1. R

    A company's revenue varies directly as the number of items it sells. If the revenue..

    A company's revenue varies directly as the number of items it sells. If the revenue is \$300,000 when the company sells 1500 items, determine the revenue when the company sells 3,500 items. Enter your answer as a whole number. I am learning about power and polynomial functions, I am not sure if...
  2. M

    Withdraw Liberty Reserve Funds Directly into your Bank account

    Today i want to tell you new thing about liberty Reserve withdrawal, Many people like me also facing big problem to cashout liberty reserve if you are working on any investment plane, earning comes into LR account May be you are earning Liberty Reserve funds from any website May be you are...
  3. C

    directly proportional

    Please help me show how to explain this problem to many kids of different backgrounds... I know the answer is 312.5... The distance required for a car to stop is directly proportional to the square of its velocity. If a car can stop in 112.5 meters at 15 km per hour, how many meters are...
  4. H

    Prove directly

    How to prove the following equality directly without assuming it represents the natural log function? \displaystyle \int_{1}^{yz} t^{-1}\, dt=\int_{1}^{y} t^{-1}\, dt+\int_{1}^{z} t^{-1}\, dt. Thanks!
  5. R

    Surface integral solved directly and using Gauss' Theorem.

    To find the flow of the field $F\left( {x,y,z} \right) = \left( {x^3 ,y^3 ,z^3 } \right)$ across the surface of the cone $x^2 + y^2 = z^2$ with 0 < z < H a) Directly b) Applying Gauss's theorem (Talking)
  6. Mukilab

    Directly proportional

    D is directly proportional to the square of t d=80 when t=4 so d=kt^2 k being the constant k=80/64 Work out the positive value of t when d=45 Can this be equated accurately without a calculator?
  7. L

    directly proportional problem

    The number N of aluminum cans is directly proportional to the number of people P using them. It is known that 250 people use 60,000 cans a year. What is an equation of variation expessing N as a function of P? I know x and y (in this case 250 and 60,000) are directly proportional if y=kx..or...
  8. Mukilab

    Directly proportional to the square

    What does this mean (question in the title). I need this to work out a question
  9. C

    Prove Compactness - Directly from definition

    [SOLVED] Prove Compactness - Directly from definition Let K := \{1/n : n \in \mathbb{Z}^+\} \cup \{0\} .Prove that K is compact directly from the definition(without using Heine-Borel theorem). The definition of compactness I'm using is: A set K \subseteq \mathbb{R}^n is said to be compact...
  10. C

    sorry if this isnt directly algebra,

    im sorry if this isnt directly algebra but in my exam papers its in the algebra Q a rectangle has a length 2√x cm and width √x cm the length of the diagonal of the triangle is √45 cm i) find the area of the rectangle ii) the area of the square is twice the area of the rectangle find the...
  11. Mr.MathType

    Type TeX directly into Word

    Many of you have gotten comfortable with TeX/LaTeX as a result of this forum, so I wanted to let you know that with MathType 6.5 for Windows, you can now type TeX directly into Word and change the code into a MathType equation either by clicking a toolbar icon, or with the shortcut Alt+\. If you...
  12. Mathstud28

    Text directly over objects

    I know how to do things like \overbrace{\longrightarrow}^{\text{yay!}}...but how would I do this \longrightarrow^{\text{yay!}} but have it centered over the arrow. Same thing for something under like \max\left(\xi\right)_{x\in(-1,1)}
  13. n_duncan2010

    XY variables vary directly........

    once... again... worksheet. The variables x y vary directly. Use the given values to write an equation that relates x and y x=8 , y =24 x=3 , y=36 I have no idea... how to do this