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    Statistics: Sampling Distribution Problem with Dice

    Roll a dice five times. Record the results in Sample 1. Repeat the experiment for Sample 2, 3, and 4. In a live classroom setting, actual survey data is used. In this knowledge check online environment, please use the following data: Sample 1: 2,2,3,4,5 Sample 2: 4,1,5,5,6 Sample 3: 1,5,5,3,4...
  2. B

    Experimental Design - Distribution Question

    Hi, I'm studying a module called Experimental Design. I don't think my question is too difficult but I can't get my head around it. Background: Clinical trial conducted on Mars comparing two treatments A and B on frostbite. Allocation is simple randomisation, Pr(allocation to A)=1/2. So I have...
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    Applications of Normal Distributions

    Happy Saturday! I am getting a slightly different answer than the answer key for this problem, and I don't know why? The problem is: Men's heights are normally distributed with mean 69.5 inches and standard deviation 2.4 inches. The US Navy requires that fighter pilots have heights between 62...
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    Finding an approximation? (Continuity Correction?)

    Hello everyone hope you're all having a good day, this question has been bugging me on a past paper I have been practicing for two days. The question is: The Colosseum in Rome can be divided into several thousand small sections.Suppose that the earthquake force that a section can withstand has...
  5. N

    Poisson Distribution (flaw per square metre)

    How can we solve this question?
  6. K

    Normal distribution with unknown mean and sigma

    The weight of a Dog is normally distributed with mean A kg and standard deviation B. Find: a) The probability that a Dog is less than 35 kg b) The probability that a dog is greater than 32 kg I have not dealt with unknown Standard deviation nor mean before. I have a TI graphical...
  7. R

    Chi-Square distribution

    Hello everyone, I don't really know how to do this because we've only see it quickly in class. Please help me! Thank you very much~
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    Samplind Distribution

    Hello everyone, I'm not a native english speaking girl and i need your help because i dont understand this exercice at all: Please help me, at least let me understand better the question. Thank you in advance. (Bow)(Bow)
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    Defining Probability Distribution

    Hi I have a question that says 40% of the population has blood type O +ve. Consider X, the number having O +ve blood among 25 randomly selected Australians. (a) What is the probability distribution of X? Our lecturer has said the probability distribution of a discrete random variable is a...
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    Distribution Question

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    Distribution Question

    The mean of a random sample of n observations drawn from a N(μ, σ^2) distribution is denoted by X-bar. Given that P( | X-bar - μ | > 0.5σ) < 0.05 a) find the smallest value of n b) with this value of n find P( X-bar < μ + 0.1σ )
  12. topsquark

    Distribution question

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    application of discrete probability distribution

    Q1. consider the equation x^2 -Ux +V=0 where U and V are independent binomial random variables with n=2, p=2/3 . what is the probability that the equation will have real and equal roots? Q2. Each of n urns contains 4 white and 6 black balls while another urn contains 5 white and 5 black balls...
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    application of discrete probability distribution

    a guinea pig either dies (D) or survives(S) in the course of a surgical experiment. The experiment is to be performed first with two guinea pigs. if both survives, no further trails are to be made. if exactly one pig survives, one more pig is to undergo the experiment. if both pigs die, two...
  15. R

    Probability: Binomial Distribution

    Assume that a) an aeroplane can land safely if at least half of its engines are working, b) the probability of an engine failing is 0.2, and c) engine failures are independent. What is the probability of the aeroplane landing safely for a four-engines plane, using the binomial distribution...
  16. K

    Distribution forumula

    If we have two cubes and we divide each in seven parts and then each of these seven in three and than those three in eight. What is the general formula for the number of particle we get at the end...
  17. J

    Evaluation of a distribution

    Consider the following two distributions in Minkowski space: t_{\pm }\left( x\right) =\int \frac{d^{4}p}{\left( 2\pi \right) ^{4}}\theta \left( \pm p^{\rho }p_{\rho }\right) \exp \left( -\mathrm{i}p^{\rho }x_{\rho}\right) =\int \frac{d^{4}p}{\left( 2\pi \right) ^{4}}\theta \left( \pm \left(...
  18. L

    Probability from a skewed "normal" distribution

    So i have a datasample and when i plot a histogram it is a skewed distribution. (i think i managed to attach a picture?) So i know how I would fit a normal distribution to it and calculate for instance the probability of x being -4 or smaller but this isn't accurate to model it in that way. so...
  19. G

    Maximum limit estimator of a hypergeometric distribution

    For those who are familiar with the hypergeometric distribution, I was wondering if it's possible to work out the MLE of this distribution, and if so how is it done? I've seen how to work out the MLE of the binomial, poisson and Normal distributions, but I direly need to also figure out how to...
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    Gaussian distribution and Likelihood

    i have question regarding the plotting the expression of gaussian distribution and likelihood see attachment Thanks