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    CDF of distance between two points on a bounded line-segment.

    Hi all, I am trying to solve a paper, and I cannot understand (especially geometrically) how the limits are applied while finding CDF for the distance between two points (I understand how they are calculating CDF, but my point is how they have find the limits involved.). The question is...
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    Mechanics problem: ratios of velocities, times and distances

    I am working through an old mechanics textbook for UK A-level (1970s/80s) and am having difficulty with following problem, which is from an old A-level paper. I have managed to solve the first part of the question, but am floundering on the second and third parts. Help please! This is the first...
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    Flagpole and Building

    A 50-ft flagpole stands on the top of a 25-ft building. How far from the base of the building should a person stand if the flagpole and the building are to subtend equal angles at her eye, which is 5 ft above the ground?
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    Finding speed with basically just distance.

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of trying to learn how to use quadratics to find out speed/distance/time etc. My program that I'm taking is often very unclear and skims over topics regularly. The example I was given to learn the process was fairly straightforward and easy to learn, however the...
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    Average distance between points on a 2-D surface?

    Hi, I'm trying to work out what is the average distance between points (i.e. between grid squares) on a two-dimensional grid. Is there some formula for this? I've been told that the formula for this same problem in 3-D is... D = CUBE ROOT(Vol / N) Where... D = Average Distance between...
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    integration to find distance travelled

    i am stuck on B(ii) how do you do this?
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    Very vague question about speed, distance, time

    It goes like this: "Ed goes 20mph in one direction, and 50 mph on the return trip. His average speed is?" I am just not getting the explanation in the book, if anybody could explain how this is done, I would be extremely grateful, thanks
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    Determine the area in sq ft of a yard, only knowing the distance around it

    Hello all, This particular problem is a practical problem I have. The shape of my yard is not a perfect cylinder. If you were to fly over it at a low altitude it would look like a beaker that has it's funnel glass bent to the right. So, it definitely looks like a beaker with the base of the...
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    Distance from a point NOT on a line to the line

    This problem has me a bit confused. I'm not totally sure if what I'm doing is right. My problem is with Steps 4 and 5. I'm not exactly sure what the problem means by asking what ||P0Q x u|| / ||u|| would look like. Based on the wording in Step 5 I assumed I was just supposed to write the...
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    Help Time Distance Rate question!

    Yeah I know. I'm dumb. I haven't been having a great time with math lately which is sad since I'm in Honors Pre Calc and going into calculus BC lol... How do I do this? I don't remember. Can you explain it to me? Wendy took a trip from Davenport to Omaha, a distance of 300 miles. She traveled...
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    Distance and Ruler Postulate

    I have a question which states: A and B are two distinct points: Prove that [ray AB] U [ray BA] = [line AB] So I know according to the ruler postulate their must be a 1:1 correspondence but I'm not exactly sure how to formally go from points to defining them as real numbers. BTW we are using...
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    friday question, integral on circle

    I have to solve this integral. In a circle where q' and p* lays on the frontier (circunference) and p* is the projection of a P point on the circumference (segment pp* and tangent of p* make e square angle) which is the solution of \int \frac{\sqrt{|p-p*|}}{|Q'-P|^2} I would like to suggest a...
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    Find the Distance between two parallel Lines

    how to use the equation D=c1-c2/(A)^2+(B)^2 in this given question : 4x+y=6 12x+3y=14 i know how to use it on same A and B like this 3x+12y-4=0 3x+12y+15=0 but in the another given im confused
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    finding the direct distance help

    5x-12y+3=0; (-2, 1) i used this equation d=|Ax[0]+By[0]+C|/sqrt(A^2+B^2) i got the answer = 1.46 is it correct? and what equation will i use in this question : y - 6 = 0; (5, 3)
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    Circle, Radius, Distance, Area problem

    Dear All, This question has been asked before but I did not understand any of the answers. I need a step by step break down of approach and reasoning to solve this problem. I will give the question and show my calculations thus far. Thank you for your help in advance. I have been working on...
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    Distance between a point and a plane

    Find the distance between the point P1 ≡ (x1, y1, z1) and the plane through P0 ≡(x0, y0, z0) parallel to the vectors a ≡ (a1, a2, a3) and b ≡ (b1, b2, b3), where all datais given in cartesian form. Derive a general vector formula first, illustrating yourderivation with clean sketches, then write...
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    Is there a formula to determine force based off mass, distance and angle?

    I am currently studying forces in Physics, and the professor basically just gave the definition of tension force, and the book isn't helping me with a problem that appears to be using tension force. Basically, the problem involves a rope strung across a 10 meter gap between two buildings. The...
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    Maximizing the total distance of a projectile

    Given x=(vcos(theta))t and y = (vsin(theta))t - gt2/2 , find the angle a that maximize the total distance traveled by the projectile fired at an angle. I tried to take the derivative of the integral of sqrt(x'2+y'2), but I get v=0. Help!
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    Formula for calculating distance of holes in wooden board

    Hi to you all, I have a task with calculating the distance of holes in a wooden board that is cut in an angle. Which formula do I need to use? I know the present distance of the holes when the wooden board is facing each other. But when I cut IE. 22.5° on each board - then the holes will have...
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    Help with understanding distance rate problem.

    Here is a distance rate problem I found on the web which I've solved but have a question about. "2 cyclists begin at the same place and at the same time on a circular track travelling in the same direction. One is travelling 3mph faster than the other and he "laps" the slower cyclist at the...