1. K

    Digital Signal Processing -- Periodic Signals

    Hi, I am stuck on simplifying the following. Iam wondering if anyone could help me fill in the blanks please? x[n] = 1 + sin (πn/4) + 2 cos (πn/2) where sin = {exp(j) - exp(-j)} /2 and cos = {exp(j) + exp(-j)}/2 the final answer is exp(-2jπn/4) + j/2 exp(-jπn/4) + 1 - j/2 exp(jπn/4) +...
  2. D

    Digital options

    Hello all, is here anyone, who is able use math for exotic digital options and aply? Example on image. Thank You Daniel
  3. J

    Digital Photo Frame Reviews

    Most digital photo frames are seven to twelve inches in size. The time period between the display of two different photographs is fixed. A digital camera has a flash memory card which has a high power storage and recording ability. It uses this flash memory card to display the images. Some have...
  4. H

    Digital control systems and root locus

    I have been trying to work through a problem and see how its done but Im not sure where the angles of 17.10 -138.52 -109.84 = -231.26 come from. I have attached the matlab root locus plot and the plot from the example also the ZOH transfer function is there and the dominant poles. I printed...
  5. S

    Paillier Digital Signature Scheme

    I've been trying to implement the Paillier Signature Scheme in Delphi (a programming language) and I've got it done, except it doesn't work and I can't figure out what's wrong. First of all, I've attached the paper where I got my info about the scheme. The signature scheme is on page 9. Here's...
  6. N

    Digital Communications : Distortion signal

    hey there.. i just don't know how to start answering this question.. please help me get through this question.. thanks.. A channel has amplitude response and phase shift shown in the link below. State what type of distortion is imposed for each of the inputs given below: i) (cos 20 pi t) + (2...
  7. S

    RSA encryption digital signature

    Hi everyone, I only have problems with the second half of this question.... Alice has RSA public key KA = (10823, 5). Bob has RSA private key LB = (10757, 131). They have agreed that Alice will sign her messages digitally. As plaintext signature she will use the ciphertext obtained using Bob's...
  8. S

    A question regarding IIR digital filters and how to differentiate the equation

    First of all sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I have this question to ask and was wondering if anybody could help me with it. I know what g and D are but its calculating the first 11 impulses which I can not do. Thanks in advance.
  9. S

    how do digital and anloag siginals store information?

    How do siginals store data? In the case of a digital siginal, it can have a state of high (1) or low(0), so I assume after a set amount of time (e.g. 1 microsecond?) the receiver checks the value and interprets it using the binary system. Example: low-time passes-low-time passes-high-time...
  10. Hasan1

    Digital Communication Question - Conditional Probability

    What I really need to know is how to do a) I started off by calculating P(T0) = 1 - P(T1) then I wanted to use the formula P(T0|R1) = P(T0*R1)/P(R1) [* = intersect] I calculated the numerator as P(T0*R1) = P(T0)P(R1|T0) and P(R1|T0) = 1 - P(R0|T0) but how do I calculate P(R1)
  11. M

    prove Digital line is not hemeomorphic

    Prove that the digital line in not homeomorphic to Z with the finite complement topology
  12. A

    Digital line topology

    Prove that the digital line topology is path connected. (the D.L.T is the topology has basis elements {n} and {m-1,m, m+1}, for n odd, m even)
  13. F

    Basis for topology using Digital Plane

    Show that the collection \beta_p of subsets of Z x Z used in defining the digital plane, is a basis for a topology on Z x Z.
  14. A

    elementary signal help please!

    Hi, I am new to signals and systems. I have an elementary questions: I need to add noise to a Pulse Generator in Simulink. Suppose that you have a digital signal, that raises to 1 every 5 sec, holds it for 5 sec, and falls to 0 and holds it for another 5 sec. I want the generator to raise and...
  15. R

    Digital IIR filters

    I need to design a number of digital IIR filters based upon transfer functions given in the s-domain. I have applied the bilinear transform to give the transfer functions in the Z-domain, however I need to expand and simplify the equations to place them in the form below: Once the equations...
  16. H

    Digital Logic...PLEASE HELP!

    Can someone please simplfy A(C+AB')!?? Im having trouble with it because when you expand to AC + AAB', what happens with the double A? Does that just make it A? Please help!
  17. H

    digital sum

    What is the digital sum of the number that can be found by the following formula? (962773 + 2)83721
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Digital clock algebra problems

    I recently encountered an algebra test problem using a digital clock. I forgot exact wording, but know these are common test problems and know I'll see it again. Is there a algebraic way to solve these: "How many times during the next 12 hrs will the numbers on this clock add up to .....?"...
  19. O

    Perspective transformation of a digital photo

    I'd like to measure the real world positions of some objects using a digital photo of them. I have no problem with using rotation transformation matrices to adjust for the angle of view, but I need help on how to adjust for the perspective distortions: the closer to the camera objects are, the...
  20. A

    Digital Clock

    A digital clock displays the time along with the a.m and p.m. abbreviation. The clock shows the correct time on January 1, 2006, at noob. If the clock loses 15 minutes per day, what will be the next date when the clock displays the correct time and abbreviation (a.m./p.m.)?