! | n^(n-1) => (n-1) | n^(n-1) but I'm stuck as to where to go next. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. J

    Divide a triangle into 2 parts equal area by a line parallel to its base.

    A proof or brief explanation why would be nice too! Thank you!!
  11. S

    Why Divide in Permutations of Indistinguishable Objects?

    I was explaining Combinatorial Analysis to a friend who had never had it, and when I got to Permutations of Indistinguishable Objects and told him the formula for it, he asked "Why do you divide?" I thought about it for a second, and realized that when I was taught this, I was really...
  12. K

    Dividing polynomials with a remainder

    Divide: by pllzzzz help
  13. A

    how do i divide 13.5 by 90?

    can you please do it in a way i will understand it? i tried dividing 90 with 135 instead and i got 1.5 after adding the decimal mark where it was?
  14. E

    Why can't I divide 2 to the other side in y+1=2square root/y+1?

    Why can't I divide 2 to the other side in y+1=2square root/y+1? I would like to get rid of the square root in y+1 by squaring it, but my answer sheet say I can't divide the 2 out but I just have to square it with the SR/y+1 to get y. Original problem: sr/2y+3-sr/y+1=1 I don't know where to find...
  15. Subliminalmessage

    How do I divide Decimals?

    For example: 30.72 ÷ 9.60 and 22.0 ÷ 2.0 and 2.7 ÷ 0.9 You don't have to answer all three, just pick one or do all three if you want, would appreciate that. Just need a simple explanation on how to divide decimals.
  16. Subliminalmessage

    Is this the best way to divide?

    For example, 33/454 33 454 You ask yourself, how many times 33 goes into 4 it doesn't so you move onto 45 and it goes in once with 12 remainder, so you put the 12 remainder on top of the last 4 so it becomes 124, how many times does 33 go into 124, it goes in 3 times with 22...
  17. T

    How to divide a matrix under certain constraints ?

    As to a sparse binary matrix "H", its dimension is M*N. I want to get a submatrix "H_s" from "H", satisfying that the dimension of "H" is M*(2/N), and there are even number of 1's in each row of the submatrix "H_s" (if it is impossible, how to maximaze the number of rows with even number of 1's...
  18. D

    When you divide fractions

    When you divide fractions you flip the second one right
  19. I

    Divide two large numbers

    I am trying to find a logic which can give me one digit (first digit on the left of decimal dot) after division. The ultimate goal is given below, number A / number B mod 2 =? The concern is the two numbers (A & B) are two large. Any trick can help. Example...
  20. M

    Can't divide

    I don't know how to divide e.g. 3/4 its mostly single digit numbers which I can't divide what's the easiest method of dividing them?